Test your knowledge of the Class of 1971.  Click on "submit" to see how well you did.   Dust off your yearbooks and good luck!

1) Who was voted Most Mischievous?
Minna Hancock & Rick Mauritson
Rick Mauritson & Maggie McGowan
Minna Hancock & Ricky Martin
Mark Underwood & Sonya Sams
2) What band did David Gates sing lead for in the early 70's, that had hits such as "Make It With You" and "If"?
Herman Hermits
The Hollies

3) Who was the senior class president in the fall of 1970?
Mark Underwood
Larry Miles
Brian Goforth
Chris Carringer
4) Who did USC beat in the 1970 Rose Bowl Game?
Stanford (27-17)
Ohio State (27-16)
Michigan (10-3)
Indiana (14-3)

5) Who was voted the Best Looking?
Alice Craig & Brian Goforth
Pam Van Winkle & Charles Vincent
Lee Rosser & Linda Rowden
Bob Coty & Linda Rowden
6) On February 13, 1970 what car company reported that they were redesigning cars to run on unleaded fuel?
General Motors
Mercedes Benz

7) Who was the senior class vice-president in the spring of 1971?
Adella Slade
Rachel Kelly
Alice Craig
Mark Underwood
8) Who K.O.'d Muhammed Ali in the 13th round in a computer simulated bout?
Leon Spinks
Rocky Graciano
Sonny Liston
George Foreman

9) Who had the winning Homecoming float?
Freshmen/Class of 74
Sophomores/Class of 73
Juniors/Class of 72
Seniors/Class of 71
10) In Edwin Starr's hit "War", what was war good for?
Not A Thing
Totally Nothing
Absolutely Nothing

11) What band played at the Homecoming Dance?
Knight Life
12) Who coached the Minnesota Vikings in the 1970 Super Bowl Game?
Bud Grant
Don Shula
Tom Landry
Hank Stram

13) Who was Varsity Basketball's Most Valuable Player?
Mark Chaussee
Venson Crabtree
Barry Mink
Gerald Linker
14) What was the name of the British heavy-metal rock supergroup first known as the "New Yardbirds"?
REO Speedwagon
Bad Company
Led Zeppelin

15) Which two seniors were on the Varsity Wrestling team?
Charles Vincent/Jim MCanne
Dale Perkins/David Duguay
Jim McCanne/David Duguay
Ray Stanaland/Larry Collins
16) Ray Tomlinson invented what in 1971?
The Intel microprocessor
Internet based email
Optical or laser disc
"Fritz the Cat" comic strip

17) Who was the Senior Homecoming Maid's escort?
Barry Mink
Charles Vincent
Brian Goforth
Lee Rosser
18) What 70's president openly discussed his battle with hemorrhoids?
Richard M. Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter

19) Who was the Editor of the Fiat Lux?
Charles Vincent
John Nix
John Broumas
Mike McNatt
20) What two super giants died in 1970?
Jimi Hendrix & Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison & Jim Croce
Jimi Hendrix & Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin & Jim Morrison