Back in 2001, when this website was first imagined and executed, we created an updated version of the Pirates Log, that we affectionately nicknamed "The PLog".   As news came in, a new edition was produced.  They have been posted in chronological order from beginning to end for easier reading. Please realize that the earlier ones may (and probably do) have addresses and emails that have changed with the times.  Many were from the original list at that time.  These really should be put into a book.  Some of the writing is worth a fortune for comedic value. :-)  When you're in the mood for a good laugh, take a few minutes and stroll down memory lane.  I DO intend to go back and edit them and correct the typos when I have a fresh mind.  Also, when I am writing about pictures, the original PLogs had pictures in them but they didn't come across into the website.  I will work on that and see if I can't get them in there.  Enjoy!

Note:  When a new one is posted, a message will be placed on the "Welcome" page.

 I posted all of the PLogs that I have on my computer.  Unfortunately a few years ago when my PC crashed, I lost several of them (looks like mainly anything in 2003, 2004 & the first part of 2005) that I had not adequately backed up.  If anyone has the missing "editions", please email them to me and I will get them on as well.  

"You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing." -- Michael Pritchard 

Pirates Log 2001-1
 Mid August 2001 (Just after the reunion)

Well, this is #1. As I said in my first email, which I hope everyone got, I have no input for this one so it’s coming out of my head alone.
First, let me applaud Joanne Peters Tavarez for her hard work and dedication in putting together a wonderful 30th Reunion! I think I speak for everyone who was in attendance when I say; we all had a wonderful time! Thanks Joanne and all who helped you. The food was delicious, the gift baskets were a great idea (I’ll get back to that one in a minute) and the company was beyond compare. It was great to see some old friends and to get better acquainted with some I had not had the opportunity to get to know 30 years ago. I hope that we can all keep in touch better over the next 30 years and hopefully this little newsletter will help. About that, how do you like the name? Obviously I borrowed the school newspaper title (I wonder if it’s still called that?) and added a little space age flavor, kinda like Star Trek, huh? You know, Captains Log, Star Date 2024 and all that.
Now I guess I’ll just tell you a little about what I’m up to and my feelings about the reunion and what we did.   I had a wonderful time personally. I’m an organizer here at home. I’m the one that puts parties and the like together. I’m the one in the Santa suit at Christmas, I’m the one with the Poodle skirt and saddle oxfords on at a 50’s party, and yes, I’ve even been the one dancing on the tables at our local nightspot. A little different than I was in high school, I came out of my shell after I divorced in 1983. Speaking of dancing, since our 20th reunion, I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame on national TV. Our dance group (country & western –now disbanded) was on The Nashville Network in January 1992. It was great fun and a real experience. 
But more currently, I rarely dance now; I’m too busy at work (Comptroller for a Kia dealership). Right now I’m planning my daughters wedding. I have two children and she’s my baby (25) and she’s getting married October 6, 2001. My son is divorced and lives in Columbus and I have an 8-year-old grandson that lives in Omaha, NE with his mother.
Oh! Back to the reunion. A few of us (Joanne, her husband, Jesse; Rachel Kelly, her husband, Jim Reno and I all piled into Joanne’s car and headed out to the base Saturday afternoon. We didn’t know if they would let us on and had been told they would not, but we gave it the old Wheatland try. Guess what? We got on!! We rode around and found all of our houses, except Jim’s. His had been torn down to make room for newer homes. We found Jerry Joyner’s (God rest his soul), and several others. It was a trip down memory lane worth taking. Our thanks go to the guard at the gate.
But the best was yet to come. All Rachel could talk about was Burritos and Cherry Cokes at the Pink Pantry in Wheatland. Alas, the Pink Pantry is no more, but Elkins has taken up the tradition and the burritos and cherry coke was just the same, according to Rachel. I think she was in Pirate heaven. Me, I had a juicy cheeseburger that was not on my diet, but who cared. It was delicious.
Next on our trip down memory lane was of course the high school. Much to our dismay, the “wire” was gone! Gone! Houses now dot the area. You know where I’m talking about, behind where the portables used to be, where kids went to smoke. There were some teachers there setting up their classes so they let us come in and take pictures of Joanne, Rachel and myself in the desks. Wonderful, wonderful day. Thanks guys for the camaraderie.
I mentioned the gift baskets earlier. Well let me tell you a little story. I volunteered to bring a basket and told Joanne I would do something “Southern”. So I put together a “Bubba” basket and the whole time I was working on it and deciding what to put in it, I kept thinking I had to get this thing from Mississippi to California in one piece. So I decided it had to be of a size that would fit under the seat on the airplane. I say all of this to remind the ones there that I won the biggest basket there and the heaviest. It was full of wine (which I love), cheese, crackers and decorated beautifully (everyone kept oohing and aahing over my basket at the airports). However this basket was not going to fit under any seat or in any overhead compartment. But back to my story, when I get to Sacramento and go to the security checkpoint, I tell the guy, “it won’t fit”. He says sure it will and lifts up the doohickey for my basket to slide along the conveyor belt. Well….it don’t fit. So he lays it down……backwards, all the bottles come rolling out and he’s putting them back in. I tell him not to worry, I’ll put it back together when I get to my gate. So I do that. Well, you know how you’re boarding and standing waiting for people to store their stuff and SIT DOWN? Well, while I was doing that……waiting, I mean, I glanced down at my basket and see a little round disk like thing. You know, like one of those butter thingies you get in restaurants, so I think to myself “how in the world did I get a butter thingie in my basket”. Well, let me tell you. . . . . . .it was not a butter thingie. . . . . . . . no sirree. . . . . . . . . . it was a condom, thank you very much Mr. Mark Chaussee!! So you see my basket was made for a lovely romantic night, full of wine, cheese, crackers and SAFE SEX! Oh! The basket rode First Class, I rode Coach.
I got an email from Ron San Miguel, thank you. To answer your questions, I didn’t have my accent when I was in high school, as we were never stationed down south near home. I don’t hear it, but thank you for commenting on it. And let me say, while I was sitting there after dinner and watching people (which I’m great at), I kept thinking who you reminded me of. Don’t laugh because I like him and think he’s so-o-o-o cute and that’s Gene Simmons, you know from KISS. Alright guys, didn’t you think Ron looked a lot like Gene? Tell the truth now.
Well, I didn’t intend to make this quite so long, but maybe you got a couple of laughs and maybe you can contribute some tidbits about your lives. I had trouble with John Baudier’s email address and also Mike Georgulis’ and Dirk Poldervaart’s, so if any of you know their correct email, send it. Also if you know anyone’s email address, send it! My email is I’ve enjoyed talking to you. Till the next time…………
Ya’ll come back!
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2001-2
 August 23, 2001

I know you didn’t expect to hear from me again so soon, but all day I thought of all sorts of things I didn’t tell you last time we spoke. I forgot to tell you that Miss Lynne Gross, now Mrs. Lynne Baker attended the dinner with her husband. I hope they had a great time. I know it was a late notice invitation, but we were tickled they could attend. She probably had the biggest impact on me, since she is the one I remember the best.
I am sorry that I did not get to speak to every body, well actually I did since I manned the registration table for Joanne, but I mean really speak to you. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. So many friends, so little time. Age old problem, huh? Never enough time, well, my friends, one thing I learned when my best friend killed herself a few years ago, “TAKE THE TIME”. Take the time to tell them you care and think about them. Hug your children every day.
I do have a few tidbits from some of you. Jim and Rachel (Kelly) Reno were going on to Las Vegas from Wheatland to spend a week. I hope you had a great time and will email to fill me in when you get home. Didn’t lose too much money, I hope. For those of you who don’t remember, Jim graduated the year before us and joined the Marine Corps. I think I actually still have the newspaper announcement from when he and Frank Starnes joined up. Speaking of Starnes, got an email from Dee (Starnes) Horton in response to the first Pirates Log 2001, along with several others, which I will get to momentarily.
Dee, yes I do remember you, very well. We wish you had been able to attend as well, but know your thoughts were with us. Yes, Jerry Joyner has passed away about 2 years ago now, I guess. Cancer. He had been sick at the 20th reunion, but came. I was so glad I got to see him then. Jerry was very special to me. During graduation when I was crying, he was holding my hand and giving me my tissues to wipe my eyes. I remember once in history or science, I forget which, he gave me his marijuana to hide in my desk. . . . . . . . . . me! Miss Goody Two-Shoes!!!!! So Jerry will always be in my heart. Also gone is Lori Ranta, Vernon Detwiler, Adella Slade, Clint Lee and two more. I’ll get their names.
Cindy Hudson, or do you go by Sunny now? I was very sorry to hear about your mother. My prayers are with you as I’m sure are everyone’s. As I told you in my email back to you, I had brought a poem you had written in high school, but alas no Cindy. Hope you can attend the next one. Yes, I’m in Mississippi now. Have been since 1983. Gosh! This is the longest I have ever lived in one place, although I have moved around in Columbus 5 or 6 times. I live in Columbus, as I said, which is about 10 miles from the Alabama state line. We are on Highway 82 West out of Tuscaloosa if that helps you locate me on a map. My physical address is 223A Maple Street, my mailing is P.O. Box 8166, Columbus, MS 39705. Maybe we can get together some time. Oops! You said that, didn’t you? Well, ditto.
Joanie (Danzero) Seifert, well did you get your pictures? For those of you who weren’t there, Joanie tried to get her picture taken with every guy at the reunion that did not date her in high school. According to her, that was all of them. That I don’t believe for a minute. Surely some of you guys had good eyesight back then!!!! Joanie lives in Phoenix, AZ, but is visiting her mom who is getting married this weekend, if I remember correctly. I know she is marrying a fellow classmate’s father, but Joanie, forgive me, there were too many glasses of wine between then and now for me to remember, so please refresh my memory with another email. I do know that Joanie will soon be sister to someone in our class. Also, thank you for sending me Dirk Poldervaart’s correct email address. That’s the way it works folks. Now one more classmate can receive this wonderful piece of literary work.
Pam (Kelly) Cobble, thank you for your email. It was great to hear from you. I spoke to Gail Burton several weeks ago. It was the funniest thing. My dad and I had been trying to call her dad for a while (I had lost her number and our dad’s worked together at Beale) and the number was no longer in service. Then one night out of the blue, her dad called daddy. Seems, like everywhere, the area code had changed so the old number wasn’t working anymore. Gail’s mother passed away a little over a year ago. They are coping and Gail goes down frequently to check on her dad. He lives in Monticello, Arkansas and she lives in Searcy, Arkansas. She has been dating the same man, Donnie, for about 15 years or so I think and I believe she teaches. If your daughter is ever in Omaha, let me know and she can give my grandson, Chase, a hug from his “DeeDee”. Do some of us need to have a heart to heart with your boss? We can let him know the facts of life. Hopefully you can be at the next one.
Gerry (Gothrow) Paris, you’re beautiful! Like Joanie, you haven’t changed a bit!!! I’m envious!!! Yea, I saw you over there laughing and cutting up with Vince Crabtree. What was that all about. I knew he had had a few glasses of something when he came over and sat down to tell me that Coach Davis thought I was HOT!!!! Like Coach Davis even knew who I was. Nice try Vince. Thanks for the email, let me know what’s going on in your life. No secrets here guys and gals.
Francisco Velez, what can I say? You couldn’t believe people remembered you. I can’t believe people remembered me either!!! I will be honest though and say the name was not familiar, but when I saw you I remembered. I’m like that, I lose the name, but the face stays with me. It was wonderful to see and spend some time with you. For those who don’t know, Francisco left WUHS before we graduated. According to his email, he went back to Puerto Rico (my ex-husband graduated from high school at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, if anyone cares), then evidently came back to Yuba City to college in ’71, he went on to U.C. Davis and Southern California. He missed the 20th reunion and was only a few miles away in Sacramento at the time!!!! Our loss!!! Thanks for spending the time with me and the email.
Chris Carringer, well next time leave your hubby at home. Chris was late because of spousal whatevers and a last minute dress decision. Her idea is to do it all over again next weekend. I agree, but this time ya’ll come here. Thanks for the compliment on my hair. I changed my hair style last year when I lost a lot of weight. A friend and I joined Weight Watchers and I lost 40 lbs, so I bought all new clothes and cut my hair. A brand new me!!! Email me again soon. I’m glad you enjoyed my last Pirates Log 2001 so much. I’m still thanking Mr. Chaussee, haven’t heard from him yet. Now I just have to find out what goes into the darn thing!!!!
Mindy Bailey, sounds like you have a full life. Folks, Mindy and her hubby are off to England soon. They live in Santa Barbara, enjoying a “rather quiet lifestyle”. To answer your question, Joanne did not get a response from Sonya (Sams) Mitchell. Last known address is in Winnemucka, Nevada. I hope you have a great time in England and email me when you get back to fill me in.
John Broumas, what can I say? Every time I see you, I love you more dearly. It’s a good thing your wife is not a jealous woman. I really like her, by the way. I had a chance to talk with her at the dinner while sitting at the table with Larry Collins and his wife, Dave Pack and his wife, and of course, the infamous Mr. Mark Chaussee. John, I know you don’t want a big deal made out of this, but prayer works wonders. Folks, John is waiting on a liver transplant, so send your prayers and best wishes his way.
Donald Fischer, as I said earlier, I lose the names, but I’ll get the annual out. Twins sound familiar. Donald emailed in while I was writing this. His twin was Harold Fischer and Donald says yea, he remembers the wire!! Donald and Harold moved in ’70 and didn’t graduate with us, but he still thinks of us as his high school. Thanks, Donald. He graduated from Metro State College in Denver and works as an Electronics Technician in the Riviera Casino in BlackHawk, CO. No, we don’t mind if you email once in a while and we hope you do. Keep in touch and yes, please send any addresses you get. We want everyone to receive this wonderful Nobel Prize-winning work of art. To answer your questions, Riley Porter did not make it to the reunion either, but last known address is Arlington ,Texas, no email address. Barry Anderson, Joanne Peters could not locate him. The Lane girls do not sound familiar to me, maybe some one out there can help Donald in his quest.     NOTE: new email address
Are you bored yet? Just a couple more. I’m so glad I’ve heard from so many of you. I hope others will join with me in fighting the war against lost friends and too little time.
Well, I got one from Ernie Brown. Ernie writes that he lives in, excuse me, Pastor Ernie Brown lives in Alabama, just outside of Huntsville. I have some very good friends that live in Decatur. Not far. His dad died about 10 years ago and his mom has remarried. Ernie joined the seminary during senior year so he wasn’t with us at graduation. Welcome aboard Pastor Brown. Let me hear from you again real soon.
Dale Perkins, it was great to see you!! Dale says he applauds me for “going where no man (or woman for that matter) has gone before”. Appreciate you getting into the scheme of things here, Dale. Thanks. You got to have a few laughs in Life. The dinner was great, wish you could have joined us, but it was great to see you Friday at the Ice Breaker. Speaking of the original Pirates Log, I brought some issues to the dinner, would love to know which ones you have and maybe get copies. Write again soon, let me know what you’re up to.
Aah, Ron San Miguel, my Gene Simmons look-alike. Ron says he’s glad I didn’t say he looked like RICHARD SIMMONS!! Ha ha!! Joanne mentioned that you are musically inclined. Next time you write, fill me in on what you’ve been up to. Thanks for the emails.
Well, folks, that’s the end of the bus ride this trip. I hope more of you jump on and ride with us. Who knows where it will lead us?? Ya’ll keep those cards and letters coming now, ya hear? 
Ya’ll come back!!
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2001-3
August 27, 2001
Well, are ya’ll ready for a little chat? Coming home from work this afternoon, I spied a small deer racing across the field ahead of me. Brought back memories of years past. Granny sittin’ on the front porch in the rocker (not one of those store bought ones either, this was hand made by my great-uncle). Those rockers lasted for years not months. Paw-paw is over at the pond trying to catch the granddaddy of all catfish…..he’s been trying to nab him for years. Us kids (all cousins) are around the bend, skinny dippin’. Those were the days weren’t they? Memories are special places we can go and things never change, people never grow old, and friendships never die. My grandparents, who really raised me through my formative years, are long since gone, but those memories remain.  Just like my memories of Wheatland Union High School and the friends I made there, just like my memories of the 20th and the 30th reunions and the friends I made there. We’re never too old and it may be someone you’ve known for years.
Guys, I have had some wonderful emails the past three or four days!! I may have to make this a weekly publication. But that’s all right, as long as ya’ll are emailing, I’ll keep sending them out. I’m especially pleased to have gotten an email from Dee (Starnes) Horton ( this afternoon letting me know that due to my newsletter, she was able to contact Pam (Kelly) Cobble ( who used to live down the street from her.   That’s why I’m doing this. Adelle (Hatanaka) Wapple ( also was able to contact Sharon (Okano) Misumi ( and Darnelda Sloan ( . Thanks guys for letting me know the newsletter is working.
Heard from Art Bitterman, too. He was only at WUHS for his senior, but he has sent me some of what he’s been up to the past 30 years. He went to Yuba for 2 years and Chico for a couple of semesters. Majored in “Partying” till he ran out of money, so he joined the Air Force in ’75. He was in England for the 20th reunion and busy with Desert Storm. He retired in ’95 and has become a gunsmith. Opened his own shop in ’99 with an old AF buddy and has been busy getting it off the ground, so couldn’t make to the 30th. Art, the heck with the 40th, we’re shooting for a 35th! ! ! He’s single, girls, never married. His mom is still in the area; she’s the Librarian at Alicia school in Olivehurst. He says the last time he saw Otto Jaks was Christmas ’75 at the Salt Lake City Greyhound station. Otto was getting out of the Marine Corps. Art’s in the Warner Robbins, Georgia area and he says the coffee pot is always on. He has a website folks (, he’s the bearded one on the right (with the hair).
Some of you have emailed asking about how to email just one of us. I’m no techie and what I know I’ve taught myself, but on my system, I can just click on that person’s address. You could copy the addresses into your address book, too. 
Also, MEMORY BOOKS. . . . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!! Memory Books are $20.00, payable to Joanne (Peters) Tavarez. Her mailing address is P.O. Box 4372, Sonora, CA 95370. Her email is and her phone number is (209) 533-4362. Please be patient with her, as she works full time, still has a child at home and is doing the Memory Books in her spare time. . . . . spare time????what’s that??? Get your orders in quick!!!
Adelle (Hatanaka) Wapple says to delete address for her, so if you copied that into your address books, please delete it. Only use the address. Thanks!
Got one from Darnelda Sloan too. She sent me a letter that didn’t make it in time for the reunion so I put it in this newsletter. I copied it as she wrote it. Donnie lives in Atlanta and is divorced. Hey! Debbie Martin lives in Atlanta too!! Well, Marietta, actually, but you’re next-door neighbors!!
Speaking of Debbie Martin, got one from her too. Like me, jet lag took its toll on her. She got home at about 1:30 AM and was at work Monday at 7 AM. Way to go girl! ! ! For those of you who did not get to talk much with Debbie at the reunion, she is in the process of building a new home across town (of course in Atlanta, that’s about 30 miles). She’s been in that area for 13 years and this is her first “home”. Congratulations, Deb! She tells me that while we were busting the gate at Beale, she and Sharon (Okano) Misumi dashed off to Reno for a quick lunch. Yea, right! Sharon came home with $40 bucks more than she went with. Thanks, Deb for the input. Hope the Magnolia “basket” works in your new home.
Kenneth Flint, you know the guy in the annual with the hat on. Well, I got one from him, too. He wants to know who Susan Piaskowski is. Well, Ken, remember the girl with the shortest name in school, Susan Abe, well now she has the longest name! That’s right, Susan Piaskowski is none other than Susan Abe! Ken tells me that he has two emails, they are: and .   Ken’s bio runs like this. . . . he joined the AF after graduation, went to Texas, got married, got out after 6 years (the AF not the marriage) and went civil service at Offutt AFB, NE. He got divorced after 22 years and is now remarried. He has a daughter, 29, in AZ, a son, 27, in Plattsmouth, NE and a daughter, 22, in Omaha. He says Lynette (sister) is in Omaha also. Ok guys, Ken works at Offutt, his daughter lives in Omaha, Lynette lives there, and Pam (Kelly) Cobble’s daughter lives not 100 miles from there. Somebody can keep an eye out for my grandson. He’s about 3 feet tall, cute (looks like his Deedee, that’s me) and answers when you holler “Chase”.   Ok, back to your story, but see how people are coming together? You never know who lives around the corner. Ken still fishes but gave up hunting. To answer your questions about fellow classmates . . . . . . Paul Lassaga is in Marysville, Judy (Hartsock) Majors is AWOL, Sharon (Okano) Misumi is in Mission Hills, CA, and Mike Sheridan is in Lodi, CA. Sharon’s email is , don’t have any of the others. Great to hear from you! Please write again.
This is fun! I may never work again, ha ha!!! Well, let’s see who I heard from next. Well, lo and behold, if it isn’t MR. MARK CHAUSSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He apologizes for the “surprise” in my gift basket. He says he had some help from Kathy Broumas (John’s wife) and Crystal Collins (Larry’s wife). He thought he had taken them all out. . . . yea, I bet. Likely story, Mark. Says, “I guess I missed one”. I’ll say!!! As I said in Pirates Log 2001-2, I’m still trying figure out what goes in there. I did get a suggestion from Dale Perkins (who is really getting into the spirit of this Pirates/Captains Log thing). Maybe he’s a closet Trekkie. . . . . . . you think? Anyway I am enclosing his entire message, as I could never paraphrase this one. Thanks Mark, and I forgive you, but I think the least you could have done was include instructions. Maybe someone else can give me some ideas.
I also got one from Ron San Miguel. He filled in the missing groom’s name that married Joanie (Danzero) Seifert’s mom. HIS DAD!!! That’s right; Joanie is now Ron’s “little” sister. I also got a bio on Ron; he is the General Manager and performing member of TLATOANI, a musical group based in Oakland, CA. They play a variety of Latin styles and released their first CD last summer. Way to go Ron!!! Anyone who would like to purchase a copy please email him at and he will let you know how to get one or two (or ten). Count me in Ron, email me and let me know how to get a copy. Candy Leon and Rick Hall have copies; so if you want a firsthand accounting, and know where they are, give them a call. Rick is in Orlando, Florida and Candy Leon is in Marysville (I assume from her phone number). I will not give out phone numbers or specific addresses here unless you tell me it’s okay, so you’ll have to let me know. Ron is also a Wellness Consultant and works with a variety of wellness products, most currently with a company that started in Japan. He says be on look out for “magnetics”. The “word” is, that soon doctors everywhere will be telling their patients to use magnetics for their health. He says NIKKEN Magnetic Products will soon revolutionize the health industry, and folks, you heard it here first!  Ron includes his phone number so I guess that means I can pass it on. . . . . (510) 531-7969. Call him for more info. And he says last, but not least, he is a Business Consultant, showing people how to be successful in their own businesses, including everything from government contracting to public relations to negotiating contracts.
Well, I finally got Mike Georgulis’ address correct. So if you added it to your address book, please make the correction at the end of this paragraph. He asks about Clint Lee. Mike, our word is he died in a motorcycle accident about 8 years ago. I do remember you, as I’m sure several others do. Thanks for taking the time to write. Please keep in touch and let us know what you’re up to.
Gerry (Gothrow) Paris wrote asking about the Memory Books. I answered your email, Gerry, but again anyone wanting one, please contact Joanne (Peters) Tavarez at . Now Gerry, ya’ll will turn my head with all the compliments, but thank you very much.
I got another one from Delores “Dee” (Starnes) Horton. She asks about the Memory Book, as well. Yes, Virginia, there were pictures, lots of pictures. I took pictures, Rachel (Kelly) Reno took pictures, Gerald Linker took pictures, and we even had a photographer taking pictures. If no one objects, I will see about scanning a few of mine into the newsletter soon. Dee, the only other person closest to you is Charlie Comberrel in Anderson, SC. Email is . There’s some in Georgia. As a matter of fact, Debbie Martin, Mark Underwood lives right there in Marietta with you. Well, not with you, but you know what I mean. Did you know that? Mark, did you know that? I haven’t heard from you yet.
Speaking of pictures, this is really weird. Joanne calls me the other night and is telling me about the pictures Rachel took at the dinner. She took one of the “Memory Board” (for those of you not there, Joanne had fixed up a very nice memorial to our fallen classmates) and later took one of some classmates and the “Memory Board” showed up in the corner of it. Well, in both of those pictures Barry Mink’s picture is the only one blurred or fuzzy. Everyone else’s is clear. Well, Joanne, I got my roll back from the store and guess what, my Barry Mink is blurred too. Jerry Joyner, Rick Mauritson, Lori Ranta, Sherry Hornbrook, Vernon Detwiler, Adella Slade all showed up clear. No lie! Looking at the picture, the right side of Barry’s head is fuzzy, like there’s a light there. I don’t know, ya’ll tell me.
and from Dale Perkins;

Captain Debbie,
Since you're in command of this new Pirate's Log, I guess that makes you the captain of the new Enterprise. Just wanted to thank you for all your informational tidbits in volume 2. Or was it Vol. 1, issue 2? I never understood all that. Should've taken Miss Gross' journalism class I guess. She was always one of my favorite teachers too. I don't know if you remember Mr. Quick, the music teacher, but he still lives in the same house in Roseville he did when he was teaching at WHS back then. He went to teaching at Placer High in Auburn in 1974. I heard that he recently retired although I think he's only in his late 50's if I remember right.
You gave a list of our dearly departed classmates minus a few. One was Barry Mink. I read his obituary last year in the Sac. Bee. I very rarely read the paper, let alone the obituaries and for some reason that day I happened to read it and couldn't believe it. I had just recently heard about Vernon Detweiler. I enjoyed the story about Jerry Joyner and the joint. I hadn't realized that he also passed on. His older brother Chuck and I were very good friends back in the late 70's and early 80's. Being fellow musicians, I used his services as a bass guitar player every now and then.  Chuck's 1st wife also used to be my next-door neighbor in
 I did have a chance to speak to John Broumas briefly at the icebreaker. His mother was my catechism teacher in 4th grade. She was a very dear woman. I sent John an email wishing him the best, as I'm sure we all are.   It is funny how we all band together with a common bond after so many years. Another classmate I had a chance to talk to at the icebreaker was Maggie McGowan. She now lives in Gridley after being in Live Oak for several years. I went to 1st and 2nd grade in Gridley (we all know how long ago that was). I lived in Live Oak from 1972-1985. That was the 1st wife. Now my 3rd and final wife is looking at buying property in Live Oak again. We've had it with the Sacramento smog and traffic. Turns out she knows my ex-brother-in-law very well. It is indeed a small world after all.
  In the first issue you mentioned you had your 15 seconds of fame on TNN. I'm sorry I missed it. I had mine in 1978 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I was on a road trip playing drums with a C&W band. I'm not a drummer, but this group needed one and I could keep a beat so there I was. We were actually on our way from a gig in N. Battleford, SK. to Billings Montana. We were running short on cash so we stopped in Saskatoon to call our agent to see if he could wire us an advance. The band that was supposed to open a show for Charlie Daniels that night in Saskatoon couldn't make it so we got the job. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. After the concert, we all met backstage and Charlie and I jammed together with his fiddle and me on the piano backstage. What a thrill that was just the two of us and his brother, Jack Daniels. He gave me his agents’ number but I was so burned out of being on the road that I never pursued it. 
  Well once again I salute you on this undertaking. As far as thanking Mark and finding out what goes into those rubber balloon looking things, it's easy. You put your cigarettes in them when you go swimming. Just tuck them where ever and they won't get wet. I'm surprised Mark didn't give instructions. 
Good Luck on Pirates Log 2001-3
Dale Perkins
P.s. I'll try to find the issues I have and let you
From Darnelda Sloan
Joanne & the Class of 1971
First, let’s give a hand to Joanne & Maggie and other members who help put this reunion together.
Wow! I’m with you all in spirit this evening. Reunions are great events to have as you all take a look at each other being blessed that this day has finally arrived 30 years gone by so quickly. Some of us have change a little but still recognizable I hope. What’s so amazing we have come through so many trials & tribulations in our lifetime let’s honor those that aren’t in attendance with us this evening for whatever reason there here seated among us.. Your friends, teachers, family and love ones. May the Lord continue to bless us all!
I’ve involved myself with so many ventures that trying to get a free airline ticket from my many connections was unsuccessful.. believe me I do have connections but all jokes a side, I know that nothing should have kept me from this memorable occasion. Let’s go back 29 years when…  
I was nominated as one of the class favorites in the year of 1970 with Brian Goforth & Ernie Brown (I really didn’t need them to share the spotlight with me I was glamorous enough)…Just kidding I still love ya! I treasured that moment because I was a shy person but no one really knew it, I forced myself to stay involved with the class even though Mrs. Behr gave me an “F” for moving to fast on making my first dress in Home Economics it had a yellow background with different colored polka dots not little ones but big ones, I even had the nerve to model this dress by gluing the polka dots on my tennis shoes just to be in style which was a site I was proud of it but she stayed on my heels saying, “what’s your hurry honey can’t change the grade” she was my mentor in a strange way we all had one. I didn’t even have the chance to tell her how much she meant to me but I know she knows. Please think back and remember the teacher whom you can truly say was a mentor to you and acknowledge them in words or prayer. Let me go on.. So here’s this black girl liking white guys and no one took me serious, I tried out every year to be a cheerleader. I was so close in winning a spot on the squad but by a slim chance hey yawl (4 times no can do) so I knew then there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish because I was driven by each and everyone of you that had spent sometime getting to know me, knowing that I never showed poor sportsmanship in anything I wanted to do. So I found out I had a great sense of humor however, there were obstacles that I had to overcome and I did it politically, socially and of course independently..
It’s so wonderful knowing who you are and that you don’t have to change just because life changes everything far and in between around us. What’s your confession? I have a young mind as so many of us probably do… there are times when I think I can and then I actually do it, we pay the price later… Like going to Six Flags and riding those roller coasters. Let you in on secret see your CHIROPRACTOR right away. Reunite those fuses from within staying charged up is your contribution to your love ones…so ladies and gentlemen please keep the body in good condition I want to see you here again in 2011.
Class of 1971 I want you to know from my heart we are a unique class from them there fields of Wheatland High and your encouragement in competition & spirit got me where I am today! By not hating my name Darnelda it’s getting me through some doors.
Peace Out! Love ya feel free to pop in or email me I’m doing some great things in HOTATLANTA.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Donnie says, 2 bits 4 bits stand up and holler you’ve been a great audience for my next dollar.
Hail to thee our dear school Wheatland, Hail the white and blue….. Please stand up and give yourselves a hand, I love you too!!!!
Well, folks, it’s time rope to this steer and head on home. I hope ya’ll have enjoyed our time together as much as I have. I can’t wait to hear from you.
Ya’ll come back, now, ya hear?
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2001-4
 September 1, 2001

Hi guys! I’m back! Well, I have been busy. I got all of the addresses in my system, so now I can mail this budding publication to those of us who do not have computers or access to one. It is amazing to me how many are out there somewhere, Lord only knows where. How did we get so lost and out of touch? I thought it might be informative to let you know where people are that we know about. So for the next couple of newsletters, I will be listing states and letting you know who lives there or at least who lived there the last anybody knew. So if any of you have any updated information or you’re not really where we think you are, please email me.
I have gotten some wonderful emails since last we spoke. I will include a couple here, but first let’s get to the location of some of our friends. Might as well start with the A’s.
Alabama:        Arab:        Pastor Ernie Brown
                    Ozark:       Cindy Hudson        
Arizona:         Peoria:      Joanie Danzero Seifert
                    Phoeni x:  David Bresnyan      
                    Tempe:   Charles Vincent      
Arkansas:       Searcy:    Gail Burton
                   Yellville:    Arlene Endicott       
California:       We’ll come back to you
Colorado:      Black Hawk: Don Fischer          
DC:              Colleen Corigan                      
Florida:          Baldwin:     Kim Ferguson Boyd 
                   Ft. Walton: Ricky Martin           
                   Jacksonville:Tom Hain              
                   Orlando:      Rick Hall                    
                   Tampa:       Rachel Kelly Reno   
Georgia:        Atlanta:      Darnelda Sloan       
                   Marietta:     Mark Underwood    
                                    Debbie Martin         
                   Richmond Hill:  Denise Harvey Millgan        
                   Warner Robbins:  Arthur Bitterman
Iowa:  Council Bluffs:   Kenneth Flint        
Minnesota:  Dassel: Debbie Hazelton Rausch
Mississippi:  Columbus:  Debbie Jennings Wilson   hey! That’s me!!
Nebraska:  Omaha:   Lynnette Flint Olaes   
Nevada:    Sparks:    Carol Bartlett Low
               Winnemucka:   Sonya Sams Mitchell
Oregon:    Albany:    David Duguay             
               Eagle Point:  Connie Burleson Stanley
               Great Pass:   Mary Rochester Coats
SC:          Anderson:     Charlie Comberrel
               Sumter:        Delores Starnes Horton
Tennessee: Indian Mound:  Jim McCanne        
                 Nashville:         Mike Georgulis      
Texas:       Arlington:         Reilly Porter
                Austin:     Sharon Collins Shannon      
                Benbrook:    Danny Lee                
Virginia:      South Riding:   Minna Hancock Grafton
Washington:   Puyallup:   Jay Kennon            
                  Vancouver:  Steve Bergendahl 
                                   Brian Goforth               
West VA:    Greenwood:  Don Waldron
Wisconsin:   Almond:        Pam Ford Krause         
Well, that’s the list so far, with the exception of California. I will do them in the next one. But generally, they are:
Apple Valley (1), Atwater (1), Chico (1), Clovis (1), Elk Grove (1), Fairfield (1), Folsom (1), Fresno (1) Gridley (1), Hayward (1), Live Oak (1), Lodi (1), Loma Rica (1), Loyalton (1), Magalia (1), Marysville (8), Mission Hills (1), North Highlands (1), Orangevale (1), Oroville (1), Paradise (1), Pleasant Grove (1), Oakland (1), Roseville (1), Rough 7 Ready (1), Sacramento (4), San Diego (2), Santa Barbara (1), Sonora (1), Sutter (1), Vacaville (1), Ventura (1), Visalia (1), Wheatland (10), Yuba City (7)  
Well, let’s get to this weeks’ mail. As I said earlier, I’ve had some wonderful emails. First let me apologize and I hope that all of you caught my goof in the last newsletter. Actually it wasn’t in the newsletter, but in the email that brought the newsletter to you. I had gotten an email from SALLY (Nicholls) Lambert as I was getting ready to send 2001-3 and I called her Susan. Sally, I am so sorry.
Sally wrote that she is a Nurse Educator in an Associate Degree nursing program in Texarkana and therefore could not join us at the reunion since school had started for them. She’s been doing that for about 10 years and loves it! She has been married to an Episcopal priest for 26 years and has 3 daughters; 25-year-old twins and a soon-to-be 17 year old. Her second twin, Rebecca, will be married December 29th in Hamilton, Bermuda. (Can I tag along in your suitcase?) Sally and her husband are in Atlanta Labor Day weekend (this weekend) to meet the new in-laws-to-be. Her other twin and her husband live in Atlanta, too. It’s amazing how some of our families are next-door neighbors, isn’t it? Sally, no I haven’t heard anything about Judy Smith. Jay Kennon and Rick Hall were at the reunion. Neither of them has changed much over the years. Rick teaches down in Florida and Jay is flying the friendly skies for American Airlines. Diane Kennon couldn’t make it, but Jay says she is doing well. Thanks for writing and please write again soon. I promise not to mess up again. (well at least too badly)
Pam (Kelly) Cobble likes my little newsletter. Thank you very much, Pam. Pam’s sister lives in Warner Robbins, GA (so does Art Bitterman), see what I mean? Pam, my ex and I were stationed at Castle in 1975-1976 and lived in Atwater for a time. I can’t remember the street though. Please keep writing.
And this from Dale Perkins, I’m tellin’ you, he’s a closet Trekkie:
Captain Debbie, 
            Once again, commander, I must compliment you on getting your Pirate's Log out with warp speed. No "Bones" about it. Sorry about the pun. I'm really glad to see everyone emailing you and helping to make this whole thing happen. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck once again in your undertaking. Still waiting for volume 7 of 9. Ah, and in case you were wondering where pirates kept their buccaneers? It's under their buckin' hats. Sorry about that Tampa Bay fans.
Beaming back up,
Dale Perkins "71
Got a new one! Debbie (Hazelton) Rausch wrote. She is in the middle of wedding plans, too. Must be in the water somewhere. Sally’s daughter, your daughter, my daughter. Good luck with the wedding. Don’t know about you, but I’m ready to either pull my hair out or strangle my daughter, Jaime. Have fun!!! Thanks for the info.
Chris Carringer just writes that she loves the southern “thangs” I say. I hope I do sound “Southern” and not “Country”.   You know, we are rich in Southern culture here in Columbus. Every April we have a Pilgrimage when some of the antebellum homes open up to the public and the residents and volunteers dress in period clothing and entertain. This weekend we are having the Prairie Arts Festival in my family’s hometown of West Point (about 18 miles west of Columbus). It draws about 20 – 30,000 people each year. It’s raining this year though. And of course we have the Possum Town Pig Fest. That’s right. People actually get together and see who can cook the best pig. That’s simplifying it, but it’s getting as big as Memphis in May (if you’ve heard of that). Thanks for writing, Chris.
Gerry (Gothrow) Paris threw me for a loop. I thought I had really messed up the P. L. 2001-3 when she said she couldn’t get the background or email addresses.  But, come to find out, it was her machine not me. She calls this “our own little gossip column”. Nice touch, now ya’ll send in the juiciest bit you know, you hear? She also writes asking if anyone had a digital camera at the reunion to please post some pictures. I am working on scanning some of mine into a newsletter soon, but if anyone did have a digital, go for it. Or if you want to send them to me, I will include with 2001-5. Ambitious, ain’t I? (Sorry Ms. Gross, oops! I mean Mrs. Baker)
Another new one! Mark Underwood! Hey, thanks for writing! He says that he is in Marietta, GA, happily married, a grandfather (!), and an integration engineer for a software company in Buckhead (a business area of Atlanta) or as he wrote, “Buck-haid, ya’ll”. Mark, maybe you can help us non-techies with some of the technical stuff sometime. Donnie Sloan, Mark says you were always the right stuff for cheerleader and says you and Debbie Martin are just across town from them. Thanks for the ‘e’ Mark and please write again soon.
Got a note from Cindy Hudson. She enjoyed my “Southern Advice”. How about the rest of ya’ll? Thanks Cindy and my thoughts are with you.
Well, folks, I do believe I will hit the sack. It’s only 1:30 AM and I’ve been up since 5 AM yesterday. Will write more tomorrow. I have a couple more emails to impart. Ya’ll sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite. Down here they’re known as chiggers. Nasty little devils!!
Good morning! Wake up sleepy heads! Rise and shine! I can still remember sleeping over at my Granny’s and hearing her in the morning fixin’ breakfast. I always slept in the “front” bedroom and the kitchen was in the back of the house. She’d be up at the crack of dawn (and I do mean the “crack” of dawn) getting things started for the day. Then all of a sudden, you’d hear “B-R-E-A-K-F-A-S-T ! ! ! ” Real loud and real drawn out. She only hollered once . . . . . . . once was enough . . . . . . her biscuits were to die for. But on a cold winter morning when it was raining outside, it would be so nice to throw another log on the fire, snuggle back in that big (it was big to me then, but really was only a full size) feather bed and listen to the rain beat down on the tin roof. But if you missed that first . . . . . and only, call for breakfast, you were out of luck. She didn’t fix it twice.
Well, back to the matter at hand, keeping in touch and reuniting old friends. I got an email from Carol (Osborne) Detwiler yesterday. She writes that hopefully she can attend the 35th and possibly with a new hubby! She is moving from California to Kent, WA. Carol, keep us posted on your address and if your email changes. She says she got another divorce from the same man she divorced the first time . . . . David Detwiler. Hey guys, give her extra points for trying. She became officially engaged on July 22nd this year, but no date has been set yet. Let us know, Carol. I’m sure we all wish you the best. Oops!! Another wedding!! detwilcl@earthlink@net
Well, well, I heard from Charles Vincent, too. He writes that all is well with him. I am totally shocked and surprised that he remembered sitting next to me at the 20th. I guess sometimes I revert back to that nondescript (or so I thought) person 30 years ago. I’m sure that some of you have no idea how often you’ve crossed my mind the last 30 years. And Charles, you were one of them. We missed you; maybe you can make it to the 35th. Thanks for writing and letting me know you enjoy the newsletter. Please write again soon.
Well, cowboys and cowgirls, it’s about time to wrap it (or as Dale would say “warp it”) up. I do have one last email, which I have been asked to include in this writing. Joanne (Peters) Tavarez wanted me to include this:
I would like to THANK everyone for coming to the reunion. I know it was hard for some to come such a long distance, but I hope they felt it was worth it.   Traveling back 30 years can really take a toll on you. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.
I was really pleased with the turn out, the dining room, the food, etc. Dale asked me if I was crazy or was this a labor of love, my answer to that is yes and YES. I am not really sure if anyone knows how much this meant to me to be reunited with my old friends. I told several people, in the beginning when Maggie and I discussed putting this together, I really thought that I was going crazy.
A lot of us are Military Brats and/or had a Gypsy Queen for a mother, which meant that we moved a lot when we were growing up. When I went to live with my Dad, I had a plan. He was frozen to Beale for six years and I knew that if I lived with him, I would be in one school and I would be able to make life long friends. And guess what, my plan worked. I am so grateful to have been able to go to school in such a turbulent time and come out thinking what a great time I had. What great friends I made and they will always be there for me. Even if we don't talk to each other for long periods of time, you are always in my heart and head. So I wanted you to know how much I appreciate having such a great group of friends, such as yourselves. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! There will always be this bond no matter how much time passes that none of us will ever be able to break. We grew up together, laughing, crying, having fun together, getting in trouble and going to Crabtree's office and much, much, more, do you remember?
I would also like to thank specifically a couple of people, Maggie for keeping under control, Mark for tracking down the locals, Sharon, Larry, Mark, Debbie, Dave for the wonderful baskets for our drawing. Thank you to Debbie for helping me with the dining room and most importantly when I was so fried, I couldn't even figure out how to count the money. Mike McNatt for being our emcee and Rachel and Jim Reno for helping in the dining room and getting the map set up. Dirk and Maggie for taking care of the checking account. All the wives for letting there husbands come to the reunion and all the husbands for letting the wives come to the reunion (and in one case kicking Ricky out the door), and all the husbands and wives who came to the reunion. John B. for all the bear hugs and encouragement and to his wife for sharing this very special man. Cathy J. for our wonderful cake and Chasidy for taking our pictures. I am hoping I didn't forget anyone who helped me, if I did, please forgive me and I thank you too. I couldn't have done all this without you all.
Hopefully, all of you who couldn't make it this time, will be able to come to the next one, we missed you terribly. As for the Memory Books, please hang in there with me. I am working on them and hopefully when you get them, they will be worth the wait.
One last thing, we are, I guess going to do this again in five years and would be interested in any ideas anyone would like to share. I know since this was the first one I have done, I learned a lot, besides that fact that I loved every minute of it, and there are things I would do a little differently, but not much.
Well, now that I have blabbed your ears off, I will go for now and hope I have remembered to say everything I had planned on saying.
Okay, that is it for now. Hope to keep hearing from all of you, please keep in touch.
That’s all folks! Ya’ll come back, now, ya hear?
Debbie (Jennings) Wilson
P.S. I hope everyone has a safe and restful holiday. You know at our ages . . . . . . . . . .   Hey! Joanne, that gives me an idea! Put me down for a basket for the 35th . I’m working on it now! Happy Labor Day ya’ll ! ! ! !
Letter from Robert Richardson
September 11, 2001
I work on the 36th floor of the Prudential Tower. The Pru is 52 stories, the 2nd tallest in Boston. A couple blocks nearer downtown is the Hancock Tower, all glass, about 60 stories. A few minutes before 9 on the morning of the 11th the fire alarm goes off. No announcement to evacuate, which is supposed to happen - just the alarm. So we started walking down the stairs. Normally, we'd go down 2 floors and wait for instructions. All the stair doors are supposed to unlock when an alarm is sounded. We went down 7 floors before we could get someone's attention to open a door and let us know what was going on. There were no alarms going off on other floors. We took the elevator back up to 36. The alarms were turned off about 5 minutes later.
Shortly after that the phones started ringing - calls from friends and family who heard about the WTC crashes. Then came word that one or more planes came out of Logan, visible from the Pru. (If you've never been here, Logan is just across the harbor from downtown, a short cab ride if tunnel traffic isn't backed up.) We were all told to go home if anyone felt uncomfortable. In all reality the Pru probably isn't high on anyone's list of targets. But the feeling of "what if" started permeating the floor. After having just been in the stairway the consensus was that we should use the elevators while they're still running. Within minutes of my leaving the floor the building was officially evacuated. I never saw so many people walking and talking on cell phones as I did on my way to the subway station.
I spent the rest of the day in shock.
The next morning I went back to work. They had closed one of the 2 entrances to the lobby and were checking IDs. I had to insert my ID card in a slot on the elevator to get to my floor. (Previous to the 11th we already had to use our ID cards to unlock doors to get on the floor.) My initial reaction to the extra security was, Yeah, but how does this stop a plane?
The morning went by fairly quickly, it seemed, but we were all still pretty numb. Around 1pm I was instant messaging my boss who was working from home. She tells me that the Westin Hotel has been surrounded by SWAT teams. The Westin is 2 blocks away and visible from the windows of the Pru (or would be if I had one but I'm glad I don't because right now I really don't want to watch planes taking off from Logan). We have offices at Copley Place, an upscale mall and office complex that are connected to the Pru and the Westin via enclosed walkways over the streets. When word arrived that Copley was being evacuated the decision was made to evacuate the Pru. Fortunately, I had an alternate route to another subway line so I bypassed the madness outside the hotel. Also fortunately, there was no bomb and no one was hurt.
On the subways now the conductor reminds everyone to take all packages with them when "exiting the train." So, of course, everyone is looking all around for suspicious objects. There are a lot of grim looks everywhere. Friday was nearly a normal day except for the quiet. Few phones were ringing but everyone seemed busy with work. A lot of people left early. I wished I could.
Yesterday (Saturday) the TV stayed off most of the day. I checked headlines on the Net once in a while and was relieved to see that there was no more bad news.
Living in California in the late '60s left an imprint on me that lingers to this day. I grew up believing that All You Need is Love and We Can Work it Out and that the Woodstock generation would make a difference and change the world - end war, feed the hungry. I know, I know...there are a lot of sick people out there and the job we took on is much bigger than we imagined. However, I truly believe that we have influenced the world for the better in many ways and will continue to do so.
All our lives are forever changed by the events of this week. I'm still trying to sort it out. I'm hoping that cool heads will prevail and no more innocent people - Americans, Afghanis, whoever - are hurt. Justice must and will prevail, I'm confident of that. But until then, who's reining in the kids who drive by shouting, "death to all Arabs"? Do you remember Camp Far West? Wasn't it a Japanese internment camp at one time? Will we see similar things happening the future? On a subway car I was on the other day someone had gouged in the wall "nuke the towelheads". A lot of cab drivers in Boston are from the Middle East or India or North Africa. Already they're being harassed by some. Yes, some suspected terrorists worked as cabbies in Boston. Think about it...Did I ride in the back of a car with someone who was on one of the planes? A scary thought. Cells were known to have existed in Newton (where I get my hair cut) and in Springfield (where I lived before moving to Boston).  Thank goodness I know my neighbors. But what about the guy down the hall that just moved in? Where's he from? See? For the moment, at least, my outlook has changed. For the better or worse? We'll see.
Anyway, that's kind of what's happening in Boston. You asked.
It's not 1969 anymore, is it? Anyone want to go back?
Well, got to get back to the laundry. Life's mundane pleasures still beckon. I look forward to the next Log.

Pirates Log 2001-5
 September 5, 2001
Well, it’s that time again. I have just had a wonderful “conversation” with Carol Osborne Detwiler via instant messaging and had one with John Broumas last night, or was it Sunday night (this is Tuesday). I had a phone call from Charles Vincent on Saturday and we talked for a good while. I’ll have more on my conversations later. Let me tell ya’ll how pleased I am that you like this venture and are responding so well. I hope everyone got the pictures okay. I know that Mindy Bailey did not because she has webtv and I know that Pam Kelly must not have gotten the names I placed by each picture. So let me begin by itemizing the pictures and telling you who they are, in case you are having trouble figuring them out.
Starting in the upper left going across: the first picture is John Broumas and your illustrious editor (ME!); the second photo on the top row is none other than Mike McNatt (he has not changed much); the second row is a group shot of Larry Collins, Mark Chaussee (yes, THE Condom Mark Chaussee!), Venson Crabtree, David Pack, and Mike McNatt; the third row is first a group of well known ladies, including L to R, Sharon Mahon, Rachel Kelly, Joanne Peters, and Maggie McGowan; the next picture on the third row is Dave Pack, Dan Imig, and Dale Perkins (yep, First Officer Perkins of the USS Pirates Log); fourth and final row is Rick Hall, Mike McNatt , and Mike Sandquist (the camera should have given him away). Well, that’s the first set of photographs and I think I’ve got the hang of it now, so more to follow. Mindy, I will print and mail to you.
Lots of good emails this week, but first, I want to include a picture that I forgot the first time around. This is the Memory Board and I hope ya’ll can see Barry Mink and the “Light”. Starting at top left going across: Adella Slade, Barry Mink, Jerry Joyner, Sherry Hornbrook: bottom row: Lori Ranta, Rick Mauritson and Vernon Detwiler. (No one behind the roses, which were donated by Maggie McGowan, by the way)
I hope this comes out okay. Joanne did a wonderful job of giving us something to remember our fallen classmates by.
I wonder how many of you noticed that we had an addition to our “Log” list. is actually Michele Schlick Harris and a year behind us, but hung around with several of you. You might know her as “Mush”. Welcome Mush and I hope you enjoy the space age “Log”. As a matter of fact my first email this week is from Mush. She is married and living in Vacaville, California and the mother of two and grandma to one. Oh yea, and she agrees with Mark Underwood about Donnie Sloan. . . . . a hottie, she says. She mentions a few names and places, which I will pass along. Karen Underwood Forbes is now in Salinas and Mush says hi to Dave Duguay, Minna Hancock, Maggie McGowan, Shari Collins, Dee Starnes, Jim and Rita (?) and Sonya Sams. No, Mush, Kim did not make the reunion. To answer your questions, Frank “Tiki” Starnes is living in Montgomery, Alabama per his sister, Dee. Sandy Estes Tsitouris’ last known whereabouts is in Visalia, California. Mush says that Reilly Porter was her big crush back in those days. He lives in Arlington,Texas, the last we heard. He did not respond to the reunion call either. Thanks for the email Mush and keep them coming.
Well, well, if ain’t my own First Officer. Dale Perkins has beamed up again. He has truly hit rock bottom this time folks. He has remembered that he and Dan Imig once worked together recapping tires back in the early 80’s, so he figures that qualifies them as true “Vulcanizers” (pun intended). Spock would roll over. Dale writes that Judy Smith is still in Wheatland and runs the arts and crafts store there. He has given me her telephone number, but I don’t want to put personal information out in the newsletter unless you tell me it’s all right, so if anyone wants it, they can call me at 662-329-2868. We don’t have an email address for her and she did not respond to the reunion call. I think Sally Nicholls was looking for Judy. Thanks Dale, oh! I see I have two emails from Dale. He has found some issues of the antiquated Pirates Log that I did not have along with a creation from Miss Gross’ class. I have asked him to send me copies and I will post here. Thanks Dale and I hope you enjoyed my Bud Light with salt on top.
Got a new one this week! Arlene Endicott Fuller from Yellville, Arkansas. She writes that she too has often thought about so many of us and wondered where we were. She is not currently married (but has been down that road twice), has a 24-year-old son and a wonderful daughter-in-law, as well as a 2-year-old grandson, who is to die for! The kids are currently in Italy, with Uncle Sam (USAF). Arlene, where in Italy, we were stationed at Aviano AB for 6 years. Beautiful area and people!!  Arlene takes care of her dad who has had seven strokes. Aha! And ya’ll thought “Possum Town Pig fest” was a hoot, listen to this!! In Yellville, they have the “Turkey Trot”. No, not that kind of turkey trot! It takes place every year the second weekend of October and they “honor” the turkey. They have a “beauty” contest and a turkey calling contest and people come from all over the world to compete. There’s a parade, arts and crafts and food of all sorts! They got into a mess a few years ago for throwing live turkeys out of airplanes for people to try and catch.  Sounds like fun to me! Thanks Arlene for the email and info and I hope to hear from you again real soon.
Another new one! I love it! John Baudier writes that he got my pictures and he is enjoying the newsletters. Thank you for the kind words, John, and please write again soon and let us know what you are up to these days or what you have been up to the past 30 years. It was great to see you at the reunion and I still think we had a history class together. Maybe Mr. Gookin’s POD class?
As I said earlier, I also got an email from Carol Osborne Detwiler (a couple in fact), but she sent a picture of herself and her new fiancé, Howard. Again congratulations, Carol!  Carol also imparted some news to me concerning a couple of our classmates. Carla Grimes Devin is living in Roseville, California, but her health is not always good. Arthritis, she thinks, but says she has a wonderful man who takes great care of her.  Carol also has news about Rebecca Roddan Babcock, who is living in Marysville, California. She says Rebecca is not too well at all. She writes that she has been stricken with a battle of MS over the years and last she heard was wheelchair bound. I’m sure our thoughts and prayers go out to both classmates. Carol told me this evening that Tweet Moreno (a class ahead of us) died a couple of months ago. I’m not familiar with her, but some of you may be. Jim Reno, did you know her? Carol also has a web page at Thanks for writing Carol and it was great “talking” to you this evening!
Debbie Martin wrote to say she got the pics as well and wants to know how I have time to keep up with the “Log”. Late hours, Deb, late hours. How’s the house coming? Have you, Mark Underwood or Donnie Sloan found each other yet? You and Mark should be about 3 miles from each other according to the map. Literally “down the road a piece”. You know, just over "dat dar hill and ‘round the bend". Thanks for the email, keep ‘em coming! Don’t forget to send me your new address or call me with it or mail it: P.O. Box 8166 Columbus, MS 39705
John Broumas wrote to say how much he enjoyed the reunion, but I think it really tired him out. Take care, John Boy. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. More on the way soon. I keep going back and forth writing this because my brother keeps messaging me. I CAN walk and chew gum at the same time!!! John thinks that those of us who have AOL should get together for a group chat. Wonder if there’s some way those of us who don't have AOL can join us? Is there a techie out there that knows?   John lives in Wheatland with his lovely wife Kathy, for those of you who don’t know.  Just couldn’t stay away, could you John? Smooches and Hugs from your “Southern Belle”.
Here’s another new one! Sharon Mahon Fiscus! Thanks Sharon for writing. Sharon wasn’t able to be there for the 10th or 20th, so she says the 30th was extra special to her. She thanks Maggie M., Joanne P. and me for the work we did. I bow out because I was just there. All accolades should go to Joanne and Maggie. Please write again soon and let us know what you’ve been up to the past 30 years. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you at the reunion. You looked great!
Well, I told you something was in the water!! Dee Starnes writes that she, too, is planning her daughters’ wedding and agrees with me that someone is going to go bald before it’s over with. Having fun are you, Dee? By the way, you have always been Dee to me; I never called you Delores or Doris. What do you prefer? Dee has just celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary and they have retired at Shaw AFB. She is the Compliance officer for SAFE Federal Credit Union in South Carolina (no affiliation with SAFE in California). She has two children, a son who is a Corporal with the sheriffs department and a daughter, who is going to be bald, but is actually an assistant manager for Sprint PCS. Her first grandchild will be one year old this month. Thanks for the info Dee. Keep us posted on the wedding and your life.
Another new one! I think that’s what, 3 or 4 this week???? Susan Abe Piaskowski (gosh, I hope I spelled that right). Susan has not been able to make it to a reunion either and really enjoyed the pictures. Yes, Susan, I will resend Log 2001-3. Someone else did not get it either. I hope everyone else did. If you are missing any, please let me know. These could be collector’s items one day. Maybe I should be signing them?
As I said, Charles “Chuck” Vincent called Saturday. Boy! Was it great to talk to you Chuck! I really enjoyed that. We talked for 30 to 45 minutes, I guess. I’m still amazed that you remembered sitting next to me at the 20th. Hope we can talk again soon. And I especially hope you will try to make it to the 35th.
Last, but not least. . . . Pam Kelly Cobble. I hope I answered your questions about who was who. It’s funny how small a world it really is. When we were stationed in Turkey, we went south to visit some friends and ran into Mel Iveson (class of 70) in the NCO club. Then when we were at Keesler AFB down on the Gulf coast in '72, we hadn’t been married very long, like maybe two weeks and this guy comes walking out the back gate. I jump out of the car (it was moving) and ran back to hug his neck. . . . it was Billy Rohm (class of 70). My husband thought I was crazy. Small world. I hope this newsletter will make it a little smaller for all of us.
Mindy, I know you won’t get the pictures included here, but I will mail this along with the other pictures. I hope everyone is getting things all right. Please let me know if you’re not. I’m still waiting to hear from some of you. John Skeffington, David Bresnyan (I see you online every now and then), Rick Gracey, David Pack, Francisco, where have you been?, Otto Jaks (my graduation partner), Mike Sheridan, Marla Harrison, Mike Sandquist (I lost my note about the camera, what kind was it?), Mike McNatt, Linda Greenwade, Bill Peter, Larry Collins (I see you online all the time), Dirk Poldervaart, Colleen Corrigan, Ricky Martin, Tom Hain, Rachel Kelly, David Duguay, Connie Burleson, Charlie Comberrel, Minna Hancock, Jay Kennon, Steve Bergendahl, Brian Goforth and Pam Ford. I hope that if any of you have any information about anyone else, you will let me know. Especialy if you know someone’s email address. Let’s let them enjoy this wonderful cache of information too. That’s why I’m doing this.
Well, it’s almost 8 PM CST (that’s Cow Stompin’ Time) and I’m starving!!! Ya’ll enjoy and write soon.
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Coming next issue: California residents, as promised; more emails, I hope; and more pictures
Pirates Log 2001-6
 September 8, 2001 (really the 9th)

Well, you won’t believe what has gone on since the last time we spoke!!!  Let me first apologize for a couple of errors in the Log. In Log 2001-4, I incorrectly typed Connie Burleson Stanley’s email address. It should have been . In Log 2001-5, when speaking of Michele Schlick Harris , I misspelled her name; Michele only has one ‘L’. My apologies to both of you and thank you for bringing it to my attention. I also found some errors that ya’ll have been too polite to bring to my attention and I thank you for that as well. Slowly but surely I will get this publication up to the standards of the New York Times . . . . .  well, maybe not.   I usually do this late at night, so sometimes my brain can’t keep up with my fingers or vice versa. I won’t promise it won’t happen again, I will promise to make the corrections, though. Thank you for being patient.
Lots of mail, lots of conversations!! Yep! You should have seen me night before last, Wednesday (9/5). I was online checking email and Carol Osborne Detwiler messaged in. So I’m talking to her for a few minutes and I see Donnie Sloan has come online. So, I message Donnie. I go back to Carol while waiting on Donnie. Carol is messaging and all of a sudden Donnie messages back. Then lo and behold! Here comes my First Officer, Dale Perkins !!!! You should have seen me trying to keep up. Finally I said WHOA! Ya’ll stay put; I’m going to a chat room. So that’s what we did, we got us a private chat room and ‘talked’ for about an hour. Donnie had signed off early, so it was First Officer Dale, Carol and I. Finally at 11 PM, I said adios, ciao, auf wiedersien (I know that’s not spelled right), so long and good night. I hit the sack! How long did you guys talk?
I’m sitting there at work this morning trying to finish our financial statement and my phone rings. It was a transfer call, so I answer, “This is Debbie, may I help you?” The person on the other end says, “Is this Debbie Wilson?” I said, “yes it is”, he says “Debbie Jennings Wilson”, and I say, “Yes it is, to whom am I speaking?” Good grammar, huh? Look at me now Ms. Gross!! And this person says, “You don’t know me but I went to Wheatland High too”. This poor man has called all over the state of Mississippi looking for me. He knew I worked at the #1 Kia dealership in Mississippi because that’s what I put in my bio on Every dealership he called said THEY were the #1 Kia dealership in Mississippi!! Bless his heart though, he didn’t give up. He was bound and determined to find me and find me he did!!! Welcome to our world, Michael Bain, Class of 1973!!! Michael lives in Anniston, Alabama (not too far from me) and actually works in Georgia. He left Wheatland in 1970 but said that his time there was the best of his high school years. He was great friends with Connie Burleson’s brother, Jeff, and actually wanted to find her and eventually him. He wanted to know if we’d had our 30th reunion yet and I said yes, about 2 weeks ago, but that we had started this Newsletter and I would be happy to forward them to him, which I did this evening. I’m so glad you found us, Michael, and we were able to help you locate Connie. Email again real soon. It was a pleasure talking to you!!!
And so our family grows . . . . . well, let’s see what I’ve got for you now. We have a late night host-wanna-be, a true Star Trek Trekkie and a First Officer who has lost his mind.
First, “Hereeeeeeee’s Johnny! “ John Broumas, I love hearing from you! John Boy wanted to know what time I get online and says that he loves the contact with his schoolmates. Ya’ll keep those cards and letters going his way!   Got another email from John Thursday, he says they will most likely be moving into the old homestead in November. He’s had a lot of work to do there lately and it is wearing him down. Take care John Boy, hugs and smooches from your "Belle".
Pirates Log 2001-5 came back to me from John Baudier. He’s gone AWOL, I think. The message said something about WW36, GAR and GNUP. What happened to WW3 thru WW35?????? Where have I been?!?!?!?!? I got numbers in Hong Kong, Manila and Japan . . . . . . What does this man do????? John, I will wait a few days and resend. Hope your holiday was a good one!!
First Officer Dale Perkins beamed down again. He is sending me the missing Log issues from the 60’s & 70’s. I told him to have a Bud Light for me with a little salt on top; he drank my Bud but threw the Light at the dark side of the moon. I think his “beam’s first name is Jim. Maybe with a little coca-cola?? I mentioned Mr. Gookin’s POD class in Log 2001-5 and Dale doesn’t remember if we were in the same class or not. I think I was in 5th period, did we have 5th period?? He thinks he was in 1st period. I know Maggie McGowan was in my class because she mentioned it when she signed my yearbook, as well as Carol Osborne, but I don’t know what period that was. Maybe their memories are better than mine. Dale says he has an AOL logon as well, ,so you might catch him at either location. He was going to check with his wife (who evidently has all the brains in the family) about non-AOL users hooking up with AOL-users. He said he’d have to sweet talk her and she’d just think he wanted to contact his old girlfriends. He keeps telling her his girlfriends aren’t that old. I think he might end up on the couch a lot. Ha ha!! Anyway, my illustrious First Officer discovered the how-to, all on his own . . . . he says. You go to and click on Instant Messager (under People & Chat) follow the instructions for the free download. So, if anyone not on AOL wants to join those of us who are, come on over!!  
P.S. Thanks for the candy wrapper. Had a Baby Ruth like it several years ago, and yes, you are perverted.
I’m back! Got a great email from Mike Sheridan’s wife, Beverly. Bev says they’ve been married for 23 years and have one daughter who they would love to marry off! Well, maybe not marry off, but they would at least like grandchildren before they’re 80. Bev, I’ll send you the water. They met after Mike did his duty to Uncle Sam and married in ’78. Their daughter is in her last year of Engineering at UC Davis. The Sheridan’s live in the Lodi/Stockton area and have been there since ’84.   Beverly grew up in Colusa. Mike works at CALTRANS as an Engineer. Like father, like daughter, huh? His claim to fame is his work on the Stockton Cross-town Freeway. They asked for information on Dan Kesterson. Beverly, the last information I have is Dan was in Sutter, California. As for Reilly Porter, the last address we have on him is Arlington,Texas too. Joanne did not get a response to her reunion "call to arms". Beverly says Reilly’s brother, Mike (Class of ’70), was killed in a motorcycle accident in ’83 and his other brother, Pat (Class of ’72) also lives in Texas. It seems that Reilly Porter was supposed to have been best man at Beverly and Mike’s wedding, but he didn’t make it to the church on time. So a rather “unsober” Mike Porter stepped in.  Reilly finally came bursting through the doors as they were walking down the aisle. They found “Mush’s” picture in the yearbook and sure ‘nuff, Mush was written all over her face, literally.  Thanks for the email, Beverly and Mike for the editing. Please write again and if you hear any news on Reilly, let us know. The Sheridan’s emailed me again today and offered some insight on how we could all be online together. They suggested going to and downloading the program, it’s free. I did it today and it takes about 20 minutes. Between that or maybe the majority of us can converse “real-time”. Thanks guys!!
Mindy Bailey Bailey, I never noticed before, did you marry a guy that had the same last name as you? That’s cool! A lot less hassle, huh? Mindy writes that she and Lon are leaving to do a home exchange with a couple in England. Do you just go and live in their house while they come and live in yours? They’ll be gone about 4 weeks and plan on spending about a week or so on the East coast visiting friends. Ya’ll have a safe trip and have fun!!
I heard from Gerald Linker too! He sent me several pictures, but they came through extremely large so I asked him to resend and size them down because my pea-brain couldn’t figure it out from this end. So be patient. I do have some pictures though. Thanks for the compliments Gerald, both of them. Please write again soon!!
Ernie Brown wrote again and wanted to know which IM I used. I’m on AOL, Ernie, as are several others. He says he was Ernie Brown before he was anything else….and if he ceases to be something…he will never cease to be Ernie Brown. Well said sir! Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Well, here’s the true Trekkie. Steve Bergendahl. He is a card carrying member of the OFFICIAL Star Trek Fan Club. He has a story about going to the dentist and going under the gas. His dad tells the story about him climbing back and forth in the car, front to back, back to front (Chevy station wagon). Steve doesn’t recall a thing. He was put to bed once at home, but promptly got up to watch his favorite TV show. He took his butt downstairs and declared to all who was interested that he was watching Star Trek and immediately passed out again. Steve remembers Barry Mink fondly and says they were part of a 4-man team that won first place in woodshop II with Mr. Kersey. He still has the award and the thing they made, a bow (as in bow and arrow). Barry was a nice person and a good basketball player, he says.   Steve, I still have the award I won in Mr. Biederman’s Spanish I class my junior year. Steve is just returning from having two months off. How was Iowa? He was out visiting his Mom. Lots of fishing and golfing and Wednesday, 9/12/01, he is going to Albuquerque on business for a couple of months. If any of you are close by, email him and maybe ya’ll can hook up for visit. Steve, we don’t have an email address for Venson Crabtree, but he lives in Chico. Thanks for keeping in touch.
Well, let’s see if I can include some of the new pictures I have received.  The first comes from Adelle Hatanaka who had a digital camera. I’m getting me one those. They are the neatest things. Have ya’ll stopped to think how far we have come from where we were 30 years ago? Amazing, simply amazing! This is a total group shot. I’m leaving it kind of big so you can see everybody. I’ll try to name everyone starting at the left; Dave Pack, Chris Carringer, John Broumas, Jay Kennon, Debbie Jennings, Rick Hall, Gerry Gothrow (behind Rick), Mark Chaussee, Mike McNatt, Ron San Miguel, Gerald Linker (you can just see the top of his head), Dirk Poldervaart, Maggie McGowan, Adelle Hatanaka, Robin Whipple, Sharon Okano, Rachel Kelly, Dave Bresnyan, Joan Danzero, John Baudier, Debbie Martin (behind John), Minna Hancock, Francisco Velez, Larry Collins (behind Francisco), Connie Burleson, and Joanne Peterson. I can’t tell who that is in front of Dirk or behind Minna, and I don’t see Linda Greenwade anywhere. That may be Ms. Lynne Gross behind Minna, did she get in the picture?
Great picture of Connie Burleson, you’ll notice she's toting the “Southern Basket” mentioned in Log 2001-1. Connie writes that they are enjoying the goodies in the basket very much. I’m glad. They have tried the hush puppies and say they were delicious. That was a first for them! Connie has taste-tested all the sauces and they are wonderful. She says she enjoyed being a military kid, but you don’t get to have many “roots” with people. Connie says she has many homes not just one due to her military family background, but Beale and Wheatland are special because she can stay in touch with friends she made there through reunions and Pirates Log 2001. Thank you for the kind words, Connie. Keep writing and I apologize again about the email address.
Ron San Miguel wrote to say he didn’t get the pictures in Log 2001-5. Did anyone else have a problem? I resent to you, Ron, so hopefully you got them this time. Of course, I sent him the wrong one first and had to resend the resend. Sorry. YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!!!
Heard from Adelle Hatanaka today. The pictures you have seen so far are courtesy of her. But she had only received Log 2001-5, so I resent her 1-4. Who knows, I don’t. Hope you got them all this time, Adelle. She says she ran into Bill Peter at the YC Racquet Club and he was in Alaska during the time of our reunion. I have an email address of for Bill and nothing has come back except the last little email I sent (not a Log). So if you find out a different address, please let know. I appreciate your help. Adelle was off to a wedding (another one) and the US Open tennis was on so she didn’t stay on line long. Thanks for the pictures and the email, Adelle.
Got an email from our new friend, Michael Bain. Yes, Michael, the school is still there. I will include pictures of it next time. It’s getting on to midnight and I’m too new at scanning to attempt it while I’m tired. To my knowledge no one on the Memory Board died due to military conflict. If I’m wrong, someone please write and correct me. I hope by now you have written Connie and she has been able to connect you with her brother.  Michael asks if Dirk Poldervaart has a sister named Annelie. Can someone out there give us an answer?
This one is courtesy of Gerald Linker. I was trying to help Joanne out at the door. I enhanced the picture, but I don’t think much is going to help. Thanks for sending them Gerald. The one below needed no enhancement. Debbie Martin, Sharon Okano, Joan Danzero.
Well, guys, it is really late here in Cow Stompin’ Time zone, so I will close once again. Keep those cards and letters coming! Next issue I promise to itemize Californians for you, I haven’t forgotten, there’s just been so much else. A good thing really. Oh! I wanted to add to Pirates Log 2001-4 a resident of Texas; Sally Nicholls in Texarkana. How was the trip, Sally? Let us know. Did ya’ll know that this publication (??) goes out to 65 people?!?!   Just thought you’d like to know.
Night, night, Sleep tight, Don’t let the bedbugs bite. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2001-7
 September 12, 2001

Well, I did it again. Sally Nicholls, I apologize. Sally’s correct email address is
First of all, we need HELP!! Ron San Miguel got the email with just pictures, but he cannot get the Logs with pictures. He gets the Logs fine, but the pictures are not there. Somebody who knows, please HELP!! I don’t want him to miss one iota of these wonderful writings. I’m tellin’ ya’ll, they’ll be collectors’ items one day.   You better be saving them. If you want autographs, you’ll have to come to Possum Town, Mississippi.
Okay, Hereeeeeeee’s Johnny, I dug out my final report card from Wheatland . . . . . . . the one where I got an A+ . . . . . . . . . in Boys PE (oops no that was Girls PE). This things starts with Period 03 and ends with 08. Period 03, which I guess is actually 1st Period, I was in POD, Mr. Gookin. You were right, how the heck did you know that? John Broumas says that Rachel Kelly, Diane Kennon, Debbie Martin, Dale Perkins, Rick Mauritson, Larry Miles, Brian Goforth and I (to name a few) were in 1st Period Mr. Gookin’s POD class. The man may need a liver transplant, but his brain is in overdrive. John says I am an amazing woman, thank you very much, John Boy, I love you too (and I’ll send that money tomorrow ha ha) Truly though, how did you remember that? Did you cheat in some way? Do tell !!!!!
Our 1st Officer has beamed in. He wishes to further explain what I printed in Log 2001-6 about him being on AOL too. He is not actually on AOL; he just has an AOL Instant Messenger name, dperqkey.   HE CAN NOT BE REACHED at HOWEVER; he does have his own domain name which is “”, so if you want to email him there, you can use , like or or anything. Whatever you want to call him, just hook it to Dale says his wife emails him at   Dale spoke with John Broumas while John was emailing me. He also had another chat with Carol Osborne. I’m glad to hear that ya’ll are getting in contact with each other. I hope that soon we will be able to locate some of our “Missing 65”. Speaking of tying up the Internet, now I’m on a list. I’m not sure what kind of list, but I’m on it. When I sent Log 2001-6, I also sent Logs 1-5 to Brian Goforth and Adelle Hatanaka because somehow I had missed them. Well, because I had sent out so much email, AOL knocked me off, not literally, but they, like, closed my account. I called and explained that yes it was me that was doing all the sending and they turned me back on and put me on a list. That way it won’t happen again. I thought I was just on Santa’s list, the good one, of course. Dale writes concerning the underclassmen (& women) we have adopted, that in the spirit of Star Trek, they should more appropriately be called “Klingons”. Where DOES this man get this stuff? Thank your wife for my Bud Light, a lady after my own heart.
Ron San Miguel wrote in with his tech problem. Ron, you must be doing something, are you doing something? What are you doing? And no, I don’t resent you, but I did re-sent you. Sorry ‘bout that.  I knew you’d know what I meant. And Ron says yes, Dirk’s sister is Annalee. That’s for you Michael Bain. Ron, we’re going to get you Logs with pictures before we’re through. With all of these high school graduates surely one them has a kid that knows what to do. Be patient.  Ron says it’s okay to give out his phone number, so if anyone wants to really talk to him, please call 510-531-7969
Cindy Hudson has sent in a little bio for us. She has never married, but her brother has seven children with another one due in November (that’s 4 for Cindy and 4 for him, I guess). Anyway, she says she sees no need to add to the population, her brother is doing quite well. Cindy has been in New Jersey for a week at a cousin’s house. Where in New Jersey, Cindy? I have friends in Greenbrook, outside of Newark. She says they went to the New Jersey shore for a couple of days then on up into Vermont. Nice trip, huh? Glad you’re back home and thanks for writing. Yes, we’ll need to get together some weekend. Maybe we can talk some other “locals” into to meeting us at a “middle of the road” place.
“Mush” wrote. She has emailed Minna Hancock and they connected . . . . in more than one way. It seems Minna’s daughter, Jenny (she was at the reunion), is due October 15th with Minna’s first grandchild, a girl who she will name Jada Rose. Well, it just so happens that “Mush’’s daughter, Jennie, gave “Mush” her first (and only) granddaughter last October (Halloween) and her name is Jayden Rose. Small world ! ! ! Funny how our lives keep intertwining, ain’t it? “Mush” writes that she loved the Sheridan’s story and looked in her yearbook to see what Mike had written. He told her to never forget the good times at the Porters’ tack room … if she could, she says ….. she remembers the chicken fights and playing spin the bottle!!! Shame on you Michele with one L. She went to visit her folks for Grandparents day, they live an hour outside of Sacramento and she hopes to meet up with Joanne Peters and Maggie McGowan soon. A happy grandparents day to you too, Michele.
John Baudier is the one that brought the error in Sally Nicholls’ email address to my attention. Thanks John. John sent in a bio as well. He spent 3.5 years in the Army, most of it in Germany. After that, he went in search of his roots to his ancestral home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He stayed there for several years and began attending LSU, met Theresa, figured out you can’t really go home again, so he and Theresa moved to Tucson and attended the University of Arizona. They’ve been married for 22 years now. John had planned on being a Geophysicist when he grew up (which he never really did), but ended up in telecommunications instead (with the same basic mathematics). From Arizona they moved to Texas for a few years then moved to Washington DC, where he did odd jobs for the government. His last job with them was a satellite system between Wake Island and Hickam AB, Hawaii, spending time in both places. Great diving, John says! He has been with Intel for about 8 years and Theresa also works for them. He physically works in Intel’s facility located in Folsom, California or from their home in Placerville.  John supports their operations in Asia, guess that’s why the phone numbers in Manila and Hong Kong, huh? John travels quite a bit and three years ago Intel sent both of them to Malaysia on a two-year ex-patriot assignment. In November, John is taking an 8 week sabbatical, what will he do with himself ????? Thanks for the bio John and the kind words. I’m glad you are enjoying these little writings of ya’ll’s. Keep in touch!
STOP   I’m going to list the Californians right now before I go any further, and hopefully I won’t leave anyone out. But someone please let me know if I do.
California        Apple Valley    Rick Gracey       
                        Atwater       Pam Kelly           
                        Chico           Venson Crabtree
                        Clovis           David Pack         
                        Elk Grove      Francisco Velez
                                           Gerry Gothrow    
Fairfield      Chris Carringer    
Folsom         John Baudier      
Fresno         Chris Kelso
Gridley        Maggie McGowan     
Hayward      Otto Jaks            
Live Oak      Debbie Plautz
Lodi             Mike Sheridan   
Loma Rica     John Skeffington  
Loyalton       Marla Harrison     
Magalia         Mike Sandquist
Marysville     Susan Abe   
                   Mike McNatt       
                   Rebecca Roddan
                   Dave Conrad
                   Paul Lassaga
                   Andre Lewis
                   Julie Sykes
                   Mark Chaussee    
Mission Hills   Sharon Okano        
North Highlands  Gary Martin     
Oakland          Ron San Miguel    
Orangevale     Dale Perkins     
Oroville         Sharon Mahon     
Paradise         Susan Huggins
Pleasant Grove  Ray Stanaland
Roseville          Carla Grimes
Rough & Ready   Terri Thornton
Sacramento       Larry Miles     
                       Gerald Linker
                       Nancy Kearney
                       Suzanne Miller
San Diego        Pam Van Winkle
             Linda Greenwade
Santa Barbara    Mindy Bailey
Sonora      Joanne Peters
Sutter         Dan Kesterson                      
Vacaville     Sandy Parker
Ventura       Carol Osborne
Visalia         Sandy Estes  
Wheatlan     Lee Rosser
                   John Broumas 
                   Donald Foster
                   Gary Muck
                   Susan Muck
                   Toni Nightingale
                   Judith Smith
                   Mike Sousa
                   David Waltz
                  Larry Collins      
Yuba Cit     Bill Peter      
                  Dirk Poldervaart   
                  Susan Handshumacher
                  Herbie Houston
                  Laurie Murray
                             Marvin Sipes
                 Adelle Hatanaka  
Well, that’s what I have for California. Who did I leave out? I had trouble once with John Skeffington’s and with Bill Peter’s. But Log 2001-6 went fine to John, so who knows. Maybe they will write and let me know.
Okay back to mail. We have another addition. Steve Bergendahl’s sister, Debbie, writes to say that Steve has sent her, I’m assuming, Log 2001-6 and she would like to receive the others. See guys, I told you; they’re going to be collectors’ items one day. Debbie, I will be happy to send you the first 5 Logs. And may I say, “Welcome to the family”. All we ask is if you have any information on any classmate from 1971, please let us know. Debbie writes that she left Wheatland in the middle of her senior year to move to Louisiana. She has always considered Wheatland to be “her” high school. What year was that Deb? Thanks for writing and did you know your brother was a real life Trekkie? You can email Debbie Bergendahl at
Well, Pastor Ernie Brown, I’d like to thank you very much for the heart failure I experienced earlier. Here I am thinking where in the h---- am I going to accommodate visitors when every square inch of my apartment is covered with some sort of wedding paraphernalia. I think, ok, this is Ernie Brown, classmate, old pal, old friend, I can do this. They’ll just have to understand and climb over. I, for one, owe you one, MISTER BROWN. Thanks for writing and I did enjoy the joke. Please write again soon. P.S. Ernie wrote to apologize if he gave any of you a scare. Apology accepted.
Dee Starnes wishes to thank me for my efforts with this Log, as have many of you. I am enjoying it and as long as ya’ll send in the news, I will report it. She also writes asking how many of our classmates are still missing. The number is 65 with no addresses or email. Now I know for a fact that Robin Whipple was at the reunion, but I don’t have an address for her. Joanne Peters, I think you may have some addresses on the registration sheet, if you’ll check and send them to me. Also check for emails. I think a reunion in the East or Southeast is a terrific idea.  Unfortunately, the majority live in California, but maybe some of us can arrange to get together sometime. Thanks for writing and thanks for the wonderful praise.
I heard from Michael Bain again.   He did send Connie Burleson a note and I’m sure by now has heard back from her. I hope so. He says he’s going to try to connect with those of you in Atlanta soon, so Donnie, Debbie, Mark be on the lookout for Michael. He says my daughters’ wedding date and his grandfathers’ and brothers’ birthdays are all the same day. I’m telling ya’ll, our lives keep intertwining in many, many ways. Thanks for writing Michael.
Adelle Hatanaka Wapple writes thanking me for the back issues of Log 2001. She says if anyone wants her to print out her pictures and send them she will. Yes, Adelle, you did send me more pictures, but I’m using them a few at a time. Adelle and her husband, John, are taking a hiking trip through Austria and Switzerland when school is out in 2002. They have one daughter in Isla Vista outside of Santa Barbara and their second daughter is discovering the hot guys in Long Beach. Adelle wants to know who volunteered to plan the next reunion and says thanks so much to Joanne for the 30th. Adelle, no one has volunteered yet for the 35th. Hopefully between now and then we can round up some of the ‘Missing 65’ and bring some of the rest of us closer and more will attend. Let’s face it guys, we aren’t getting any younger. Thanks for writing Adelle and I’m glad you got the Logs okay.
Here’s Gerry Gothrow Paris, as beautiful now as she was 30 years ago.
I did get an email from Brian Goforth saying yes he would like to get the Logs and wasn’t aware that there was one. I’m glad you answered my email, Brian and hope you enjoy them!!!
Got an email from Brian Goforth after he received the Logs, too. He seems to be enjoying them. Brian, you read correctly, Steve Bergendahl does live in Vancouver, he is actually about 5 miles from you going down SE Mill Plain Blvd. About 7 miles going down Hwy 14. Maybe ya’ll can hook up with each other, if you haven’t already. Brian says he has a few issues of the antiquated Pirates Log too, so maybe we can incorporate some old with the new. Brian was interested to note that some of us have grandchildren older than his children. Some of us got an earlier start, Brian. Thanks for letting me know you got the Logs. Brian didn’t get the pictures either, but his problem may be his computer, he says.
Ken Flint writes wanting to know when the next reunion is. In 5 years, Ken, if we have anything to say about it. Hopefully between now and then this newsletter will keep us in contact with each other, renew old friendships and help us to find our “Missing 65”. I will publish their names in a future Log in case any of you have any information on them. Ken also sent a picture of himself, which I will include. Ken’s the one in the hat, naturally. Thanks, Ken
Since I began writing this, I got a brainstorm to go back to and send messages to anyone there that was not already receiving the Pirates Log 2001. I got a response from Robert Richardson (formerly Weiss) and from Lyle Williams . So I have sent them both all of the Logs to date. Welcome home guys!!! We missed you at the 30th, but we’re working on a 35th, so we’ll see you there, hopefully. Thanks for answering my emails and please write again soon.
Well, that’s all the mail for now. I know that we all have our thoughts and prayers on those in New York and Washington DC. Colleen Corrigan, , please let us know that all is well with you. I know of no one in the NY area, Minna Hancock, , let us know that you and yours are all right. Those are the only ones that I know of in or near those affected areas, except for Robert Weiss Richardson, who I believe is in Boston. Robert, how goes it? I know we each have our own thoughts and feelings about what has happened, some will turn to prayer, some will turn to anger, some will want revenge. Whatever your feelings, you are entitled to them.
Keep those cards and letters coming. 
Night, Night, Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite.
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?
Debbie Jennings Wilson
P.S. Well, obviously I had a malfunction with the original Log 2001-7. Thank you to those of you who let me know. I really really appreciated it. It helps to get feedback when something is wrong. I had several pictures from Adelle in the Log and the bytes jumped up to 5,000,000 !!!! Beats me !! Anyway, so I took out the pictures, the bytes fell, and emailed it to myself. I got it just fine. I’m sorry for the confusion. I will get the pictures to you later. First Officer Perkins, I’ll have you know I was stone cold sober when I sent Log 2001-7, a sorry state to be in, too, let me tell you.
Oh! While I don’t have their addresses, I do have their email, so I think we can reduce the lost in action down a “Missing 63’. . One day ya’ll are going to get a Log that is absolutely with out a doubt error-free.  One day, but probably not right now. I didn’t intend to write again so quickly, but I had so many emails and I’m getting a bit under the weather and the wedding’s getting closer so thought I might better. I decided to take the tablecloths to the cleaners; I refuse to iron one more. And the worse I feel the less I want to do, so I better get it done before whatever this is I’m getting really takes hold.
Pirates Log 2001-8
 September 20, 2001

Well, the big day approaches ever closer. She’s excited, I’m exhausted . . . . . . and broke, my son has just thrown his hands up and does what I tell him to do. Now she says she wants me to go to dinner when the out-of-town guests (translated…her father and his wife) come in. The things we do to make our children happy.
WOW! The mail has been terrific this past week. Of course part of it was the problem with Log 2001-7. Still haven’t figured that one out yet. I just started over and re-wrote the whole thing, took out the pictures and funny stuff. So ya’ll got a Plain Jane in Log 2001-7A (not posted here).  But I won’t give up, I’ll lick this thing yet. Well, let’s get to some of the mail.  
Hereeeeee’s Johnny!!! Well, John Boy was getting ready for the first Pirate Home game when he wrote. As some of you may know, Larry Collins is a coach for the Blue and White. John says going to the games brings back wonderful memories and it helps to keep his spirits up. Well, J.B., go to lots of games and enjoy.  We love you, Your Southern Belle.
First Officer Perkins beamed in to let me know that I had screwed up Pirates Log 2001-7. I appreciated it. That’s what First Officers do, you know. First Officer Perkins also tells me, after giving me a hard time about Log 2001-7, that he spoke with Ricky Martin a few days ago. Did you think to ask him if he was getting the Logs, Dale? I’m going to address that issue more a little later. But Dale says that Ricky is still playing the drums and is currently in a country band. I appreciate the news, Dale.  Thanks and keep ‘em coming. Having a Bud for you now. Maybe 2 or 3.
Joanne Peters Tavarez wrote and sent me an email from Ricky Martin. He can’t read the Logs. Surely one of you has enough computer knowledge to help solve these problems. I don’t know if Ricky hasn’t gotten any of them or just Log 2001-7. His email didn’t say nor did Joanne's.   Dale, you spoke with Ricky, what did he tell you? I still don’t know who is not receiving them because I haven’t heard from so many. Anyway, Joanne, no I haven’t mailed any Logs yet as I work full-time plus and have been busy with wedding plans. I promise I will try to do that this next week. I do have everyone in my system and labels printed. I just have to make copies and get to the post office. Please check the registration papers I had at the table and see if there are any email addresses or mail addresses there that I don’t have. Thanks for mailing to Maggie. Also, you guys, I know none of you has mentioned it, but Joanne is working on the Memory Book, it’s just slow going for her too as she too works and does the Book at night. Thanks for being patient and if any of you have not gotten your bios in to her, please send them quickly. Joanne has news of Reilly Porter. He is still in Texas, doesn’t have a computer and he’s a tile contractor. He had a big job to do so couldn’t make it to the reunion. Hopefully, I have a correct mailing address for him and can send him the Logs. Thanks Joanne for all you do.
I contacted Lyle Williams and Robert Richardson (formerly Weiss) through I got bios back from both of them. Lyle writes that after returning home from the 20th reunion, he and his wife divorced and he has a 16 year old son who will officially be “paid off” in 18 months. Lyle says he’s a great kid and he has liberal visitation with him. Good for you, Lyle!! Lyle went to nursing school in Orlando in ’94 and got his license in ’95. He’s been working as a nurse at Florida Hospital since then. First in Rehab and now on the IV Team. Evidently, he and Ricky Hall get together quite frequently and, as Lyle puts it, they imbibe fermented beverages and pound a dimply white ball around in large fields of grass, trees and lakes. They try to stay out of the lakes and trees cause there’s too many critters and penalty strokes that can hurt you in there. Lyle hasn’t remarried but he has been known to “escort and exchange endearments and other things with receptive females.” Lyle said you can contact him at (407)302-6155 and his address is 4200 Begonia Cove Apt. 110, Sanford, FL 32771. He would really like to hear from John-Paul Baudier, Minna Hancock and Jim & Rachel Reno. Thanks for writing Lyle and let me hear from you often.
I heard from Michael Bain, too. He did get in touch with Connie Burleson Stanley and she told her brother that Michael was looking for him, so that reunion is not far off. I’m tickled pink that this little newsletter has accomplished part of what I wanted it to accomplish, bringing us into contact with those we’ve lost. Michael, I don’t remember babysitting for Major and Mrs. Rinnz, but my senior moments are coming with more frequency and lasting longer here lately, so who knows. I sent ya’ll an email that came from Michael on “All We Really Have”. I hope ya’ll enjoyed it as much as I did. Michael asks if I remember square dancing in Gym. Yes, I do. I enjoyed the do-si-doing and the Alabam-lefts and the Promenades. Thanks Michael.
Connie Burleson Stanley wrote to say how surprised she was to discover that it was Michael Bain calling all of the KIA dealerships. I got another couple of mails from Connie today (9/18) in which she tells me that she and Michael have been in contact now several times and thanks me for the emails about the devastation that hit the US last week. Connie also writes that due to the newsletter, she has also been in contact with her good friend, Arlene Endicott Fuller, who she has not heard from or about in 30 years. Another one!!! Wonderful!!! I’m so glad Connie!! Thanks for writing and letting me know. Connie also wrote to let me know that it was Miss Gross standing behind Minna Hancock in the class picture at the reunion.
As I wrote earlier, I also got a bio from Robert Richardson in Boston. I sent ya’ll an excerpt from his email concerning the events of last week because there was no way I could transmit the feelings as Robert did. Robert left Wheatland in May of 1970 after having been at Beale for 4 years. You can find him in the 69-70 yearbook in the Science and German clubs. He didn’t make it into the class pictures. He spent his senior year at Misawa High School in Japan. By early ’72 he was in Massachusetts and has been in Boston since 1976. By then he had already been a disco club DJ for a year or so. He went full-time there in Boston for about a year and a half, then got into retail, managing record stores for a few years. He worked with Civil Service for both the IRS and Customs. He ran the order department for a small publishing company and for most of the ‘90s worked for a large law firm doing litigation support – namely computerized document management – databases, in other words. He is now a contractor working at Gillette and has been there over a year now. He’s the one they call when field personnel need hardware, software or some kind of network access. Thanks for writing Robert and please keep it up.
I have also heard from Debbie Hazelton Rausch. Her daughter is now a Mrs. and Debbie is recovering nicely. She writes that since it rained, they had to move everything indoors, but that was accomplished easily with the help of the guests.   Her mom flew in on Monday, which was a good thing and went home on the 16th. Her plane was only 3 hours late. Thanks for writing, Deb and sharing your daughters’ big day. I assume she had some hair left? My daughter’s is just about gone. She’s wondering now what her veil is going to attach to. After this dinner with the ex, she may not have to worry about it at all. Just think, my ex, his 4th wife and her daughter, and his step-daughter from his 2nd marriage. . . . . .one big happy family! Write again soon!
Adelle Hatanaka wrote that she couldn’t get into the documents after downloading them and thought it was because I had a hotmail address for her, but Adelle, you would not have received it if I had the wrong address, so I’m not sure what the story is with your problem. These computers are going to drive me to drinking . . . . . . . more. Did you get into it when you tried again? Let me know.
Arlene Endicott Fuller wrote to let me know that she is getting the Logs. Thank you Arlene. It’s nice to know who is getting them and who is not when I hear from everybody. More on that later. I’m glad you are enjoying them. Please write again and catch us up to date on your life.
Got a new one for ya’ll!! Marla Harrison Bhiru! Thanks for writing Marla! Marla could see my frustration with Log 2001-7, so I guess she took pity on me. Marla went back to Wheatland with a group of her students, that’s right, Marla teaches high school business classes – computers, office software, accounting and keyboarding – in a small school in Loyalton, CA. Marla says she is impressed with the lives we have all made for ourselves and thanks me for keeping everybody in touch. Thank ya’ll, you are the ones who provide the information, I’m just the conduit. Marla has two boys –ages 12 and 15. Excuse me, her 15 year old turned 16 today (9/18)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him! Good luck on the Drivers test! Thanks for the good wishes on the wedding. Please write again soon!
Darnelda “Donnie” Sloan wrote and sent me a short email about pumpkins which I forwarded to ya’ll. Very apt, Donnie, thank you. Donnie wrote that while making her “Pirates Log Journal” (she’s on the ball), she discovered she did not have Log 2001-5. Did you get it the second time around, Donnie? Let me know.
Sharon Okano wrote asking if you had to have Windows 98 in order to get the Logs. I don’t think so Sharon. So, I’m not sure if she is receiving them at all. She gets my little emails, but evidently not the Logs. We are going to beat this thing yet. I will not rest until every last classmate and adoptee are receiving the Pirates Log 2001!!!!!!
Well, that’s it for the mails so far. I want to take a minute and list who I have heard from and who I haven’t so maybe if any of you are close to those who aren’t writing, or if you’ve heard from them, you can let me know they are receiving them.
   HEARD FROM                                                         NOT HEARD FROM
Susan Abe          Joan Danzero                                  Dave Bresnyan
Mindy Bailey       Mark Chaussee                          Larry Collins
John Baudier      Chris Carringer                         Charlie Comberrel Steve Bergendahl  Ernie Brown                           Colleen Corrigan 
Art Bitterman       John Broumas                          David Duguay
Arlene Endicott    Donald Fischer                   Rick Gracey 
Kenneth Flint      Marla Harrison                          Linda Greenwade Lynnette Flint     Adelle Hatanaka                       Minna Hancock
Mike Georgulis    Debbie Hazelton                             Otto Jaks 
Brian Goforth     Cindy Hudson                       Rachel Kelly 
Gerry Gothrow    Pam Kelly                               Jay Kennon 
Gerald Linker  Sharon Mahon                                               Ricky Martin 
Debbie Martin    Sally Nicholls                           Jim McCanne
Sharon Okano     Carol Osborne       
Mike McNatt     
Joanne Peters     
First Officer Perkins                                                 Larry Miles  
Ron San Miguel   Michele  Schlick                              David Pack 
Mike Sheridan    Darnelda Sloan                                Dirk Poldervaart Dee Starnes    ark Underwood                        Mike Sandquist Francisco Velez  Charles Vincent                         John Skeffington Robert Richardson  Lyle Williams                               Gary Martin 
Michael Bain                                                              Pam Van Winkle
                                                                     Tom Hain
                                                                                 Pam Ford
                                                                                 Denise Epperly 
Obviously, we’ve heard from about two-thirds of ya’ll, but what about the rest of you? Are you getting the Logs or are you just not interested?
Well, back to a few emails before I leave you. I heard again from Debbie Bergendahl. She writes with the “real” story about Steven’s dental visit many years ago. She says he came home all loopy from the dental surgery and his Mom put him to bed, in the top bunk, which he promptly fell out of. The family started up the stairs just as Steven was coming down saying over and over, “I gotta watch Star Trek, I gotta watch Star Trek…” They helped him downstairs, got him settled on the couch in front of the TV where he immediately fell asleep. Debbie writes that she graduated in 1972, a classmate of yours, Michael Bain. You’re quite welcome, Debbie, we’re happy to have you aboard.
Carol Osborne Detwiler wrote in to let us know that tomorrow, actually I guess today 9/20, she and Howard are moving to Washington State. Kent, Washington, to be exact. Is that near Vancouver? There’s another for you, Brian Goforth. She says Howard thinks it was funny that she could still find room to laugh, but she told him she had packed all the tissues, so she’d just get wet if she cried. Way to go girl. Happy moving and keep in touch!
And last, but certainly not least, I heard from Mark Underwood. He wrote to let me know that he had received the Logs and the Reunion Photos. I’ll get some more of those out shortly.   I apologize if any of them are duplicates. I have gone to a “Plain Jane” Log due to the trouble I had with Log 2001-7. But I won’t give up. Thanks so much for writing Mark, and I really hope that the “Southern Pirates” can get together soon.
Well, I hear my ballgame back on downstairs. I guess I should go see how my Bulldogs are doing. We were down by 3 when I came upstairs, maybe the picture is a little brighter now. Mark Chaussee, I think I’ll try a little of your California wine. I got this really neat gift from my daughter, it’s a wine uncorker that just pulls it right out, but if you start it the wrong way, the cork goes in, not out. I need to try it out. Jaime thinks that will soften me up enough to go to dinner with the ex and accompanying entourage. Little does she know.
Ya’ll keep those cards letters coming.
Night, night, Sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?
Debbie Jennings Wilson
PS: Why DOES this stupid thing keep enlarging the email addresses !?!?!?!? Beats me!
Pirates Log 2001-9
October 12, 2001
I’m back! The wedding is over and I am exhausted. It has taken me all week to get my apartment back in some sort of order and I’m still not through. Jaime and Terry are in Jamaica. They got stuck in Atlanta for a day and a half due to the hurricane, but finally got out Monday afternoon. The wedding was great! No major hitches, at least none that anyone but me would know about. Her father and his 4th wife did come; I really liked her. They didn’t get in till late last Thursday, so the dreaded dinner didn’t happen. At any rate, I was way too busy. It got to the point that I was racing against the clock. Then Saturday dawned cold and windy, but cleared off to a pretty day. I rushed home to dress, loaded up the wedding gown and started for the car. Walked right out of my shoes! I thought oh great! There I go down the aisle and my shoes are left half way back. So I call my best friend, Miriam, and tell her I’ve got a problem with my shoes, they won’t stay on, so she brings a pair of hers. I get half way to the chapel and look in the mirror……….no mascara! I turn around and go back home to “finish my face”. Meanwhile, I notice a crease in my dress that did not come out with the initial pressing.   So, I proceed to turn the iron to gently press it out. Well, you know the water pours out when the iron’s not hot enough for steam yet? Yep, water on my dress. So, now I’ve got the hairdryer out to dry my dress. Finally get it all together and start back to the chapel, by this time it’s 1:35 and I told Jaime I’d be there by 1:15 with her dress. So what happens next? I get stopped by a train! I wait and I wait and I wait. I finally get to the chapel at 1:50, pictures start at 2:00. From that point on everything is perfect, well almost. The cake wasn’t the cake we ordered, but no one knew but us. Jaime was beautiful, Terry was handsome and the food was great! 
Well, enough for now on the wedding, I’ll post some pictures later. Let’s get to the mailbag. I’m going to go back to Log 2001-8.  As some of you may know I had a problem with it and it seems my illustrious First Officer, believes it is because I live in a “wet” county; that could be, but I would prefer to think that the culprit was AOL and not my drink of choice. At any rate, I think the Betty Ford clinic is full right now and there’s no room for me there yet. Thank you anyway, First Officer Perkins. But really thanks to Mrs. First Officer Perkins and Mark Underwood for all your help, I couldn’t have gotten it out without you guys. Them, not you, Dale. All you did was furnish your wife the OJ. I have enjoyed all of your emails, keep them coming!
Moving along, Mark Underwood wrote that he had been in touch with Donnie Sloan Trower. Have ya’ll gotten together yet, Mark? How about Debbie Martin? Deb, have you got your new house finished yet?  Oh!  Debbie, where do you work? You don’t by chance work for Lynk, do you? Let me know. Mark, after I recuperate, I’m still heading your way, so beware. My daughter and new son-in-law will be in Atlanta when they get back for a couple of days before coming home. Not sure where they’re staying though. And don’t forget! Sally Nicholls’ daughter(s) lives in Atlanta too!  It truly is a small world!
Pastor Ernie Brown wrote asking about the Memory Book. As far as I know there will be a directory of mailing addresses, but that is Joanne Peters Tavarez’ department. Maybe you can let us know how things are going there, Joanne? Also, for those of you who haven’t ordered yours yet, get in touch with Joanne at (209) 533-4362 or P.O. Box 4372, Sonora, CA 95370. BUT, remember! She’s working as hard and as fast as she can, so please be patient. I think the cost is $20.00. Ernie, I added the Christian Center to the mailing list as requested.
I had one from John Baudier during the confusion on Log 2001-8 as well. He tried to offer assistance and really hit the nail on the head, but I think we had figured it out by the time I received his email. Yes, John, we too believe it is the internet provider that’s the problem. Thanks for the help and the good words. I’m glad you are enjoying the Logs.
Michele Schlick Harris, “Mush”, wrote letting us know that she had taken her “baby” to college the middle of September. He’s going to UCSB, so Adelle Hatanaka, your daughter may run into him. What did I say about a small world? Write again soon, Mush. I always enjoying getting news from ya’ll, that’s what keeps this newsletter going after all.
Got a wonderful email from David Pack, , trying to help with my Log problems. Thanks, Dave. Did you get 2,3,and 4? Please let me know and thanks for writing. The reason I write in Word is because I don’t have to worry about getting knocked offline when the phone rings. But if problems persist, I may have to try your suggestion. Meanwhile, I will not include pictures in the Logs, I will attach them in separate email. Maybe that will help.
I had a request from Mike Sandquist to remove him from my mailing list, which I have done. I’m not sure why, but my aim is to please everyone, so know that your requests will be honored, no questions.
I got an email from Rick Gracey (a first). Rick writes that he missed graduating with the rest of us at Wheatland by one semester, and that’s why he’s only in the yearbook through our junior year. He says he, Adella Slade (deceased) and Sharon Mahon went all the way back to first or second grade. That’s rough coming that far then having to move on. He missed the 30th as his son was getting married in San Diego the following weekend . . . another wedding? I told you, it was in the water.    Rick spent 7 years in the Army, first in Intelligence, then as an Air Traffic Controller. He joined the FAA after getting out and worked as an ATC in the Bay area for 4 years. Unfortunately he got fired in the PATCO strike (picture in Time magazine 1981). He then joined the California Highway patrol in ’82 and after graduating the academy in Sacramento; he worked the next 14 years in the Palm Springs area on the road and now is flying for them out of Barstow-Dagget Airport. He covers the I-45, I-40 and US 395 up the backside of the Sierras. So watch out you guys if you’re going to Vegas, Rick is watching you! He is still married to his 2nd wife and has 2 sons, 2 stepsons and 2 daughters-in-law spread from Hawaii to Alaska to Southern California. No grandchildren, though he says he’s too young. Yea, that’s what we all said!! Rick, I hope your sons stay safe (they are in the military) and close to home. Rick offers his phone number and address if anyone wants to call or drop by. He’d love visitors, he says.  (760) ***-****.  It’s up I-15 at the top of the Cajon Pass. Thanks so much for writing Rick. Take care and write again soon.
Another new one! David Duguay wrote and sent a picture, which I will forward under separate cover. He says to tell you all that he is fine and will write more later. It’s later, Dave and I’m waiting. Thanks for writing!
Adelle Hatanaka writes that Beale has very tight security now. Hey! One of our local judges has been called to active duty and has been sent to Beale. Again, small world.
Heard from Michael Bain. Thanks for all your emails, Mike. I appreciate your good wishes on the wedding. I’m glad you and Connie are still writing, don’t lose touch! And I was VERY nice to the “out of towners”. Ha ha! Now Michael, I don’t know about being a Tide fan. My daughter went to Ole Miss for 2 years and transferred to Mississippi State. Besides, Tide around here is only used for washing clothes. Ha ha! Good luck though on your games!
Well, as I come to the end of the mailbag, I have two more emails, new ones! Jean Garst Kelly has responded to my correspondence. Thank you Jean. If memory serves me, we were born in the same hospital in Maryville, TN. Though I thought we were a little closer in the nursery. My birthday was October 4th and Jean’s is November 2nd. Jean was only at Wheatland our senior year and remembers Sharon Okano very well. Jean, Sharon’s email is . Drop her a line sometime. I appreciate you writing back and I will send you all of the Logs to date so you can catch up with the rest of us. Jean is living in Tennessee with her 16-year-old daughter. Her 19-year-old son is in college. Where in Tennessee, Jean? Please write again soon!
Charlie Comberrel wrote to let me know that he has been getting the Logs and enjoying them. His memory is not as good as some of y'all’s, he says. He does remember CSF trips to San Francisco during the hippy years and Mr. Wind’s field trips, Mr. Mallow’s Beethoven Bash’s and he had a crush on Joan Danzero in the 7th grade! Charlie left for New Orleans in the fall of ’69 and returned to Wheatland in April ’71, just in time to graduate with us. Thanks for writing Charlie and I’m sorry it took me so long to respond.
Well, guys and gals, it’s only 10:52 pm Cow Stompin’ Time, but feels like 2 am. I got the first of the pictures back today and it’s amazing how much I missed. I don’t know where I was! I mean I was there, but I guess mentally I was so drained by that time I don’t remember half of the ceremony or reception! I do know she was beautiful and I was proud of her and my son (he walked her down the aisle and he and I gave her way). Sally Nicholls keep us posted on yours. December 29th will be here before you know it. I have really missed writing to you guys. It seems like forever. Ya’ll please start writing again, I am here.
John Broumas, how are you doing? Larry Collins, I still haven’t heard from you, as well as several others. I know with football season in high gear, you are very busy. Mark Chaussee, I still tell my story about the basket and “butter thingy” and people still laugh.   Someone wrote and asked if Miss Gross had an email address, I’m sorry I don’t remember who it was, but I don’t know if she does or not. I’ll be happy to send these to her if anyone has it. And I have got to work on the mail outs.  Please don’t give up on me!
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!
Night, night, Sleep tight, Don’t let the bedbugs bite!
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2001-10
 Star date 11/13/01

Wow! We’re into double digits now!! Can you believe it! I’m so glad so many of you have responded like you have and kept this thing afloat.  There are still so many out there that we have lost contact with, but in this issue, I’m going to give you a list of the “Lost Ones”. Maybe some of you or if even one of you, might know them or where they are, you can let us know. Well, on to the mailbag…
Darnelda Sloan wrote to let us know that she is leaving for Baton Rouge, LA on November 15th for 3 days, then on to California for 6 days. She will be in Oakland then in Sacramento for Thanksgiving with her folks. She wishes me to let ya’ll know that she provides a service for our youth across the US in the manner of fund raisers for Churches, schools and youth organizations. If anyone is interested please contact Darnelda through her email. Have a great trip Donnie and thanks for writing!
Hey! I got another email from Francisco Velez! I haven’t heard from him in quite a while. Thanks Francisco! He says that he just moved into the first house he’s ever owned about a year ago and is finally getting used to the “homeownership” thing. He is also in the process trying to get his act together to begin the process of becoming a licensed engineer with the State of California. He is still with the same lovely lady that accompanied him to the reunion, but that’s another story, he says. Thanks again for writing Francisco and please don’t wait so long next time!
I had an email from John Baudier letting me know that his mailbox would be down for a while. He is going to the southern regions of Asia for a few weeks then he will be on Sabbatical from November 12th to January 5th.   He says if he gets a personal account while on Sabbatical, he will let me know. But he didn’t tell me where he was going on Sabbatical! I hope wherever it is he enjoys it! Thanks John for the info, I really appreciate it!
Michele (with one L) “Mush” Harris wrote to ask about Dave Duguay. She wanted to know if he still had that great head of curly hair and as fate would have it, I had just gotten a picture from Dave and Kathy, so I emailed it to her and will email to the rest of you following this Log. I’m not tempting fate by including it. Mush, I hope the birthday party was a huge success! Both of them. They had a party for her granddaughter and her sister who just turned 50. Boy that still sounds so old to me. No, I didn’t hear anything on Minna’s grandchild-to-be. I hope everything went well there. Did you ever hear from Colleen Corrigan? Write again soon!  Michele, in your first email you mentioned that your birthplace is the Bronx. Is all of your family okay with the latest catastrophe? I know that part of the Bronx is close to Queens. Let us know.
MARK CHAUSSEE!!! Mark writes that he saw John Broumas recently and John is doing well. I haven’t heard from John in a little while, though there is an email from him in this Log. Thanks for letting us know, Mark. And yes I have enjoyed the wine very much. Thank you again, for the wine, the cheese and the laughs. I still laugh whenever I look at my basket. Please don’t wait so long to write again!
And speaking of John Broumas, the day after I heard from Mark, I heard from him. He says he is tired but in a good way. They hope to move into the house the end of November. For those of you who have forgotten, John and his wife, Kathy, are renovating John’s old homestead. Good luck John Boy! I hope Kathy’s not a jealous person cause I still love ya.
I heard from Mindy Bailey when they got back from England. She couldn’t receive the Log through hotmail so I am sending it to her through AOL. Hope you get them, Mindy! Let me know. Mindy had quite a story to tell. It seems they left JFK at 8:45 am on 9/11/01. They saw what they thought was a high-rise fire in WTC 1, they weren’t told of the events until they landed in London hours later. I know it was very traumatic for ya’ll as it was for all of us here at home, Mindy. We’re glad you back home safe and sound. Write again soon.
Cindy Hudson was the only one that caught the caption about me at the wedding…Mother in the Blue Dress/Devil in the Blue Dress. Thanks Cindy. So how is the new puppy doing? Cindy got herself a Shetland sheepdog. Good luck with the pup and I will try to make it your way soon. Write again soon.
I also heard from Pam Kelly Cobble. She was heading to Iowa the end of October for her first grandchild’s birth. I hope everything went well, Pam. What did they have and what did they name it? And yes you’re right; grandmothers spoil their grandchildren then give them right back to their parents. That’s the best part. You get to give them back. Write again soon and let us how things went.
I have heard from Carol Osborne Detwiler several times and want to be sure I give ya’ll her correct email address. She is enjoying Washington State and her new place. Thanks for all the conversations Carol, I really enjoy them! Write again soon!
Well, I got an email address from Joanne for Miss Lynne Gross Baker. I hope it was the right one, as I have not heard anything from her. I did send her all the Logs, so I hope she got them. The address I got was
Michael Bain, did I ever send you Log 2001-9? I know you said you didn’t get it, but I was still crazy after the wedding and don’t know if I re-sent it to you or not. Please let me know. Well, your Tide knocked my Dawgs for a loop Saturday. Shame on you. Haven’t heard from you in a while, actually a month, I hope everything is okay with you. Write soon, I enjoy hearing from you.
Well, to the list. Joanne Peters Tavarez is hard at work on the Memory Books and appreciates ya’ll being so patient. She took time out to send me a list of people we are calling the “Lost Ones”. If anyone knows anything about them, please let me know.
Barry Anderson                Catherine Barrington                    Robert Basile
Roger Bennett                       Charles Black                        Margaret Bobb
Diana Burris                        Lawon Campbell                         Ken Center
John Colbert                          Robert Colbert                      Robert Coty
Cheryl Cornelius                   Alice Craig                               Mike Daly
Shirley Dobson                      David Elfrink                   Barbara Furmidge
Eugene Hansberger              Christine Hover                      Mike Keane
Floyd Levalley                       Sheron Lewis                          Dan Lynch
Chip Marcus                          John McConville             Casandra McDowell
Larry Meachum                     Mike Medley                         Irma Mendez
Jacquelyn Moultrie               Millard Naylor                    Sharon Newton
Carolyn Nichols                     John Nix                              Teresa Olge
Catherine Oliver                    Brian Phelps                      Marilyn Reynolds
Debbie Rider                         Linda Rowson                      Ruthann Russo
Mary Serros                           Valerie Shaw                    Darlene Speaker
Daryl Spradley                      Brenda Stanigar                   Carol Sutton
Matt Tracey                           William Troxell                 James Wallace
Paula Worthington
Well, guys and gals, the time has come to wrap this up and send it along its merry way. Speaking of wrapping up and merry, I am in the process of putting together our Christmas Party for work, which I do every year.  Each year I try to do something “different”. I guess with everything that’s gone on the past two months, my mind is not being as creative as it usually is. Of course the girl that works with me says I can’t top two years ago, which was when I left half way through dinner and transformed myself into good old Saint Nick to deliver their gifts. Let’s see, the year before that I revamped the 12 Days of Christmas to fit the car industry and made everyone sing. They loved me that year. I’m working on the “Night Before Christmas” this year. I’m open to suggestions though. I still may be Santa again, I enjoyed that. Ya’ll write and let me know what you are doing this year for Christmas, whether at home or work. Ya’ll keep writing and I’ll keep putting out this Log. I will be traveling the weekend of December 8th to Dallas for a meeting and my mother has been diagnosed with neuroendocrine carcinoma (cancer) so I may be going to New Orleans now and again, but I will do my best to get this out timely.
Well, ya’ll know the routine,
Night, Night, Sleep tight
Don’t let the bedbugs bite
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?
Debbie Jennings Wilson

Pirates Log 2001-11
December 27, 2001


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  And I hope we all have a prosperous and safe New Year!  Well, let me start out by apologizing about the delay in getting #11 out to you.  As most of you know in #10 I mentioned that my mother was ill.  Well, she passed away on December 10th while I was in Texas.  A few days later, we “found” my half-brother on the Internet and discovered that his mother, my stepmother, had died the same day as my mother.  She was my mom for about 10 years including my time at Wheatland.  She worked at the Credit Union on base with Jerry Joyner’s mom.  So, it has been a little weird here.  Thank you for being so patient with me even when you didn’t know what the problem was.  But I’m back and have news! news! news!


Well, Carol Osborne Detwiler has changed addresses again and is blaming it on the state of Washington and the big city.  Her new address is   Thanks for writing Carol.  How are things up your way?


Got an email from Joanne Peters Tavarez asking to add two new people to our growing publication list.   Cathy Ferguson Reyes from the class of 72, email is   Hey, Mike Bain, here’s another classmate of yours!  Did ya’ll know each other?  The other person is Bob Abrego, email is  Bob lives in Texas and says he will be at the next reunion….in 4 ½  years.  Have more from Bob later.  Joanne writes that the Memory Books are coming along quite well; thanks ya’ll for being patient.  Remember she works too and has been in the process of moving on top of everything else.  Thanks for all your effort Joanne.  If any of you haven’t ordered yours yet, contact Joanne  The cost is $20.00.


Cathy Reyes wrote thanking me for the Pirates Logs but said she couldn’t download them.  Cathy, I thought for sure you wouldn’t have any problems since you and I both were on AOL, but I can send them to you again from Hotmail, okay?  My Hotmail address is


I also heard from Bob Abrego.  He did get the Logs and he is enjoying them.  Thanks Bob, for the accolades and the condolences.  Bob writes that he left Wheatland in 1970, but he was there from 1968 till then.  He is currently in San Antonio, Texas.  He just recently spoke with Tiki (Frank) Starnes and Jim Reno on the phone (was that a result of the Logs, Bob, or have you been in contact with them all along?)  They plan on meeting up in Tampa sometime in the spring of 2002.  Hope ya’ll make it Bob!  I still think we need a Southern Reunion sometime soon!  I haven’t forgotten my promised trip to Atlanta to see Debbie Martin, Mark Underwood and Donnie Sloan, not to mention Sunny (Cindy) Hudson and Michael Bain.  Back to Bob, he works for Southwest Airlines; this is his second career because he retired from Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1990.  Bob promises more later, but wishes me to make sure ya’ll have his email address,   Thanks Bob!  I look forward to more correspondence soon!


Well, some sad news, I got word from Dave and Kathy Duguay that his mother also passed away recently.  She had bone marrow cancer.  Dave, I have already offered my condolences but I’m sure everyone receiving this newsletter joins me in offering them again.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.  Write when you can.  Dave’s address has changed from the original; so I hope ya’ll all make a note of it.


I heard from John Baudier.  He gave me a new email address for him, it’s  John didn’t say where he was, but I hope he’s having a good time.  Write more when you can John, so don’t lose us.


Well, some good news!  Pam Kelly Cobble is a GRANDMOTHER!!!!  Congratulations!  Her grandson was born on November 6th and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz.  She says he’s just the cutest baby and I’m sure she’s right!  She says her daughter and family will be moving closer to her so Pam is quite excited.  She was sitting on the runway in Iowa when the plane crashed in Queens and they offered to let all who wanted to, to get off.    She says that she and Joanne work for the same bank but different branches about 60 miles apart.  Again as we’ve said time and again, it’s a small small world.  Congratulations again Pam, enjoy him!


Early on I got an email from Ken Flint asking about Judy Hartsock.  Is there any new news on her from anybody?  He also wrote that he knew Carol Sutton was in Denver or somewhere close to it and not married as yet.  If anyone has more information on her, please let us know.  She is a true “Lost One”.  We have no info at all.  Thanks Ken.


Well, we have lit a fire under the arse of Francisco Velez.  He says that while unintentional, my printing in the Pirates Log his intention to go after his P.E. license has goaded him into actively pursuing it.  You go Francisco!  Keep us informed!


Heard from Mindy Bailey.  She is receiving the Logs again and enjoying them.  Thank you for your thoughts, Mindy, on my mother.  Write again soon!


Well, I am still having trouble with Bill Peter’s address of  It keeps coming back to me.  Does anyone have a correct address on him?  I had trouble with some of the MSN addresses for a while too but hopefully that is cleared up.


Sally Nicholls, the wedding is almost upon you, December 29th.   Is everything on schedule?  I’m still waiting on my ticket to Bermuda.  Don’t forget me!  Let us know how it went.  Have fun!  Write soon!


Earlier on I had gotten an email from Gerry Gothrow.  She was relating a story about her trip to Canton, MA just outside of Boston.  She was at Reebok International Headquarters for sales meetings to launch their 2002 line.  She is the only woman out of 40 – 45 reps.   After their “chalk talk” with the CEO of Reebok, the merchandising manager stepped up to the blackboard and said, “I am not going to say this out loud, but I am going to write it on the board. Read this, I am not kidding: YOU WILL WEAR ONLY REEBOK SHOES WHILE IN THIS FACILITY!”  He then told them they had 10 minutes to get a pair on!  About 10 of them went running, including Gerry!  They picked out shoes and the Merchandising manager picked up the tab!  Gerry says she didn’t even think about her shoes because she sells FOOTBALL JERSEYS!  Way to go Gerry!


Well my fellow travelers through time and space. . . speaking of space, I haven’t mentioned my First Officer, Dale Perkins.  He has written me several times and keeps my spirits up constantly with his emails.  I haven’t been able to catch him online in a while but will soon.  I’m about ready for a cold one.


Some people I have not heard from in a while or not at all are:  John Broumas, Michael Bain, Ernie Brown, Joan Danzero, Dave Bresynan, Charles Vincent, Arlene Endicott, Rick Gracey, David Pack, Chris Carringer, Otto Jaks, Mike Sheridan, John Skeffington, Marla Harrison, Susan Abe, Mike McNatt, Sharon Okano, Gary Martin, Ron San Miguel, Sharon Mahon, Larry Miles, Gerald Linker, Pam Van Winkle, Linda Greenwade, Larry Collins, Dirk Poldervaart, Adelle Hatanaka, Colleen Corrigan, Ricky Martin, Tom Hain, Rachel Kelly, Darnelda Sloan, Mark Underwood, Debbie Martin, Art Bitterman, Debbie Hazelton, Lynnette Flint, Connie Burleson, Denise Epperly, Charlie Comberrel, Dee Starnes, Jim McCanne, Mike Georgulis, Minna hancock, Jay Kennon, Steve Begendahl, Brian Goforth, Pam Ford, Lyle Williams, Jean Garst, Mark Chaussee, Debbie Bergendahl, Mush (Michele) Harris, Robert Richardson and I’m sure I’ve left out some.  Oh! And Lynne Gross Baker hasn’t responded either.


Well, guys and gals, what are your plans for New Years Eve?  Me, I’m going out with some friends, which I normally don’t do on New Years Eve.  We’re going to the Shriner’s Club for dinner, dancing, drinks, breakfast and champagne.  If I don’t fall asleep before breakfast comes, that is.  Joanne and I are up for ideas on the 35th reunion if anyone out there has anything to contribute.  It’s not that far off. . . Star Date 08-2006.


Well, it’s 7:40 pm Cow Stompin’ Time here in the South and I’m starving, so I will send this on its way and go downstairs and grab a bite.  Ya’ll take care and write soon!


Ya’ll come back now ya hear!


Debbie Jennings Wilson

Pirates Log 2002-1
(April 13, 2002)


Well, here I am….back in the saddle again, or as First Officer Perkins would say, back at the helm.  I’m sorry for my long delay in getting this one out.  Hopefully things are back to normal.  First let me say thank you to all of you who expressed your condolences.  Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.  Well, let’s get to the mailbag…..


Dale Perkins wrote back in December that Ruby, his wife, lost her job.  Dale, I hope she has found something else because I’m sure staying at home with you every day will surely drive her to drink.  He also wrote about his “date” with an old girlfriend from the 7th grade.  How did the date go?  Thank you so much for your many funnies and emails; they lifted me when I needed it most.  Dale also wrote to let me know that Mr. Roy Crabtree was elected Mayor of Wheatland for his 6th consecutive year.  I’m sure you all remember Mr. Crabtree.


Ron San Miguel wrote to check in with us.  I had listed him in Log 2001-11 as an unheard of in a while.  He is doing well and has been corresponding with Bob Abrego, if any of you remember him.  Ron writes that if any of you are looking for extra income (and with gas prices, who isn’t) contact him at or by phone at (510) 531-7969.  Ron represents a Japanese company that promotes Wellness Products.  He also writes that he is using the new email address although the old one still works.  Ron was asking about Jim McCanne.  Ron, the info I have is he is in Indian Mound,TN at email address  If anyone has anything different, please let me know.   I hope you enjoyed your fresh baked apple pie, Ron. Ron also says that in the near future we can purchase his CD on line.  Be sure to let us know when and where, Ron.


Well, will wonders never cease!!  I got an email from Larry Collins!  Yep!  That’s right!  Larry, the ditty for John Broumas didn’t come through.  If you can send it again, please do and let me know how he is doing.  I haven’t heard from him in a great while.  Thank you for writing.  I know we are all busy with our own lives (as I can definitely attest to) so it is doubly appreciated when ya’ll take the time to write and keep us informed on what’s happening in your lives.  Please write again soon.


Lyle Williams has a new email address He says to please disregard the old one.  Thanks for letting us know Lyle.  Please write again soon and let us know what is happening with you and your son, Ryan.  I’ll watch out for those pigs Lyle, thanks.


I also received an email from Mike Bain.  Thanks Mike for your condolences and emails.  Hopefully, we can get back to a fairly regular correspondence now that things have quieted down some.  Mike lost an aunt on March 19th, my condolences Mike.  I was very sorry to hear your news.  I’m sure your children were a treasure to her and they will miss her.


Pastor Ernie Brown checked in.  He writes that he keeps his WUHS annual by his desk so he can look up the names as I mention them here.  Great idea Ernie!!  He says he is really looking forward to the Memory Books coming out.  I have more news on that later.  Ernie gave me his observations on the next reunion.  He says secure a place that has a good HUB AIRPORT and a GREAT location in the off-season and have the reunion there.  He says, even though he is not into gambling, LAS VEGAS might be a great place.  I haven’t heard from anyone else on the 35th reunion issue.  What are some your ideas?  It will be here before you know it.  Let me know so I can pass them along.  Pastor Brown also writes that he “enjoys hearing all the news for it is almost as if we have not been separated from one another for these many years.”  Thank you Ernie, and please write as often as you can.  It is always appreciated.


Mike and Beverly Sheridan, do I owe you an apology?  Things got hectic at the end of the year.  Did I send you Log 2001-10 or not?  Please let me know so I can correct my omission.  Thank you for writing and please write again soon.


Debbie Martin, how’s the new house?  I assume you are all moved in now.  Debbie writes that she closed on her new home in October, my how time flies, and ended up with a roommate (3 roommates).  A co-worker, who got cut at BellSouth, and her two cats, needed a place to stay.  Deb says that she was lucky and was offered a position with the outsourcing company BellSouth is partnering with.  They had about 1/3 of their staff cut.  I’m so thankful you came out all right Deb.  Debbie says she has not gotten up with Mark Underwood or Donnie Sloan yet, but did see Jean Garst when she was in town.  Deb, was that due to the newsletter or have ya’ll been in contact these many years?  Thank you for your condolences Deb.  I didn’t realize that you worked with my stepmother at the credit union on Beale.  Small world, huh?


Michael Georgulis wrote to express his condolences and because I listed him on the “unheard of in a while list”.  Maybe I should do that more often.  Thanks for writing Michael and letting me know you are getting the Logs and enjoying them.  Please let us know if anything changes with you.


Mush (Michele) Harris wrote in with news.  Colleen Corrigan is alive and well in Washington DC and works for Carole King, yep the “Tapestry” one.  Colleen is a lobbyist for an environmental bill that Ms. King has been working on.  She also writes that she would love to get in touch with Tiki (Frank) Starnes.  No, Mush, I haven’t heard anything on Minna Hancock’s grandbaby.  I’m assuming and hoping that all went well.  A note to Cathy Reyes, if you know anything about Kim, please let Mush know.


I heard from Mark Underwood.  He wrote to offer his condolences.  Thanks Mark and I’m still coming to see ya’ll.  Maybe I’ll catch a quick flight from here one weekend.  Please write again soon.


I also received an email from Gary Martin changing his email address.  It is now Thank you, Gary, for keeping us up to date.  We missed you at the last reunion and hope you make it to the next one.


Francisco Velez has turned 49.  The happy event occurred at 11:30 pm on March 25th.  Happy belated Birthday Francisco!  That is an idea, if anyone wishes to send me their birthday, we can all send our wishes when the day arrives.  Francisco says that after the reunion and seeing Gerald Linker, Mark Chausee and some other guys, he went back to the gym.  Francisco says he is probably going to be working in the Bay area at a bridge construction site so he may be out of touch for a while.  The Class of ’71 is glad to have rediscovered you too, Francisco.  Take care and write when you can.


Cindy Hudson (Sunny) also wrote with her condolences.  Thanks Cindy for all your emails, I really appreciate them.  I’m still hoping to get your way too, soon.


Another “unheard from in a while”, Art Bitterman, wrote in.  My condolences, Art, on the passing of your uncle.  I am very sorry to hear the news.  Please write again soon and keep in touch.


Charles Vincent writes that he came down with the flu, which turned into pneumonia and now they are running tests to see if he has Valley Fever (a fungal infection of the lungs that is indigenous to the southwestern US), I thoroughly enjoyed our last conversation, Charles, and hope all goes well with you.  Please let me know how you are getting on.  Charles also writes that he will be in South Carolina April 22-28.  You didn’t say where in SC though.  If you ever get close to me, holler and I’ll make a short trip if possible.  Thanks for your condolences and please write again soon.  Have a safe trip.


I also heard from Debbie Bergendahl, Steve’s sister.  Thanks for your condolences and please write again soon.


I received a very long email from Joanne Peters Tavarez.  She has finally gotten moved and now lives in Live Oak about 10 minutes outside of Yuba City.  Evidently they have moved into a nightmare, which they hope to turn into a dream.  They are in the process of several repairs, painting, etc.  I think they are through now and love it.  All’s well that ends well.  She is working at a salon about 6 blocks away.  Shesays that Maggie McGowan lives about 5 miles away and they talk daily.  They would like to open a florist shop together in Live Oak.  Good Luck Joanne!  She also writes that the Memory Books are about ¾ done and obviously had to put them on hold due to the move.  She says please HANG ON just a little bit longer.  No problem Joanne.  Please write again soon.  Tell Jesse I said hi. 


Here’s another “unheard from”, Sharon Mahon Fiscus.  Thank you for your condolences, Sharon.  Please write again soon and let us know what is going on in your life.


Well, that’s the end of the “mailbag” so I will catch you up on my life for a minute (that’s about all it will take).  To those of you who have asked, the newlyweds are doing great!  They are both adjusting to married life and doing it quite well, I think.  I, on the other hand, put on 20 pounds, which I am diligently trying to get off.  I only have about 5 more pounds to go.  Jason, my son, gave his girlfriend an engagement ring three weeks ago.  They are planning a wedding for next June.  Of course this is his second, but her first.  She is a beautiful girl and has a 2 ½ yr old boy, who is adorable.  His father died before they ever knew she was pregnant.   Thankfully, I don’t have to be as involved in this one as I was in Jaime’s.  I believe my ex-husband will be Best man (of course I have my own opinion on that, but that’s neither here nor there).  The car business has slowed down drastically for us since 9/11, but we are hopeful every month of a comeback.  Gas is $1.39 here, how is it in your part of the country?  I am supposed to leave May 15th to go to Baltimore, MD for a meeting for three days, but I was served with a subpoena Thursday for the same day, so I’m not sure I’ll make it or not.  We had an auto theft ring operating in Columbus and surrounding area back in November and we got hit along with about 6 other dealerships.  Maybe he’ll plead and I won’t have to go to court.


We are winding up our annual Pilgrimage event here in Columbus this weekend.  Every year several of the antebellum homes open to the public for tours and the owners and friends dress in the period and narrate stories of their homes.  We also have a “Tales from the Crypt” in Friendship Cemetery where several Mississippi University for Women students dress in the period and tell stories about the various occupants of the cemetery.  The homes are lovely and the flowers are all in bloom.


Went to dinner last night with my dad and some friends.  We went to Rubens Catfish House.  This place has been here forever.  I can remember my aunt and uncle taking me there when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old.  It sits on the riverbank and they serve the best catfish you’ve ever tasted.  They stay packed daily and there’s always a waiting line, but it’s well worth waiting for.  You get a very distinct feeling of lazy Southern nights under starry skies with the Tombigbee River rolling by.  In the summer time you can sit out on the deck and watch the boats go by. Party barges, ski boats, fishing boats, etc.  I’m not sure if they serve Mint Juleps, but I know they serve Zinfandel, Margaritas and Bud Light, a few of my favorites.


Well, I probably should close this for now.  Once I get started, I don’t know when to stop.  Ya’ll know the drill by now.


Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?


Night, night, sleep tight

Don’t let the bedbugs bite


Till the next time…..


Debbie Jennings Wilson

Pirates Log 2005-1
August 6, 2005
Hey everybody!!
Well, it's Saturday afternoon about 1:00 my time and it's beautiful outside, of course I'm inside at work but....  Anyway, I have heard from a few of you so I thought I would relay the scoop that has come my way so far.  I may have emailed some of you some of this so please just read it again for good measure.  And this is in no particular order.
Lyle Williams wrote the other day.  I got him through and his address is Home phone is 407-***-**** and cell is 407-***-****.  No other info from Lyle.  Great to hear from you!!
Dee Starnes (Dee Horton) wrote and asked if we had a 35th reunion, what about a location other than Wheatland.  I'm open to that.  We've back there twice and let's face it there's only so much to do and see once you've seen it once or twice.  But I'll go with the majority.  Let me know your ideas on that.  PLEEEEZE!!!  She also wrote that the best email for her is that way she won't accidentally delete your message.  Also, her brother Frank "Tiki" is in Clarksville, TN and says hello to everybody.  She does not have his home email but will send it later.  He is married with no children.  Thanks Dee!!
Mark Underwood let me know that he had been contacted by his sister who told him I was looking for alumni.  She got that from Yahoo groups where I left a message with the Wheatland Ya Ya's for anyone to contact me who knew any of the Class of 71.  Thanks Dale for that little bit of input in directing me there.  His new email is and still lives in Marietta, GA.  Mark, I did go back check my records, you do still live at the same case you needed to know that.  Phone number is 404-***-****
Cindy "Sunny" Hudson wrote and let me know that she will be 52 on Monday, August 8th.  Thanks Cindy and by the way, where did "Sunny" come.  I don't remember that from high school or is my memory worse than I thought?  Her email is
Rick Gracey wrote that his birthday is tomorrow, Sunday, August 7th and he has 5 grandkids.  Of course I pointed out to someone that I have 6, but of course I cheated a little because my daughter married a man with 3 older children and my son married a lady with a young one.   He also let me know that I was right in thinking that Jay and Diane Kennon were twins.  Well, I guess they still are, I don't think something like that changes with age, does it?  Thanks Rick and his email is
Gerry Gothrow is the one who started this birthday stuff.  She turned 52 in May, boy am I way younger than her!  But she didn't say when in May.  She said that she keeps thinking she's 42.  Keep on dreamin' baby.   Gerry has kept me in her email list the past few years and I appreciate it.  Thanks Gerry.  It's always good to hear from you and know what you're up to.  I support you in all you do.  Thanks!  She is excited about a possible reunion and offered to help.  Thanks Gerry!  I'm glad you liked my newsletters and looks like I'm back in business.  To answer your question, yes, Skailyr lives fairly close and I get her about one weekend a month so "mom" can play.  She is the best baby and always smiling.  No prejudice here folks, just plain truth.  I hope to hear from Joanne about the memory books.  I know a lot of you have asked me about them, but I don't know anything.  Gerry's email is
Debbie Hazleton (Rausch) wrote to say she would not be able to attend a 35th, but it's a long way off yet, so don't close your date book yet Deb.  She has 2 new grandbabies and one that is 2.  Plus 2 step grandsons, Gabe and Cody.  Savana (pretty name) is 2 and Alexandria is 7 weeks.  Zachary, the newest is about 10 days old now and only weighed in at 2 lb 3oz.  Hope he is doing well, Deb.  Keep me posted.  She asked about the memory book as well.  Her email is
Debbie Martin wrote to let me know that email would be changing soon as she has moved to Arizona to be with her guy, but she didn't say where.  We have other classmates in AZ as well so let know where Deb.  Also, don't forget to send me your new email.  Speaking of Arizona.....
Charles Vincent wrote to let me know that he was still alive and his email has not changed.  It is  Thanks Charles for writing.  Let me hear from you again soon!
John Baudier wrote also.  He is alive and well in Malaysia.  They've been there about a year and expect to be there for a few more.  His email is
I heard from Mike McNatt too.  He said he is having to deal with his mom right now and would not be much help on the reunion.  He did not go into detail, but as we get older, so do our parents.  I hope all is well, Mike.  Let me hear from you again soon.  Thanks for writing.  His email is
Aaaah, Mark Chaussee wrote.  In case you've forgotten, he's the one who made up the wine and cheese basket that I won at the 30th.  You know, the one with the little butter thingies.  The little butter thingies that turned out to be CONDOMS!!!!!!!  He suggested combining another class and making it bigger and better.  Give me ya'lls input on that as well as the place and possible dates.    His email is
I heard from my longtime lifetime friend, Gail Burton.  She was my best buddy throughout our time at Wheatland and our dad's worked together.  We don't talk much but do send birthday emails...usually.  Her birthday is September 6th and she is still teaching nursing in Arkansas.  Her email has changed although my emails did get through to her.  Her new one is gburton@searcy.asub.ed
I heard from Mindy Bailey also.  She is still in the same place in Santa Barbara, Ca.  Her email is
Susan Abe (Piaskowski) wrote to say she is still at Beale, as is Beale.  She gave me two emails for her; one is and the other is  Her home phone is 530-***-****.  Thanks for writing Susan.
Dale Perkins, what can I say about my faithful First Officer?  Dale is always so good about getting tidbits and ways to utilize this contraption called a computer.  Dale has tentatively offered his band as entertainment should we have 35th and of course if we have it in that area.  Thanks!!  I think they play old rock and roll.  Correct me if I'm wrong Dale, we have never actually discussed just what you do play.  He also gave me an address for his personal weather station, which is  Type in his zip code, 95662 in the upper left, then scroll down to the personal weather stations, you'll see his listed as Near the Greenback-Madison split in Orangevale.  Haven't been there yet but am going as soon as I finish letter.  His birthday, just so you know, is March 1st.  Alas, he is older than me too.  Boy, I'm starting to feel pretty good here.  He also gave me a new address for Carol Osborne, which is   He gave me Dan Imig's new email also, which by the way, I murdered when I gave to ya'll.  Not Dan just the address.  It is  So if you got it from my last email, it was wrong. Never said I was perfect, which brings me to Ernie Brown.
I also heard from Ernie Brown.  In fact, Ernie was the first one to respond to my initial cry for help.  He suggested maybe Las Vegas or a cruise.  Now I'm open to Las Vegas.  When I emailed the list of who had responded I left Ernie off quite by accident and he let me know it (humorously) and I let him know just as humorously that there was only one perfect person in this world and I was not HER.  For those who don't know, Ernie is a minister at the Christian Center is Arab, AL.  I think that's right, Ernie.  Let me know if it's not.  I appreciate you keeping me straight.  No humor, just truth.  Thanks again and thanks for writing too.  I always look forward to hearing from you.  His email is
Well, folks I think I have gone through every email I have received to date.  Ya'll keep in mind and let me know your input on places, activities and dates.  One possibility is maybe not anything so formal but just good friends getting together at a mutually agreed upon place.  No script just play it by ear.  If we say Las Vegas, then everybody makes their own reservations and we can agree to meet up somewhere or whatever.  I am open to ANYTHING.  Also, for those who don't know, the Wheatland Ya Ya's is a group of mainly 72er's who have formed a chat room on Yahoo Groups, if you're interested.  Let me hear from you all soon!!!!  There's still so many not accounted for.
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2005-2
(August 14, 2005)
Okay guys, here is this weeks' news for what it's worth.  And again these are in no particular order and please forgive me if I forget one, just email me and remind me.  While I may be younger than a lot of you, I have discovered that I am older than some.

Well, thanks to all of you who let me know what your new names were.  But I have to say the Mark Chaussee won hands down on this one.  His new name is Dorfus Wafflebutt.  So if any of you are near Mark, the next time you see him, just say "Hi Dorfus!"  or "Hey Wafflebutt, what's cookin'?"  Thanks Mark for sharing.

Well, as I let you know earlier in the week, I heard from Kim Ferguson, now Kim Ferguson Boyd.  She does live in Jacksonville, Florida.  Her address is 2781 Lydia Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205 if anyone is interested in looking her up.  She goes on to say that if you are in the area her "mi casa es su casa".  Ha Ha! I bet Mr. Biederman didn't think I would remember!  She has 2 children, Christopher (26) and Brandon (23).  Brandon lives in Costa Rica and has a surf camp there and his email I think is  His girlfriend is having Kim's first grandchild in December and she is real excited.  She married the same guy, Andy Boyd, twice and is currently single.  She works at a hospital as an Office Specialist in a Heart and Vascular Center.  Kim says she is interested in a 35th reunion and anywhere is fine with her.  Her birthday is October 12th.  For those of you keeping track I am now no longer the "infant" of this motley crew.  Kim's cell phone number is (904) ***-****.  She has no land line and I agree with Kim, what's the point?  Kim, thanks for writing!  Oh by the way, I got Kim through her sister Kathy Ferguson Reyes.  Cathy has been on my list since the last time I tried the Pirates Log but I didn't make the connection.  Thanks Cathy for putting us in touch!

Heard from Mark Underwood this week too.  He wrote to tell me that his birthday is November 6th.   He's looking pretty good for the "Infant Award".  Thanks Mark for letting me know and what are your ideas for a 35th?  Yea or Nay and where? From his return email address, I'm think Mark must work for the University of Phoenix Online.  Is that right Mark?

Susan Abe Piaskowski wrote to let me know that her birthday is November 13th.  Okay that makes Susan the "baby".  Thanks for the info Susan.

I have had several conversations via email with Gerry Gothrow Paris this week. Gerry wrote to forward an email from Dee Starnes Horton concerning Dee's birthday.  Dee has the same birthday as Gerry, May 7th.  Who knew?!?  Thanks Dee for writing Gerry and thanks Gerry for passing it along.  But before that email, Gerry wrote that she had just gotten back from the beach and got my email from last week.  The beach....I wonder what that's like.  She went on to say that she had been in Miami the week before.  Gerry asked what were we talking about as far as different places.  Different as in Sacramento vs. Wheatland or different as Ernie Brown suggested, Las Vegas or a cruise?  Gerry, Ernie wrote to say that he was for Vegas because "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Gerry also asked about Margaret Bobb and Linda Reed.  If anyone has any information on these two, please email and let me know.  I know that Gail Burton kept up with Linda for a long time.  Linda did not graduate with us but did go to Wheatland through our sophomore or Junior year.  Gail would know for sure.  Gerry thinks Linda was one of the first people she met when she moved to Beale in the summer of 67.  David Duguay was the first.  Or at least the first guy!  Gerry ran an idea by me and I think it's a great one.  I used to do this for birthdays on video if I understand her correctly.  Her brother just put together a "slide show" for his 20th reunion.  He used everyone's graduation picture mixed in with some "now" pictures and family pics, and pics of what happened that year all set to music.  I have a list of the top 100 songs from that year and I even made a CD of some of them for the 30th which I think Linda Greenwade won.  She was thinking of it for the 35th reunion, but I told her it was a great idea and did she think we could produce it for distribution to you guys.  I am willing to burn whatever copies I need to and will take care of the actual mailing (if you send postage) if anyone is interested.  Of course, that means that YOU have to participate.  You would need to scan the photos and email to Gerry or snail mail them with return postage.  So gather up some family pictures or pictures of the 67-71 eras and let us know if you are interested.  Gerry, thanks for the idea and for all you do to battle breast cancer.

John Baudier wrote to follow up on Dee's comment about a place other than Wheatland.  He suggests Bali or Singapore.  Gerry wrote to John to ask when we could expect our "paid in full" round trip tickets to arrive.  We’re still waiting, John.

Francisco Velez wrote to clarify that he works for the State of California in the Venture Oaks-Traffic Design section of District 3.  In answer to Francisco's question, no I have not heard from Gerald Linker.  I am assuming he is getting the emails as they are not coming back to me.  Gerald's email is Francisco is asking if it is true that Phil Merrick committed suicide.  I am not familiar with the name so maybe if someone else out there knows you soul let me know or email Francisco at

Joanie Danzero Siefert emailed that she would love to get together with any other classmates in the Phoenix area.  Her address is 9255 W. Cameron Drive, Peoria, AZ 85345 and her phone # is (623) ***-****.  She also asked if anyone has any information on Sharon Okano Misumi to please let her know or ask Sharon to get in touch with Joanie.  Thanks for writing Joanie.

I also got an email from Cathy Ferguson Reyes (Kim's sister).  She married Gene Reyes (Class of 70) and will be married 34 years in November.  They have 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter.  They live in southern California near Temecula.  Gene will retire in 17 months.  She just had her 50th birthday on August 4th and Gene just had his 35th reunion in Sacramento, which they attended and had lost s of fun.  Thanks for writing Cathy and thanks for putting Kim in touch.

Cindy Hudson wrote asking about Debbie Ryder.  I have NO info at all and evidently they didn't at the last reunion because I have their list.  If anyone knows her whereabouts or any info please email me or Cindy "Sunny" Hudson at

I got an email from Robert Richardson (Weiss).  He is still in Boston and still alive. His birthday is September 30th.  He emailed me with a web site of a schoolmate of his that plans and arranges reunions.  Robert, thanks for the info, I have emailed Sharon and am waiting for a response.  Robert also sent me his website which is  it features historical architecture.  There is an 8 year old photo of Robert on the Friends of Rob page (with a friend of his Harold).  He says he is a bit rounder this year (aren't we all) but otherwise unchanged.  Thanks for all the info Robert, I enjoyed your site.

Well, that’s pretty much it for the emails this week.  I hope to hear from more of you next week.  I appreciate you taking the time to write and let us know what's happening in your life.  Just a couple of notes, I keep going to to check on people.  I found that Andre Lewis had registered so I emailed him but have had no response.  If anyone out there knows anyone else's email address please send it in and let us contact them.  There were several people on the site that I did not have information on so I emailed all of them but only heard from Lyle Williams.  By the way, thanks for letting me know your new name Lyle.  It's nice to know that my emails are being read.  We really need to know if you all are interested in a 35th or not.  Please Please Please let us know.  Now for my week.

My dealership has been in a competition with our sister stores (our owner owns another KIA store in Tupelo and a Ford store in Iuka, MS).  Well we lost, so we had to feed the other stores.  Well, guess who did all the work??  My dad cooked 25 lbs of Boston Butts for us with our family's secret B-B-Q sauce (kind of like Bush's Baked Beans...only the dog knows it).  Anyway the meat was delicious as always, my dad is a really good cook.  I can remember he used to help Mr. Nicoletti BBQ at the club on base.  As a matter of fact I think that Mr. Nicoletti's son or something owns or owned the Silver Dollar where we have held our Ice Breakers at previous reunions.  That's a lot of "I thinks" but.....
Needless to say I was one tired puppy Friday night.  My legs hurt, my feet hurt, my head hurt, everything hurt.  Anyway that's what I worked on all week, besides really working I mean.

I did get an email from Dale Perkins and he had gotten called for jury duty.  Did you end having to sit, Dale?  Well, I'm sure you are tired of reading by now so I will close.  I enjoy getting your emails so keep them coming.  And let me hear from Gerald Linker, Robert Abrego, Art Bitterman, John Broumas, Chris Carringer, Charlie Comberrel, David Duguay, Linda Greenwade, Dan Imig, Otto Jaks, Gary Martin, Ricky Martin, Jim McCanne, Larry Miles, Carol Osborne, just to name a few.  Those are all getting the emails but are not responding.

Catch ya later!

Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2005-3
August 20, 2005
Hey guys! Well, it's that time again to bend your ears...rather strain your eyes.  I really really appreciate it when ya'll email me with the little tidbits of your lives because, trust me, my life is not that exciting.  I get up at 4:45 am (yes, Dale, it does come twice in one day), at work by 6:00, home by 5:30, in the tanning bed by 6:00 and back home by 6:30, then I turn into a couch potato.  Occasional I go out to dinner with friends and on the first and third Saturday, we may go to the Geriatric Ward to dance a few steps.  So I love hearing from you guys, and I wish more of you would write.  I think when I'm through with this PLog (new term, just made it up), I'm going to look at the map and see how far it is to Arab, AL and Ozark, AL.  I may get a wild hair to travel.  I don't get many wild hairs anymore.  Okay, enough goo-gabbing, on with the show!

First, I wrote to Larry Collins asking for an update on John Broumas.  As many of you may remember, he was to go to the oncologist on August 16th, which he did.  He will have to undergo another scan (Pet Scan, per Larry).  Larry says that John very likely has cancer either on the gall bladder stem or on the liver itself.  Due to John's current health, surgery and/or chemo are out of the question.  John, I know I speak for everyone who reads this, that we are thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. I hope you don't mind us keeping up with your progress because we all love you.  Larry went on to write about the reunion.  He is open to location, although he says Bali and Singapore is a bit much...nice try John Baudier.

I heard from Arlene Endicott Fuller.  Arlene is still in Arkansas.  Yellville, if I remember correctly.  How far is that from Searcy?  Gail Burton is in Searcy, AR.  I think you two are the only ones that I know in Arkansas.  She has new grandson, who will be a year old in November.  He was born on Arlene's mothers' birthday, November 18th.  Her mother passed away in January 2000 and one of her 5 brothers in September 2004.  Her son, Eric, and his family live in South Carolina.  Eric is in the AF and works with computers.  Arlene says she is up for any place as far as the reunion goes.  Arlene, thanks for writing, it was great hearing from you.

Oh Oh, I heard from Lyle Williams and he is going to try to contact Kim Ferguson Boyd (they are both in Florida).  HE SAYS that by his memory, Kim was an excellent kisser in school.  Now, Lyle, how would you know that??  Be on the lookout Kim, he's headed your way.

Mike McNatt wrote with another birthday.  He says Chris Carringer's birthday is April 10, 1954.  NINETEEN FIFTY-FOUR!!!!!!!!  He also says rick Hall was born in December of 1952.  Folks, we may have found the youngest and the oldest in one whack.  Chris is on this mailing list so may she will verify or dispute.  Rick lives in Florida (Orlando) the last I heard, but I don't have an email for him.  If any else does, please let me know.  Thanks for the info Mike.  Oh!  John Baudier, Mike wants to know should we come over during the smog season or the monsoon season?

Dale Perkins has been trying to help locate Marla Harrison for me.  He says Ray Stanaland is staying in touch with Annie Poldervaart, Dirk's sister, so he is working on getting Dirk's new email address for me.  I have an email of an  I think this may be Annie Poldervaart, I don't have a name with it just the email.  I would have to look back at the old Pirates Log of 2001, but I think she was writing me back then.  Speaking of Dale, I'm sitting here watching TV, minding my own business drinking a Bud Light (sorry Ernie) when my telephone rings.  I look at the caller ID and it's a 916 area code, unknown name.  Well, I hesitate to answer because I and telemarketers don't get along real well.  But I'm a gambler so I answer..."Hello?"  "Is this Mrs. Wilson?"  "Yes it is"  "This is Dale"  Well say no more I knew immediately it was my First Officer and trusty fellow Bud drinker Dale Perkins.  We had a nice long chat although I think he really called just listen to my accent....which I really don't have by the way.  It was a wonderful surprise Dale, thanks for calling.

Well, Art Bitterman finally wrote.  He is in Warner Robbins, GA and the proud owner of a gunsmithing shop affectionately known as Aardvark Arms,  If you go to the web site; Art is the handsome one on the right.  Art is still single, spent 20 years in the AF, 13 of which were in England.  He was there for the 20th and couldn't make it back.  If I read his email right, the last contact he had with any of us was Otto Jaks in 1975 at a bus station in Salt Lake City.  Otto had just gotten out of the Marines and Art was heading back to Marysville from Denver.  Well, Art, I hope you keep in touch now that you've found more of us.  Thanks for the update.

Okay, I got a response from Mindy Bailey as well Lyle Williams and few others on the Drivers License email.  Ya'll can thank Ernie Brown for your heart attacks on that one.  He had me going; I took it, hook, line and sinker. Mindy also responded to another email I sent to ya'll.  She references Larry Miles speech at graduation and his back up, James Taylor's "You've Got A Friend".  My memory is not up to that of Mindy's.  I was amazed!  Maybe some of you guys can do better than me.  Sorry Larry.

Gerry Gothrow Paris also responded to the Drivers License email.  Ernie, she says there's a special place for you.  She was surprised by my comment on Phil Merrick in the last PLog.  If anyone has any information on him please, contact me or Gerry @

Mark Chaussee (I spelled it correctly this time!) dropped a quick note and it was great to hear from you Mark!  Thanks!

last but not least, I heard from Ernie Brown.  Ernie writes that the thing with Las Vegas as a possible reunion site is that it is travel friendly, many flight in and out, cheap rooms, 1000's of rooms, cheap, but he questions why we should listen to him because he didn't even graduate with us but deserted us our junior year to attend seminary at a prep school.  He does however have fond memories from our junior and working on the yearbook.  His birthday is March 19, 1953 for those keeping up.  Ernie tells me that it is also the day in Godfather II that Vito Corleon assassinated Fununci and started his rise to the high spot.  Ernie, I think the man that said you could learn all you need about life from the Godfather books was Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail".  He says he would rather learn all he needs from Mary Poppins ..... A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but his truly favorite book is of course, The Holy Bible.  Ernie, I look forward to your emails and appreciate the time you take to write and I may surprise you before you surprise me.  Ernie says he may just show up at the dealership one day and borrow a look see at the senior yearbook.  Maybe I better start carrying it around with me.

I told you in the last PLog that Robert Richardson Weiss had given me the name of an alumnus of his that plans reunions.  I did contact her and she emailed back with her phone number.  I still don't know what her fee is, but whatever it is, it includes mail out, nametags for the event, all administrative costs, decorations and prizes for the reunion awards.  The per person registration is determined based on the type of venue selected which includes food, meeting space, DJ and her fee.  She just needs to know our class size, our established data base, and date and location we have picked out.  They will try to locate lost classmates using professional resources; handle all deposits for meeting space, DJ etc, invitation/registration mail out and a subsequent reminder 4-6 weeks prior to the event.  They collect all the registration fees and pay all the bills.  So guys, now it is time for some your input.  This weekend I will draft a letter to those classmates that I have snail mail for but no email and try to get a response from them.  If anybody knows anything about anybody, please let me know.  I will handle the cost of this initial mail out but I need in "Short Circuit".

Well, guys that's about it for this week.  Dale Perkins did email me a Pirates Log dated December 19, 1968.  It says "Issue III".  It has a big write up about Beethoven's 198th birthday.  Remember the birthday parties in Mr. Mallow's chemistry class?  Peanuts comic strips all around the wall.  According to the article the tradition started in 1964.  If I remember right, wasn't the party held on December 16th?  Someone correct me please.  Ok guys, this is really it.  Ya'll have a great week ahead and WRITE ME!!!

Keep on Truckin'

Debbie Jennings Wilson

Pirates Log 2005-4
(August 29, 2005)
Well, I started this yesterday and got all the way down to the last two emails and the power went off.  So here I am again.  First, Lyle Williams wrote to check on me.  Thanks Lyle, but while we will get some severe weather from Katrina, we are in northern Mississippi and it will mostly be high winds and rain.  Cindy Hudson, however, lives in mid-south Alabama, so she may get harder than us.  I'm not sure, depends on Katrina’s actual path I guess.  I do have half brothers and sisters in New Orleans so, while we are not close, I do hope they got out or at least to the Super Dome.  Lyle also wrote this week that he may be able to get us an update on John Skeffington (Foxy Locks).  Now I don't remember that nickname, but Lyle says the girls gave it to John.  Not this girl.
I had a really great surprise this past week!  We actually located someone who we had no information about.  Barry Anderson answered my email through  He and his family are in Rapid City, SD.   No phone number as yet.  Thanks for writing Barry!  We are not sure about the dates for a reunion, right now we are in the "do we want to do this?" mode.
Another surprise this past week!  Gerald Linker wrote to say hello.  He is also interested in a 35th reunion.  Thanks for writing Gerald!  It was good to hear from you.  Let me hear more from you.  What's going on in your life?
Ray Stanaland writes to give me his new address.  He was moving this past weekend.  He and I had a short IM session yesterday morning.  It was good "talking" to you Ray!  Ray's birthday is September 3rd for those keeping up.  That's this coming Saturday.  He will be 52!  Ray's cell phone number is 916-***-****.  Thanks for all the info Ray, I appreciate the updates.  Ray is also going to try to get information from Annelie Poldervaart on her brother, Dirk, for us.  Any luck yet Ray?  Thanks for trying! 
Dee Starnes Horton wrote to give us her brother, Frank's, email address.  It is  Dee is a Compliance/Fraud Officer for SAFE Federal Credit Union in South Carolina.  He husband, who she met at Beale, is now retired but works for the correctional facility at Sumter.  They have been married 34 years, and have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  Dee and her husband are going on a cruise the end of October out of Jacksonville, FL.  Dee, if you let us know the exact date, maybe you can hook with Kim Ferguson, Tom Hain, Rick Hall, Lyle Williams or Rachel Kelly, though Rachel and Rick are further south, I think Tom, Lyle and Kim are all right close to Jacksonville.
Dale Perkins wrote to let me know that he is still working on locating Marla Harrison, but not having much luck.   He also found a number for Mike Sheridan so he is going to try to get something there for me as well.  Thanks for all your help and the wonderful conversations!
David Pack wrote to give me his new email address.  He didn't realize that he had not cancelled the AOL account, which is a good thing; otherwise he would be on the "lost" list.  Dave's birthday was August 18th.  Dave says he's interested a 35th and will help anyway he can.  Thanks Dave for the offer and the update!!  I also had another email from Dave this morning about his email.  I'm sorry Dave; I thought I had changed it in my list.  I did change in my address book but forgot to change it in the distribution list.  But I got it right now!  He also had written about Phil Merrick, which I think I may have passed on to ya'll, but in case you missed it and knew Phil, evidently he transferred from Wheatland after our Sophomore year and it was later learned that he committed suicide sometime late our Junior year or early Senior year.  He says Gerald Linker may know more.
Gerry Gothrow found Larry Miles on the internet under the California State Bar website.  I have information on Larry but have never had any response from him.  Are you out there Larry?  Thanks Gerry and it's always good to hear from you!
I heard from Kim Ferguson also this past week.  Lyle, she doesn't remember the kissing part, so maybe you're dreaming????  Kim I will definitely let you know of any travel plans.  Cindy "Sunny" Hudson is just south of Montgomery.  Thanks!
Larry Collins wrote to say that he thought the idea of a reunion planner was great!  I haven't heard from any of the rest of you on that idea.  Location is still up in the air.  I know we have so many people that still live in California, but so few of them come to the reunions anyway.  So ya'll let me know what you want to do.  Please!!!
I got an email from Rick Gracey too.  Rick, the BBQ is hot and waiting!  When Rick’s son was stationed here at Columbus AFB, they went to a little diner we have called "The Little Dooey".  Great BBQ.  I eat there most Friday's with my Dad as it is about the only BBQ he will eat that he doesn't cook.  I have to say Little Dooey's is a close second to my Dad's.  But he uses an old family recipe so what do you expect?  Come on down, Rick!
If any of you have not received all of the PLogs and want them, let me know.  I am constantly updating the address list and may accidentally delete someone in error.  I was going to attach a list of people, who we have no information on at all, but since I am doing this at work and my list is on my PC at home I will do that later.  Right now I had best get my butt in gear!  Ya'll take care.  OH!  ALMOST FORGOT!  I did send out a mass snail mail last Thursday.  I licked so many envelopes Wednesday; my mouth was glued shut till Thursday afternoon!  There are a few of you that I don't have snail mail addresses for so if you don't get anything from me in the next day or so let me know.  I hope everyone will respond.  I included a return self addressed stamped envelope, so all it will take is a minute of time.  Okay, that's it!  Ciao!
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Well, a little birdie gave me some more birthdays.  Mark Chaussee's is December 3, 1952 (he may be one of the oldest), Dan Imig's is November 6th (same as Mark Underwood's) and of course Ray Stanaland's is September 3rd.  Thanks F.O.!!

Pirates Log 2005-5 
September 2005


Hey Guys and Gals!!

I'm back!  It's been two weeks since the last PLog so thought I would update you on what's gone on so far.  First let me give you the stats on my survey sheets.  I have had 21 surveys sent back to me and 6 returned by the post office.  I actually had 7, but Arlene Endicott Fuller sent me her correct address so I re-mailed hers.  That's 22 out of 102 that I mailed out.  Out of the 21, 14 said they WERE interested in having a 35th reunion, 5 said they WERE NOT interested and 2 said they MIGHT be interested.  As of right now, 5 people have voted for Las Vegas, 5 for Sacramento, 3 for Wheatland, and 2 said Anywhere, USA and 1 said NOT Wheatland.  August appeared to be the reigning month with June and July tying with 2 each.  Some didn't give a preference for month.  As far as the Reunion Planner, we were tied on that, 6 for and 6 against with 4 no comments.  Several of the Sacramento voters had Las Vegas as their second choice and several of the Las Vegas voters have Sacramento as their second choice.  6 of the respondees do not live in California, 7 counting me.  So obviously, at least half of us are willing to travel a great distance.  I have not included my vote as yet which would probably be Sacramento, so that if anyone did want to go up to Wheatland, they could, plus we have so many people who do live in California.  Hopefully I will get a few more responses soon.  The following surveys were returned by the post office:
Steve Bergendahl - he now goes to the "lost" list because I have no mailing and no valid email for him
Sandy Estes Tsitouris - she is now on the "lost" list, her email doesn't work either
Sharon Mahon - she also goes to the "lost" list, as her email is not valid either
Marvin Sipes - we "lost" him too, no mailing or email address
Tom Hain - he must have moved, Tom you are still on the email list and they are not being returned so send me your snail mail address if you are getting the PLogs.
Gerald Linker - Gerald must have moved too because I got an email from him so I know that works, Gerald please write again with your snail mail.

I don't have snail mail for some of you who are getting the PLogs either.  They are:
Robert Abrego       
Johm Baudier
Colleen Corrigan
Lynnette Flint
Dan Imig
Debbie Martin
Carol Osborne
Robert Weiss

And the following emails still are not going through:
Dirk Poldervaart - I did hear from his sister and he knows we are looking for him so he will communicate when he can
Ken Flint
Denise Epperly
Mike Georgulis
John Skeffington
Jean Garst

Well, on to the emails I have received the past 2 weeks.   Arlene Endicott Fuller sent me her new address.  She moved 4 years ago and didn't think about updating her info.  If nothing else this whole process will be good so we will have as up to date a register of everyone that we can.  People do move and they don't think about letting anyone know except bill collectors.  The list I have is what I got from Joanne Peters Tavarez at the 30th reunion in 2001.  Thanks Arlene for the update.  Don't forget to return your survey.

Lyle!  I got your last email today.  It appears that Lyle Williams and Kim Ferguson Boyd have hooked up in Florida.  A good time was had by all.  Lyle says Kim is pretty humorous and still a big kisser.....oh! that's kidder!  Sorry Lyle. Lyle also wrote and gave me his correct address (he had also moved).  Thanks Lyle, I still haven't got the first survey returned yet so you may end up with 2 of them.  Lyle also went out for beers with Rick Hall last Friday.  Then they went to play golf Saturday, but Lyle had hurt his back at work earlier and couldn't swing....a golf club, that is.  Lyle, I know about the back pain and I don't envy you one little iota.  But I'm sure that "Jack" helped a lot.  Thanks for your emails and concern during the past 2 weeks over Katrina.  We really are almost back to normal, gas prices are even coming back down to the mid $2 range.  We have a lot of "extra" people around but so does most every town from New Orleans to Arkansas. It's nice to know that if I really needed anything, you'd be there.

I got an email from Ricky Martin's wife, Sharon.  She says he is doing fine, he is retired from security work and still plays his drums.  He is in high demand by other bands in their area, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  They have been married for 30 years and have 2 daughters and 6 grandkids.  Thanks for writing Sharon and giving us the update on Ricky.  Please write again and stay in touch.  I have a brother who lives in Ft. Walton as well.  Your zip codes are the same.

Dale Perkins wrote to check on me as well.  Dale was able to get me Marla Harrison's email address, thank you very much Dale!  Dale says he tried to call but kept getting a "all circuits are busy" message.  That happened a lot there for about a week.  Dale, I got your last email today about Mr. Dave Gookin.  Evidently, Dale went to get a haircut today and the lady cutting his hair was from the same town as Mr. Gookin, Groveland, CA.  How did you ever remember that, Dale???  Mr. Gookin was our POD teacher, to refresh ya'lls memory.  Him, I remember, but not where he was from.  Anyway, this lady knew the Gookins, including our Dave.  It's a small, small world, Mrs. Jones.  And no, Dale, I don't have a new boyfriend occupying all of my time.  You're starting to sound like my kids, nag nag nag.  "Get a life, Mom"  "Take a vacation, Mom",  Come and go out with us, Mom"  Honestly, though I have been busy at work.  The first week of any month is busy for me because I'm closing out the previous month and getting the Financial Statement completed and off to Kia Motors America.  I'm glad you missed me.  Thanks for all the jokes.

I heard from Pam Ford Krause also.  She's a new one and I have added her to the Plog address list.  She and her husband celebrated their 30th anniversary last March in Las Vegas and it was great she says.  Pam lives in Wisconsin.  Thanks for writing Pam and don't be a stranger!

Annelie Poldervaart wrote to let me know that she was going to call Dirk and let him know we were looking for him.  Thanks Annelie for writing and for helping us out with Dirk.  Annelie is Dirk's sister and she is from the Class of 73.

Francisco Velez dropped a VERY short note in response to one of my emails.  Thanks for letting me know you're still out there Francisco!  In looking over my address list, I realized that Francisco and Gerry Gothrow Paris live in the same town, Elk Grove, California.  Just a little tidbit.  Write again soon, Francisco.

Gerry Gothrow wrote commenting on the "Foxy Locks" description of John Skeffington.  Lyle, she doesn't remember that either.  I think you made it up.  Also, Cindy Hudson, where did the nickname "Sunny" come from?  Did you have that in high school and we just didn't know it?  I can't remember if I wrote to ya'll about nicknames or not.  Gerry has not written lately, but she was going to be traveling in mid-September to Orlando, Florida.  Gerry also gave me Ms. Lynne Gross Baker's mailing address.  It was the same one I had so maybe it is correct.

I got an email address for Don Evans through  He emailed me in response to my email to him.  He lives in Boerne, Texas.  His email is

Cindy Hudson, thanks for writing with your phone numbers.  I forwarded them on to Kim Ferguson Boyd.  I hope ya'll hook up.  Let me know.  Thanks for all of your emails as well.

Rick Gracey wrote to check on me as well.  Rick, Lil Dooey's made it through fine.  I think of you every time I eat there now.  Generally, once a week.  Hope your son made it through okay at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi.  Did you get the pictures my brother sent of the storm there?  They appeared to be taken "during" the storm.   Where in Italy is he?  Aviano AB, maybe?  That's where I was for 6 years.  It is gorgeous there!  Write again soon!

Well, I heard from Kim Ferguson Boyd and she agrees with Lyle that John Skeffington WAS called "Foxy Locks" in school.  Sorry, Gerry, you and I must have been out that day.  Oh Oh, Kim says the kiss is coming back to her now.  So, Lyle, looks like you were right.  Kim, where's the picture?  I'm waiting.  Thanks for writing.  I understand you and Lyle have burnt up the email lines between Orlando and Jacksonville.  I'm glad that this correspondence is reuniting some of us.  Ya'll work at it as hard as I do and I appreciate it.

Last but not least, I heard from Charles "Chuck" Vincent.  Chuck contacted Dirk Poldervaart for me too.  Thanks, Chuck!  Another nickname.  I always called you Charles in school, was it Chuck back then too?  I always enjoy hearing from you and you did just fine at the 20th.  You were a very pleasant table companion.  I enjoyed myself.  About the picture, as I wrote back and told you, I am usually behind the camera not in front of it and lately that's because I've put on some weight that I am very conscious of, but I will see what I can do.  Thank you so much for writing and let me hear from you again soon.  If we do get a 35th together, I really hope you'll be there.

Well, folks, I have been writing now for about 2 hours so I guess I will put this issue to bed.  I hope all of you have gone to and checked out the photo album I put on there of our 30th reunion.  I know that Dale Perkins and Gerry Gothrow Paris have.   Gerry says you don't have to be a member to view it.  Chuck, there's a good picture of me there, before the weight decided to visit.  Hopefully I will get more surveys back this next week.  Ya'll keep writing and take care!  Don't forget!  September birthdays:  9/3 Ray Stanaland; 9/6 Gail Burton and 9/30 Robert Wiess.  I will give you October birthdays later.  Also, ya'll need to send in your birthdays!!  Ok, I'm really closing this now.  Take care!

Debbie Jennings Wilson

P.S.  I also added Venson Crabtree to our Plog address list.  Thanks for returning the survey, Vince and you've got a credit in my book.  Thanks!
Also added Judith Smith
And Sally Nicholls Lambert at
And Mike Sheridan at

P.S.S.  Ernie Brown where have you been lately?  I haven't heard from you in a coon's age. (I'm not sure how long that is but it's a long time)

Pirates Log 2005-6

 September - October 2005

Greetings from the Deep South!

Slowly but surely your responses are trickling back in.  To date, I have received 27 and 11 have been returned by the USPS.  The yeses are ahead on the reunion idea and Las Vegas is still the #1 spot with Sacramento coming up on the inside.  The idea of a planner is looking pretty good.  My take on that is if Las Vegas is the place, we need a planner.  If it's Sacramento, I know I can rely on some of the Californians to help at that end.  Let me list again the ones that have been returned so if any of you have kept in touch, you may be able to give me some help in getting up with them.

Steve Bergendahl                  David Bresynan
Sandy Estes                         Tom Hain
Minna Hancock                     Nancy Kearney
Gerald Linker                       Sharon Mahon
Harry Ornelas                      Marvin Sipes
Mike Sousa

Those who have responded are:

Susan Abe                       Ernie Brown
Larry Collins                    Venson Crabtree
David Duguay                   Kim Ferguson
Pam Ford                          Gerry Gothrow
Rick Gracey                      Marla Harrison
Debbie Hazelton                Ricky Martin           
Jim McCanne                     Larry Miles
Laurie Murray                   Sally Nicholls
Sandy Parker                    Dale Perkins
Bill Peter                           Debbie Plautz
Mary Rochester                 Ron San Miguel
Mike Sandquist                 Mike Sheridan
Judith Smith                     Julie Sykes           
Lyle Williams

Now on to the "Mailbag".  First let me add something to last weeks' PLog.  When Sharon Martin (Ricky's wife) wrote, she also included Ricky's birthdate.  It is November 17th.  He'll be 53.  So ya'll put that on your calendars and don't forget him.  If you send a birthday greeting, BE SURE TO PUT "RICK OR RICKY" IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  That way Sharon will know it is for him.  Thanks Sharon for letting us know.

I heard from Mike Sheridan this past week.  Of course, it sounds like I had a "captive" audience as Mike is laid up with a sprained ankle.  He stepped on a small ball while working out.  You'll have to explain that one in further detail, Mike.  Mike still works for the great State of California as a Civil Engineer for the Dept of Transportation.  His daughter is following in Dad's footsteps.  She is a Civil Engineer in Sacramento.  Mike says he and his wife are taking a quick cruise down to Mexico October 10th.  I hope ya'll have fun, Mike.  Mike's birthday is April 3, 1953, so he'll be 53 next April.  As if you couldn't figure that out. Thanks for the email Mike, I'm glad you enjoyed the "Tenjewberrymuds" and I hope the ankle is on the mend.

I have had several e-conversations with Kim Ferguson Boyd this past week.  Kim is working on a Southeast Mini-Reunion for January or thereabouts.  I'm leaving that project up to her.  I'm game for whatever she cooks up.  I have provided her with the names and addresses that I have on file and a couple of suggestions.  One being that maybe Atlanta would be a good spot to meet.  She's thinking Jacksonville and Lyle Williams suggested Pensacola or Destin.  According to both her and Lyle, they had a great visit a while back.  She is sending pictures and if she has no objection I will forward to the rest of you.  Kim you mentioned that Minna was fairly close to Jacksonville.  Do you have a new address or contact information for her?  She just went to my "lost" list.  Thanks for taking on the mini-union and just let me know what I can do to help.

Francisco Velez wrote this past week.  He informs me that he and Gerry Gothrow live about mile apart.  Now, Francisco, I know Gerry is a very busy lady but really..... a mile???  Francisco's going for August in Las Vegas or Sacramento.  Thanks for the input and the offer of help.  So many of you have offered your help in getting this project together and trust me, when the time comes, I will call.  Thank you all.

Sally Nicholls Lambert also wrote this past week.  She is new to our mailing list and let me know she has enjoyed reading the Plog.  She tells me she turned 52 in July.  But Sally....when in July????  She and her husband, Paul, have been married 30 years and went to New York City for their 30th anniversary.  She has two grandchildren on the way, one in October and one in April.  Some of you may remember from the earlier Pirates Log (2001) that Sally has a set of twins that live in Atlanta.  They are both expecting.  Sally has something in common with Gail Burton, she also is a nursing educator.  Sally works at Texas Women's University specializing in Community Health.  Their youngest is 21 and still in college.  Sally is going for Las Vegas too.  Sally, I haven't heard anything else on John Broumas lately.  Hopefully I will get an update soon.  Larry Collins is usually real good about that, but Larry has his hands full with their daughter's wedding coming up in October.  Larry, you didn't say when in October.  Thanks for writing, Sally and I'm really glad to hear that my "PLogs" don't bore you to tears.

Robert Weiss Richardson wrote to give me his address.  Thanks Robert.  Do you go by Weiss or Richardson?  Or are you just switching back and forth to confuse me?  I want to be correct in what I write and what I say.  Don't feel bad, half of us probably don't remember the other half either.  You are not alone.  Thanks for sending the address.

Rick Gracey wrote to let me know that he "found" his survey and was sending it back.  Also that he had gotten the pictures I had sent.  I'm assuming, Rick, that you are talking about the Keesler ones.  One of Rick's sons was TDY to Keesler when the storm hit.  Hope you have heard from him by now and he is fine.  If in fact, he is stationed at Aviano AB, Italy, it is a choice assignment.  I was there for 6 years and if it weren't for the ex-husband, I would still be there.  Looking forward to the day your other son comes back to Columbus.  I'm keeping my eye on Lil Dooey's.  Thanks for keeping in touch.

Ron San Miguel wrote too.  He doesn't remember the "Foxy Locks" for Skeffington, only "Skeff".  Of course as Lyle would say, that was the "guy" nickname. "Foxy Locks" was the girl nickname for John.  Ron does say that he remembers Cindy Hudson being "Sunny" in high school.  I still have not heard from Cindy about how the nickname came to be.  Ron is asking if anyone has any information on Michael Harvey.  He says he may have left Wheatland just before our senior year.  If you do, please write in and let us know.  Mike Sandquist, Ron says you may know something about him.  Ron, the only information I have for Robert Abrego is his email which is  You will notice that he is on the PLog list and as they are not being returned, I guess he is getting them.  If you're out there Robert, let us know.  Ron thinks we need to have a talent show of some kind at the reunion.  Of course, that's because he's talented.  Ron also gave me a contact person for a DJ should we have the reunion out that way.  Ron, I wonder if he would travel to Sacramento if that's where it ends up being?  Thanks for that info.  He said his brother's 30th reunion used the DJ and had it at the Peach Tree Golf Club and the music and food was EXCELLENT.  Something to think about.  Thanks again Ron.

Lyle Williams wrote several times this past week, generally just to touch base.  He is up for going anywhere in the U.S.  He says "Sorry John B.".  Thanks for all the emails Lyle, keep 'em coming.

Well, that's the mail for this week.  If anybody has any information on anybody, please forward it in.  I know that's alot of "any's" but H-E-L-P!!  Well, as far as things here in Columbus, Mississippi, we are still trudging along.  Soon we will be having our annual "Pig Fest" which they now call something else that I can't remember.  Basically, it's a cookoff for the best Barbecue with the opportunity to go to "Memphis in May" in Memphis, TN (duh).  It was the "Pig Fest" for years, then they decided that if they changed the name people wouldn't go out there and drink and party so much, they'd just go out watch 'em cook pigs.  Go figure.  And what else, oh!  I think they're having a tour of Tennessee Williams' home soon.  The one thing about Columbus is we are covered up with history.  You should come down during Pilgrimage when they open all the antebellum homes to the public and have the homeowners dress in period clothing.  People come from literally all over.

On a more somber note, I have to take my dad to Jackson Monday to an Oncologist.  They did a biospy a couple of weeks ago and it came back cancerous, but hopefully the doctor here got it all.  Ya'll keep your fingers and toes crossed.  He is terrified, which makes him even more onery than usual.

Well guys and dolls, another week has come and gone.  Time just seems to be flying by.  I really enjoy hearing from ya'll, so keep it up.  As it's Friday nite I'll leave you with:

Night, night,
Sleep tight
Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Magnolias Forever!          

Debbie Jennings Wilson

Pirates Log 2005-7
October 2005

Hi guys and girls!  It's been a couple of weeks since I put out a PLog, so here goes.  First let me thank all of you who have asked about my dad.  He is doing great.  He had surgery Sept 30th and the cancer was a grade 1, so the doc is real pleased.  Thank you again.   Also thanks to those who sent birthday greetings.  I don't feel any older.  We do have one other October birthday that I am aware of and that is Kim Ferguson Boyd.  Her birthday is October 12th.  Oh!  also, she's not on our email list anymore because it kept coming back.  Okay, ya'll remember Kim on her special day.  Now into the "mailbag".

Gerry Gothrow Paris wrote to let me know she had gotten PLog 2005-6 while she was in Orlando at a trade show.  She did not have the opportunity to hook up with Lyle Williams while she was there, but maybe next time.  I sent out pictures I had received from Kim Ferguson Boyd and Don Waldron.  Gerry nor I can find Don Waldron in the senior yearbook.  If someone out there has a better memory, please let me know.  Maybe he left before graduation.  He doesn't have email so I will have to converse with him via snail mail.  Gerry, to answer your question about Robert Hohman.  He got in the pictures because evidently he is friends with Kim's sister and her husband.  Kathy Ferguson is married to Gene Reyes, who is class of 70, so maybe he is the connection to Robert Hohman.  Boy!  are you really confused now?!?!?  Gerry took my little cartoon character quiz and she came out as Charlie Brown, as did I.  It was funny, but the description was pretty much dead on for me. Gerry also sent me an email with a current picture of her which I will forward under separate email.  You haven't changed a bit.  I would always recognize you!  Thanks for all the email Gerry, keep 'em coming and thank you very much for all your thoughts and prayers for my dad and the birthday greetings!

Kim Ferguson Boyd wrote to also inquire about my dad.  Thanks Kim.  To answer your question Kim, no I would not have recognized you.  I guess we all think that we haven't changed all that much but to others we have changed considerably.  Not necessarily in a bad way, just different from what we knew in 1971.  I'm like you in music tastes.  My only hangup is rap.  Country ranks #1 with Golden Oldies a close second, but I'll take a little easy listening and classical too or blues.  Heck!  I just like music.....except for rap.  Anxiously awaiting news of the Southern Connection (mini reunion in the southeast).  Again let me know if I can help in any way.  Kim also wrote to say that she no longer looks like the pictures I sent.  She has gone BLONDE!  Kim also took the cartoon character quiz and she came out as Dexter.  How close was it to the real thing, Kim?  Thanks for writing and all your concern for Dad.

I heard from Dale Perkins also.  My faithful First Officer came out as Sponge Bob Square Pants.  Now why doesn't that surprise me.  Thanks for the birthday wishes and the thoughts for dad.  Have missed you online lately, but have not been on as much myself.

I heard from a "lost pirate" this past week....Robert Abrego.  He had evidently gotten my past emails but late because I had an old email address.  Bob you didn't send me your snail mail address or your birthdate.  Bob also came out as Sponge Bob Square Pants on the cartoon quiz.  Let me hear from you again soon, Bob.

Mark Chaussee wrote to give me another "lost pirate's" address and email.....Robin Whipple Burrow.  Thanks Mark!!!  Each and every one we find just gets that much closer to a 100% connection.  If you find anyone else, holler.

I wrote to Robin and she wrote back quite excited about the possible reunion.  She lives in Marysville.

Francisco Velez wrote and gave me his birthdate, it is March 25, 1953.  I have added it to my ever-growing birthday calendar.  One of Francisco's choices for the reunion was New Orleans, but alas, I do believe it sank.  Maybe it will be dried out by the 45th reunion.  Thanks for writing Francisco, haven't heard much from you in a while.  Don't feel bad, we are ALL in the same boat you are.  We're ALL 52 or 53.

Another "lost pirate".  I had  Don Fischer's email and snail mail but the email kept coming back and the snail mail survey did too.  BUT luckily, it had a forwarding address on it!  Don wrote back and he is interested in a 35th also.  He lives in Lakewood, CO .  Email is either OR  From his email, it appears that Don is a Lead Slot Technician for the Riviera Blackhawk Casino.  It would be detrimental to my finances to work in a casino.  Thanks a bunch for writing Don.  I look forward to many more emails.  Let me know if you can locate anyone.

If ya'll remember, in the last PLog I let you know that Robert Weiss Richardson's birthday was Sept 30th.  I hope you had a great day, Robert.  He wrote to explain away my confusion about his name so I will share with you the story.  His name is really Richardson, he only used Weiss in school at his mother's request (it was his step-dad's name).  So he is back to Robert Richardson and boy am I glad you cleared that up for me Robert because I didn't know what to call you.  Thanks for the thoughts for my dad.

I had an email from Susan Abe Piakowski. I also got Susan's survey back and it had a home email address on it so I have changed my records.  I know that sometimes getting things at work is hazardous to our employment.  Susan, I hope you will reconsider and try to attend the 35th.  It was great to hear from you!!

Debbie Martin wrote to give me her new email address.  Ya'll may remember that Debbie recently moved to Tucson, Arizona.  Deb, send me your snail address and birthdate too.  We all survived the weather, thanks for asking.  Hope you survived the move!!  Let me hear from you again real soon!

Cindy "Sunny" Hudson wrote to inquire about dad.  Thanks Sunny!  I still want to know where that name came from and when you got it.

Gail Burton sent me birthday greetings.  Thanks Gail!  It was great to hear from you.  I know what you mean about the yearbook.  I keep mine next to the computer.  Write again soon!  Thanks for the thoughts for dad.

I also heard from Gary Martin!  While Gary was not a "lost pirate" he was one of the "silent" recipients of the PLog.  He emailed me a website about Larry Miles.  It is
sent in his survey and he has a new email address.  Thanks for writing Gary and for the info on Larry and I hope you will change your mind about the reunion.

Here are the latest statistics on the reunion surveys:

Mailed Out:     104
Answered:        40
Returned:         11
Interested:      30           Maybe:      3            Not Interested:        7
Las Vegas: 12   Sacramento:  9    Wheatland:  6   Key West:  1    Reno:  1
2nd Preference:  Las Vegas:  7      Sacramento:  13    Tahoe:  3  Wheatland:  5
No Preference:  4
Dates:    June:  9     July:  11     August:  15      Sepember:  3

I received an email from Ray Stanaland this past week with current pictures of himself.  I will forward those out under separate email.  Now Ray, I looked at your '71 picture and at your '05 picture.  I never would have recognized you!  Hope all is well with you and thanks for the pics!  Write again soon!

I also received Rick Hall's survey back with his email address.  I have added him to our PLog list.  It is

Well, guys, it's been 2 hours since I started this so guess I had better close for this edition.  The mailbag is empty and I'm thirsty.  Some I have not heard from in a while are Ernie Brown, Lyle Williams, Larry Collins (how's the wedding coming?) and Debbie Hazelton Rausch (how's the grandbaby?).  Still no word on John "Foxy Locks" Skeffington.  Again if anyone knows anything about anyone, please let me know or at least let them know that we are looking for them.  I realize that some may not want to be found and I can respect that.  Ya'll keep the emails coming and don't forget the birthdays.  I'm big on birthdays.  It's the one day of the year that is ours and everyone should be made to feel special on that day.

Magnolia's Forever

Debbie Jennings Wilson
Columbus, Ms 

Pirates Log 2005-8
(November 6, 2005)
Greetings Fellow Alumni!
Well, I did it again. One day I am going to get the hang of this email stuff and stop messing up.  I actually wrote this PLog last weekend, no, two weekends ago, but I fiddled around and deleted it before I sent it.  Am I smart or what?  I really didn't just fall off the turnip was at least a couple of days ago.  Anyway, here I am and here I go.  I finally got everybody's email entered into my Outlook Express.  I never could get it to just transfer so one by one I diligently entered all of you.  See how special you are to me?  On to the mail bag.  Lots of news this PLog!
An email from Larry Collins let us know that his daughter did, in fact, get married the weekend of October 14th (probably the 15th??).  According to Larry, everything went quite well....except the tuxes came in and they were the wrong color, the limousine was 20 minutes late (it got Rio Oso???), and Crystal, Larry's better half, had to make last minute adjustments to the bridesmaids dresses and the wedding dress!  Larry also sent a picture of his daughter, which I will send under separate email.  Larry, she is beautiful.  Larry also gave me an update on John Broumas.  He is about the same.  He goes back in about 3 months for another MRI and if the mass is bigger, THEN they will do a biopsy.  Thanks for the update Larry and John, we are all thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.
Sally Nicholls Lambert wrote to let us know that one of her twins has had their baby so she is now a Grandma!  Congratulations Sally!  Where's my picture?   The baby was born on October 8th and weighed in at 9-1 and 21 inches.  Her name is AnnaClaire Patton Davis and she is gorgeous according to Sally.  I'm sure she is...where's my picture?  Thanks for letting us know Sally and don't forget to let us know when your other twin has her baby.  April, isn't it?  Sally's twins both live in Atlanta.  If you're ever over that way, Sally, (ha ha) you should look up Mark Underwood.  He's in Marietta.  Congratulations!!!
Another wedding!  Ernie Brown wrote to let me know that his daughter, Kamesha, also got married.  She got married on October 8th (same day AnnaClaire was born).  I received Ernie's email on Friday, October 21st and he was going to Tuscaloosa that Saturday for the TN/AL football game.  Ernie, you were only an hour away from me.  Congratulations on your teams win.  Alabama is really tearing up the gridiron....they pounced us this Saturday.  In a second email from Ernie just the other day, he sent me the website to go to in order to see his daughter's wedding pictures.  Go to and "View Your Pictures", then type in "Kamesha".  Ernie, they were wonderful and she was a beautiful bride.
FO Dale Perkins wrote to ask about my dad and give me advice on turning 52.  Thanks Dale.  Dad is doing extremely well and I know what you mean about the pains inching up the scale.  Also thanks for the help with my email problem, I got it fixed...I think.  Guess we will see.  Love hearing from you!
I got an email from Gerry Gothrow Paris on October 12th, letting me know that Otto Jaks birthday was that day.  Thanks Gerry.  She gets these updates from, there's also a map on there that shows where we all live if you have put your name on their site.  Way cool!  And Gerry, thanks for the invite, I may take you up on it one day.  Oh!  there was a PLog 2005-3, Gerry.  I finally found it in some old emails where people had responded to it.  If you need it or if I haven't already sent it to you, let me know.
Kim Ferguson Boyd has written several times and is working on a mini reunion in the southeast.  She asked me to send an email out to those classmates, which I did and we have gotten responses back from some of you.  If anyone out there would like to join us, just let me know and I will supply you with the particulars.  I'm in Wal-Mart shopping for our Christmas Party and my cell phone rings yesterday.  It's Kim.  We had a short conversation, then she called me back later in the evening and we talked for over an hour.  It was great talking to you Kim and look forward to the Southern Connection in January.
Francisco Velez wrote to let me know that he was Sponge Bob Squarepants on the Cartoon survey I sent out a while back.  Thanks for writing Francisco, I look forward to hearing from you again soon.
Well, Annelie Poldervaart, Dirk's younger sister, wrote to let me know that he has a new email address and that he was interested in a 35th reunion.  Thanks Annelie!
Dirk's new address
I got an email from Carol Osborne Blinder.  Blinder is a new name for Carol.  She got married June 11, 2005 to Howard Blinder.  That's him in the picture if you have gone to HS photo album.  They got married in Las Vegas at the Aladdin.  She works for a company called Charity USA and loves it.  Their website is  Thanks Carol, it was great hearing from you.  It's been quite a while!
Robert Abrego wrote to wish me a belated birthday.  Thanks Bob!  Bob had been out on a Harley run.  My son is into that too.  He has an older Harley, like a 1973 or something.  Although right now he isn't riding so much as he has been sent to Fort Lauderdale, FL to assist in getting the power back on.  Bob sorry about the email address, I do have it changed now.  Thanks for putting up with me.  Bob's new email is
Cathy Ferguson Reyes wrote to clear up some confusion about who Robert Hohman was.  If you remember, he was in the pictures that Kim Ferguson Boyd sent of her trip back out to California.  According to Cathy, R J Hohman is Gene's, Cathy's husband, best friend.  R J was in the class of 1970.
I got a very nice email from Sharon Martin, Ricky's wife.  Thank you Sharon for those kind words and I hope we get to meet at the Southern Connection mini reunion, if not the 35th.
I heard from Michele Schlick Harris, class of 1972.  She used to be on our mailing list but we lost contact.  Now she's back!  Thanks for writing Mush!  Good to hear from you again!
Robert Richardson (bostonrobert) wrote to commiserate with me about AOL.  Thanks Robert.  I don't how you keep up with so many different email accounts.  Heck, I can't keep up with one!  Thanks for writing and how are things in Boston?  I had a friend that used to live there (actually in Malden), but he has recently moved to New Jersey, so I don't hear much about Boston these days.
Pam Van Winkle Townsend wrote to give me her new email address.  Thanks Pam, I was getting worried because they kept coming back.
Charlie Comberrel also wrote to give me his new address and to let me know that he is a new Grandpa.  Kylie Adriana Comberrel was born on August 26, 2005.  Charlie's birthday is June 30, 1953, so put that on your calendars.  Thanks for the info Charlie and I will update my files accordingly.
Well, today is Mark Underwood and Dan Imig's birthday.  The are both 53, if my information is correct.  If it's not, blame someone else.  Anyway, Happy Birthday ya'll!!!  Don't forget, Ricky Martin's birthday is November 17th and Debbie Martin's is November 22nd.  Ricky will be 52 and Debbie will be 53.  Well, this brings to close another trek through the kudzu (for ya'll that don't know, that's a vine that grows here in the south that lives forever and covers everything).  OH!  I almost forgot.  When I took dad to the doctor in Jackson a couple of weeks ago, I'm sitting there reading a magazine when Yellville, AR jumps out at me.  Well, given my superhuman memory, I recall that Arlene Endicott Fuller lives in Yellville, so I read the column.  Evidently, every year there is some kind of Turkey contest or something in Yellville and it's a real big deal.  They have a Miss Turkey Something and everything.  Arlene, write and tell me all about it.  I thought we were the only ones that had those things.  Anyway, it was a trip to see that in the magazine, I mean Sacramento or Atlanta, okay, but how often are you going to see Yellville, AR or Columbus, MS in a national mag?  Don't forget the birthdays!  Ya'll take care and WRITE!!!
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Magnolias Forever

Pirates Log 2006-1
January 11, 2006

Well, it's another year and here we go again!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very safe New Year.  News has been slow the past month or two so I haven't put out a PLog in a while, but lately it has been trickling in.  Again, these are in no particular order or importance. 

I heard from Dave Duguay this week.  I don't hear from him often but his email was greatly appreciated.  Dave had surgery about 3 months ago for prostate cancer.  He is expected to make a full recovery as they caught it early.  As a matter of fact his testing that was done on Monday, 1-9-06, came back cancer-free.  He will have to go every 3 months for 2 years then every 6 months for the next 3 years and yearly after that.  Dave, I know I speak for everyone when I say our thoughts and prayers are with you.  As I told you in my reply, my best friend's husband had that surgery about 6 years ago and he has been cancer-free since.  They took his prostate out at that time and I don't know how they did yours but I do know that medicine has come a long way!  Dave also asked me for email addresses on Gerald Linker, Lyle Williams and Barry Anderson, which I was happy to supply.  Thanks for asking about my Dad, Dave.  He is doing great!  We go every 2 months now so they can keep an eye on his lymph nodes.  He says he's not having any more surgery though, so hopefully things will continue to look up. 

More news on John Broumas although the man himself has been awfully quiet.  Larry Collins wrote around New Years and gave me the latest on Big John.  He is doing  good.  The mass they saw on the first MRI was determined to be part of his bowel, so for now all is well.  Larry & Crystal, Mark Chaussee & his girlfriend, Renee, all went over to John's for New Years Eve.  Larry, I came this "()" close to calling ya'll at midnight my time, but didn't want to interrupt your card game.  Were you able to stay up past 10:30?  I made it all the way!  Some friends and I went out to the American Legion , affectionately known as the "Geriatric Ward", to dance and listen to a little girl play the fiddle.  This little girl is from Columbus and is 10 years old.  She has performed at the Grand Ole Opry and is she ever great!  I could not believe it when she started playing Orange Blossom Special.  The band had a hard time keeping up with her.  She will go far!  Larry, I hope the rain has stopped by now.  We have been very lucky this winter...very little rain, very little cold weather.  It's been in the 70's most days.  Thanks for keeping me informed on John and write again soon. 

Kim Ferguson Boyd is now a Grandmother!  Unfortunately, she has yet to see her granddaughter because her son and his wife don't live in the continental United States.  I believe she was born on November 30, 2005.  Congrats Kim, welcome to the club!  Kim sent me some pictures that Michele "Mush" Schlick Harris sent to her for me to email out, so I will send those out under separate email.  Sorry it's taken me so long Kim and Mush, but better late than never.  Mush, I will send the pictures back to you as soon as I get them scanned in, okay?  Kim and I have talked a few times on the telephone and several emails.  She is getting a mini reunion together for the Southeasterners, commonly known as the "Southern Connection".  It looks like it will be the end of January in Atlanta and so far, I've heard from Mark Underwood (he lives in Marietta), Donnie Sloan (she lives in Atlanta...more from Donnie later), Charlie Comberrel (South Carolina), and Lyle Williams (Florida).  Still waiting to hear from  Gail Burton (Arkansas), Dee Starnes Horton (South Carolina), Art Bitterman (Georgia), Denise Harvey Milligan (Georgia), Rachel Kelly (Florida) and Sally Nicholls (Texas).  I did hear from Arlene Endicott Fuller (Arkansas, more from her later) and she won't be able to make it.  I think we will have a grand time and am looking forward to it.  Stay cool Kim. 

I heard from Brian Goforth right after PLog 2005-8.  Brian, no one has been able to give me a good email for John Skeffington yet, so he is on my "Lost" list.  Brian brought up something that I have failed to mention along the way.  We have several classmates who have passed away.  Brian was talking about Barry Mink, in particular.

He says Barry's widow (Donna) still lives in Carmichael, CA and their two sons are in their early 20's.  She has not remarried to his knowledge.  Mindy Bailey, Brian says that Barry's mom would love to hear from you and gave me her address.  She does not have email so you would need to use snail mail or the telephone.  As some of you may know, Brian is a little behind most us when it comes to kids and grandkids.  His oldest son is a high school and I guess his youngest is in the fifth grade.  Thanks for writing Brian. 

I heard from another classmate that I have never heard from before, Otto Jaks.  I sat between Otto and Jerry Joyner at graduation.  Otto is a little like Brian I think in the kids department.  He just says his children are still small but not what ages.  I'm not sure what Otto does, but he evidently travels a good bit.  He has spent time in Sweden, Thailand and Japan.  He also sent me a picture which I will pass along under separate email.  Otto says he would love to have a collection of fairly current photos of classmates, so I will see what I can do at the mini reunion and the 35th.  Thanks for writing Otto.  Please stay in touch! 

Another one that I haven't heard from in a very long time was Darnelda "Donnie" Sloan Trower.  Donnie's news was not good.  She was robbed at gunpoint on December 30th while trying to get into her apartment.  She was moving this week, thank goodness!  It was good to hear from you Donnie, although I'm sorry to hear about the way your 2005 ended.  Thanks for looking into the hotel situation.  Mark Underwood is helping also.  Stay in touch and I look forward to seeing you at the end of the month! 

Heard from Arlene Endicott Fuller today.  She may have to put her reunion plans on hold as her son may be deployed to Iraq in May so she is planning a trip to South Carolina.  Where in South Carolina, Arlene?  You know we have 2 classmates there.  Our thoughts and prayers go with your son as they do with any other children of classmates who have been deployed.  Thanks for writing! 

Robert Richardson (Boston Robert) wrote to let me know he is probably moving to Cincinnati shortly.  Robert, we don't have any classmates in that area unless there is someone who has recently moved there or someone on my "Lost" list.  I have flown in and out of Cincinnati, but all I saw was the airport.  One of your questions was about Kroger.  Kroger is a big grocery store down here and they are very moderately priced with specials all the time...10 for $10.00 kind of stuff.  Yes, I am still at the dealership and will give you any assistance I can.  Let me know when you'll be moving.  Robert is now working for Gillette (again) and really looking forward to the move.  If anyone knows anyone in Cincy, let me know or let Robert know. 

Well no email, but I did get my information survey back from Terri Thornton Cusci.  She did not list an email address so I guess she is strictly a snail mail.  Her address is on file, should anyone want it, please email me.  She said she was interested in the 35th reunion so maybe we'll see her there. 

I heard from Debbie Martin.  Last we heard she had moved to Tucson, AZ to be with her significant other.  Well, they went to Las Vegas for her birthday and she had a great time!  Thanks for writing Deb and stay in touch! 

I hear from Lyle Williams quite often and always enjoy your emails, Lyle.  Lyle is planning on coming to the mini reunion as well so I look forward to seeing you soon.  Keep the emails coming. 

Gerry Gothrow Paris and I exchange emails almost daily as do Dale Perkins and I.  Gerry, my dad worked on the SR-71 as well.  He worked with the SLR (side looking radar).  It's funny, my dad went to Thailand also in '72.  I remember I got married January 2, 1972 and he wasn't able to be there as he was at Udorn, Thailand.  Small small world!  Gerry is searching Sacramento for possible locations for the 35th.  I think we are looking for someplace a little "low-key" so we can visit and not have to shout over music on Friday and maybe a dinner on Saturday.  I wouldn't care if it was something very casual on Saturday night.  If it was here, I'd say let's go out to the marina and have a crawfish & shrimp boil.  If anyone out there has any ideas, now is the time.  Speak up! 

Dale Perkins and I have conversed several times, both via email and on the telephone.  He called recently to check on me as I had been sick over the holidays.  Thanks Dale.  I am getting better everyday, but this stupid cough keeps hangin' in there.  Looking forward to seeing you at the 35th!  Keep the faith, F.O.! 

I want to take a minute to remember those who have passed on.  If my list is incomplete, please let me know.  Vernon Detwiler, Sherry Hornbook, Jerry Joyner, Clint Lee, Rick Mauritson, Barry Mink, Lori Ranta and Adella Slade. 

Well guys, guess it's Happy Trails to You!  Ya'll write and let me know your news and if there is ever anything you don't wish me to share, just say so.  I don't always tell everything!  Those of you I haven't heard from in a while, Gerald, John B., Ernie Brown, Joan Danzero, Chuck V., Francisco, Ron San Miguel, ya'll keep in touch!  Chuck, I hope to see you at the 35th!  Ernie, will you be able to make the mini reunion?   

Magnolia's Forever !

Debbie Jennings Wilson

Pirates Log 2006-2
February 4,2006

Hey guys!  Well, it's been a month since the last PLog and here I am again.  News has been slow coming in, BUT I do have news for you!  First the Southern Connection! 
This was a mini reunion held in Atlanta, GA for those who live in the Southeast.  It was the brainchild of Kim Ferguson Boyd (who unfortunately was too sick to attend) and was a major success!!!  A good time was had by all.  Attendees were Mark Underwood (wife, Sallie), Charlie Comberrel (he left WUHS and came back shortly before graduation), Dee Starnes Horton (husband, Joe), Darnelda "Donnie" Sloan Trower, and me (Debbie Jennings Wilson).  Donnie lives in Stone Mountain, GA and Mark & Sallie live in Marietta, GA.  I found a hotel in between the two so hopefully it was not too inconvenient for anybody.  I arrived first and called Mark and Donnie.  Donnie was working until 9 or so and Mark, Sallie and I made dinner plans.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel and Charlie had just checked in so I called his room and he joined us in the lobby, where we drank coffee and looked over yearbooks and reunion pictures.  Charlie had brought his Freshman and Sophomore yearbooks, so we had everything except Junior year.  Donnie came in about 9:30 and Dee & Joe got there about 10:00.  We sat up to till 11:30 or so gabbing and catching up.  Donnie will be a first time grandmother in July.  Mark and Sallie celebrated their 16th anniversary the weekend before and have two children and two grandchildren.  Dee & Joe have two children and two grandchildren (is that right Dee or did I miss one?).  Charlie, it was never clear if you had one or two children, but Charlie, ya'll may recall, just became a first-time grandparent a couple of months ago!  And of course me, with my two children and two grandchildren!  We seemed to do things in pairs, don't we?
We met for breakfast Saturday morning and Mark & Sallie took us over to the MARTA (the Atlanta transportation system) so we could hitch a ride downtown to the Underground.  We met Donnie at that end.  From there it was fun, friendship and fresh air!  The day was gorgeous and we all had a ball!  We walked through the Underground, bought gifts for the grands, toured the Coca Cola Museum (Mark works for Coca Cola Enterprises, that's the bottling part of Coke), then walked down to the CNN building and had lunch at a Sports Grill there.  Then we walked over to Centennial Park (or is it Square?) where we found Sallie's dad's name in one of the memorial bricks there.  We became momentary movie stars when we got caught for a commercial for the Georgia Arts Council (I think), then walked up to the Buckhead.  Is that right Mark?  Found a little cafe where we dropped down and had a few cool ones.  Then started the return trip to the hotel.  Saturday night we went out to dinner then Charlie left for home about 10:30 and the rest of us went our separate ways after many hugs.
Girls, Mark still has those wonderful eyes and now he has a wonderful wife, too!  Sallie is a beautiful and friendly person.  It was a real pleasure to meet her!  She was at our 20th reunion but I don't think I met her then.  She and Mark "suit" one another.  The same for Dee and her husband, Joe.  Joe and Sallie just fell in with the rest of us and it was like old home week!  Bit of trivia...Dee and Joe eloped after only knowing each other a month or so and here they are 35 years later!  Congratulations guys!  So, that was our weekend in Atlanta for the Southern Connection.  I hope everybody got the pictures.  And the funny thing is, as we discussed during one of our conversations that weekend, none of us hung around together in high school but that didn't seem to matter.  We learned that as we got older those "cliques" didn't seem to matter anymore.  We missed Lyle Williams, Gail Burton, Kim Ferguson Boyd, Art Bitterman, Rachel Kelly Reno, Cindy Hudson, Ernie Brown and Ricky Martin.  We wished all of you could have joined us, but Life happens.
On to the E-mail Bag.    Oh!  One more bit of news before I get into that!  We have been working hard on the 35th Reunion in California!  Gerry Gothrow is helping me out on the west coast end and Donnie's mom is going to help her.  We have set the date so ya'll mark your calendars! 
WUHS 35th Reunion              July 28, 29 & 30, 2006
Friday night's festivities will be at Robin Whipple Burrow's home.  She has graciously offered her hospitality complete with swimming pool, backyard and hot tub.  We will provide music & appetizers and ask that the locals help provide lawn chairs.  More on that as we go along.  Thank you Robin again for the offer!
I got a wonderful email from Sharon Martin (Ricky's wife).  I think she has as much fun with our PLog as Ricky does.  Thank you Sharon for the kind words and we will meet one day.
Michele "Mush" Schlick Harris wrote to thank me for putting out the pictures that she had sent.  She says that Mark's sister, Karen, married her longtime fella in September on Maui.  She is now Karen Underwood Riney.  Karen also became a first-time grandma by her son, Kevin who now has a beautiful baby boy, Jackson.  Mush also writes that she would like to say hi to Frank "Tiki" Starnes and she'd like to let Reilly Porter know that she had the biggest crush on him.  She wishes him well and hopes he gets her message.  Reilly is one that I don't have an email for.  My last known address is in Arlington, TX.  So if anyone out there has any info on him, please let me know.  Mush, since Gerry is handling things out there, if you have any suggestions, I am going to ask that you direct them to her at , but make sure to put 35TH REUNION in the subject line.  The same for anybody else.  If you email Gerry, please use that subject so they won't go into her spam file.  Thanks for writing Mush and we look forward to seeing you in CA!
Received an email from Debbie Martin.  Ya'll remember she moved to Arizona from Atlanta a few months ago.  She thought she might be able to come back and join us for the Mini Reunion, but was not able to.  Deb has been asking me for information of Sharon Okano Misumi.  Well, I finally received an email from Sharon with her new email address, which I immediately forwarded to Deb.  I think they have since hooked up.  Thanks for writing, Deb and keep us up to date on what's happening with you.
Donnie emailed me that whatever we decided on for the 35th was fine with her and to let me know about her upcoming grandchild.  Donnie also has several irons in the fire with her job situation.  She currently works full-time but is also working on setting up her own LLC and in the next two years will be working on building a resort in Georgia.  Good luck Donnie!  Look forward to seeing you again real soon!.
Mindy Bailey wrote to thank me for passing along Mrs. Mink's address in the last PLog.  That was Barry's mother.  Glad you are able to hook up with her Mindy as well as Brian Goforth.  Thanks for keeping in touch!
Mike Sandquist wrote to update us on his life.  He is married to Donna and they have two sons and a daughter.  They live in Magalia, CA.  Matthew is 19, Aaron is 16 and Marisa is 10...another late starter.  Mike's business,  Paradise Pictures LLC, has a website if you are interested in seeing what he is up to these days,  Mike asked for Barry Anderson's email, which I sent to him, but all of Barry's emails have been coming back to me lately.  So his snail mail is on file, just email me and I will give it to you as well as  his phone number.  Hope that helps, Mike.  Thanks for checking in!
I correspond almost daily with Gerry Gothrow Paris and Dale Perkins.  Gerry wrote that she thought Cheryl Cornelius Ochs was also in Tucson, AZ.  Deb Martin, you may want to try to look her up.  Surely there can't be that many Ochs in the phone book.  If you find anything, let me know.  Thanks for that tidbit, Gerry!  Gerry was asking me about some of the classmates that we have lost.  I knew the causes for some of them but others I did not.  If anyone out there has any information please let me know.  I think we need to remember them and how they died always.  Gerry, the State Capitol looked wonderful!  Gerry had Lobby Day in Sacramento on the 24th of January and that night they put the pink lights on the Capitol.  It was beautiful!  Gerry has been a volunteer for the Komen Foundation for many years and walks for Avon for breast cancer.  Thank you Gerry for all you do!  Gerry is steadily working on finding a place for Saturday night's festivities and lodging accommodations for us for the reunion.  We really appreciate it!  Gerry and I must have been online at the same time a couple of weeks ago because there for about 30 minutes or so we were emailing back and forth.  She would write and I'd answer, then she would answer, then me and so on.  Any way in that conversation we got talking about our addresses on Beale.  Do you remember yours?  Mine was 4599 Lark Drive, hers was 4469 Dove Drive.  I didn't know until last weekend that Mark Underwood also lived on Lark Drive, but at the other end!  I remember my ex living across the street and Billy Rohm (Class of 70) down the street and Mel Iveson (Class of 70) down the street.  Funny thing, my husband and I were stationed in Turkey back in 72-73 and had gone down to Incirlik, Turkey (southern Turkey) to visit some friends.  I walk into the NCO Club for breakfast and there sits Mel Iveson.  But even before that, after we got married (maybe a month or so) he and I are driving out of the back gate at Keelser AFB, MS and I holler for him to stop the car!  I go running back hugging this guy on a motorcycle....Billy Rohm.  Billy and Mel were my football buddies there on Lark Drive.   How'd I get off on that?  Senior moments....anyway along the same vein, Gerry ran into Donnie Sloan at Clark AFB Philippines in '73 or so.  So it truly is a small small world.  Gerry, you asked about Suzanne Miller.  The last address I have for her is in Sacramento, CA.  If anyone knows anything different, let us know.
I heard from Sharon Okano Misumi as I said earlier. She is very interested in the 35th and offered up her sister's name as a reunion planner.  Gerry that information is Norine N. Okano, 916-683-3624   Thanks, Sharon for the info.  Good to hear from you and don't forget to switch to my new email address of  I'm glad we "found" you again and hope you enjoy the PLogs.
Another "found" one is Diane Kennon, who is now Diane Kennon Piacentino. I got Diane through  Thanks for writing back Diane and I hope you can make the 35th.  Diane lives in High Point, NC.  If we had known that, we would have invited you down for the Mini Reunion, Diane.  Keep in touch!
Another one I got through is Susan Handschumacher Hamby.  I had Susan's snail mail address, but had no email for her.  Thanks for responding Susan!
Okay guys & girls that's it for the E-mail Bag.  So now on to more reunion stuff.  Gerry and I are looking into making a "slide show" for the 35th and we need your help!  Actually Gerry is doing the work so she needs your help.  I am scanning the yearbook pictures to Gerry for her to use and we need for you to send her a current picture of yourself and your family, or pet, whatever, if you like.  She needs the pictures to be scanned to her individually not all on one page or if you need to mail them, she will return them if you enclose the postage.  If I understand Gerry correctly, this will all be put to music from our "era".  Gosh! that sounds so old!  I didn't know I even had an "era"!  Her brother did one for his reunion and Gerry is going to con him into helping her to do ours.  What are little brothers for anyway?  I have lists of the Top 100 from two of the radio stations in the area at the time.  We also think that we can make copies if anyone wishes to purchase one.  I would ask that you not pay for those until you get them at the reunion.  If anyone who is not going (and I'm sure there's none of those people) wants one , we can work out the details on that later.  As far as cost on those CD's, it would be minimal (just the cost of the CD and postage of .63 if you want it mailed).  Back to the pictures, if you have any pictures of our days at WUHS you can send those as well, but again only scan individual pictures NOT groups of pictures!!  Gerry's email is and her mailing address is on file, just email me and I will give it to you.  More reunion news will follow as we go along and get closer.  We are trying to keep the price in line with past reunions, but remember that was 5, 15, & 25 years ago!
Again I'm asking you, if you know of anybody from our class or maybe their parents, let me know.  I may have them on file, I may not.  Still no word on so many.  I'm missing about 80 people.  I will try to get a list out there so if you know of anyone you can let me know.  Sometimes it's easier when you are looking at it on paper.
Well, that's all folks!  Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Keep your emails coming.  Oh!  how could I forget!  I spoke with Dale Perkins when I got back from Atlanta.  Actually he had called me when I was in Atlanta to harass us at the Mini Reunion but I didn't hear the of those senior things again.  Anyway, thanks for the phone call Dale, it is always a pleasure to talk to you.  Sorry we missed you in Atlanta.
Magnolias Forever!

Debbie Jennings Wilson
Pirates Log 2006-3
February 17, 2006

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  I have lots of news, but first to the "Mail Bag".
I heard from Cindy "Sunny" Hudson in response to the last PLog.  I wanted to know what it was she did because she emails me late late at night.  She says she maintains records on Apache helicopters.  They train Army pilots.  You may recall that Sunny lives in Ozark, AL.  Thanks for writing Sunny and stay in touch!
I got a really nice email from Beverly Sheridan (Mike's wife).  I'm glad that the spouses read what I write as well as the classmates (truth be told, they probably read more than the classmates) because then when we do get together, nobody will be a stranger.  Beverly wrote to let me know that she and Mike saw Reilly Porter in Galveston in 2004 and Mike had called him at Christmas and spoke with his girlfriend, so we know he is still in Arlington, TX.  We just don't have an email address for him and I am assuming that the Arlington address I have is still correct.  Mush, Beverly was going to pass on your message about your crush on Reilly.  Beverly, it was great to hear from you, please write often!
Michele "Mush" Schlick wrote to let me know that she had seen Chris Carringer a few years ago and that Colleen Corrigan may have info on her.  Problem is, Mush, I don't know if the email I have for Colleen is current.  I have no snail mail address for her either.  If you have a valid email for Colleen, please forward it to me!  Thanks!
Brian Goforth has been very helpful in obtaining information for me on some of the "lost" classmates, as has Robin Whipple Burrow.  They gave me info on Alice Craig Wagner and Josina Weststeyn Conant.  Although, guys, you gave me two different addresses for Josina.  Does she live in Wheatland or Nicolaus?  A bit of news from both Brian and Robin, Alice Craig's brother, Steve Craig, collapsed after jogging recently and they were unable to revive him.  My thought and prayers go out to Alice and her family.  Brian also offered some insight on some of our "departed" classmates, Lori Ranta.  Otto Jaks had asked about her.  I thought she had committed suicide and Brian did confirm.  He said her dad also committed suicide and Lori had found him.  Such a sad story.  Yes, Brian, we have also lost Vernon Detwiler, Jerry Joyner and Rick Mauritson.  Also, Sherry Hornbrook (I don't remember her, sad to say), Barry Mink  and Adella Slade.  According to Brian, Adella died in 1985 from breast-turned-liver-turned-bone cancer.  Barry Mink died of a heart attack.  Since he had no history of heart disease, he didn't realize he was having a heart attack until it was too late.  Brian, when did Barry die?  I would love to have any information that anybody has on our "fallen" comrades.  I think we could do a real nice memorial.  Thanks for all your info, Brian.  And thank Aunt Helen too!  Any word on John Skeffington?
I heard from John Baudier too.  He works for Intel Corporation managing one of their many engineering teams in Asia.  For the past 13 years John has also been supporting various internal business entities in Asia.  He and Theresa (his wife) love it over there and hope to stay many more years.  John, I hope ya'll can make the reunion.  Mark your calendar for July 28-30, 2006.  Thanks for the info.
I got an email from Charlie Comberrel explaining that he got home from Atlanta and tried to find his Junior yearbook but couldn't.  He decided that he probably doesn't have one as he left WUHS in October or November of our Junior and didn't come back until late our Senior year.  Is that right Charlie?  I had also asked Charlie to clarify how many children he has...1 son, who has 1 child.  Thanks for the information Charlie and it was great to see you in Atlanta!  Keep in touch!
Robin Whipple Burrow wrote to give me Josina Weststeyn Conant's address and she also had an email address for Sharon Mahon (  Robin says that Sharon lives in Washington, Alice Craig lives in Florida and Chip Marcus lives in the River bottoms.  Thanks for the update on folks, Robin.  Let me say again how much we appreciate you offering your home for the Friday Night Mixer for the reunion on Friday, July 28, 2006.
Have had many emails from Gerry Gothrow Paris and Dale Perkins.  Mainly concerning the reunion.  They both are being terrific in helping on the west coast end.  Dale is looking into entertainment (DJ) possibilities and Gerry is looking into accommodations and a venue for Saturday night.  Thanks guys! and
Okay guys and girls on to my news!  We have a website!  The Class of 71 is now adequately represented on the wide world web at .  We have been working on it all week and I think it is ready for your review.  If you find any errors, please let me know immediately.  I hope you all will take a minute when you get through reading this PLog and go to the site to check it out.  Please fill in your information on the Classmates page and if you can, download a current picture and I will download a "Then" picture.  Write a short bio (if you like) too.  I am open to suggestions and if you see something that should be changed or added, let me know.  Please sign the guest book and let us know that you were there.  When the time gets closer and we have the reunion more finalized, I will be putting prices and such on the "Buy Tickets" page.  We are able to accept credit card payments on the site as well.  You will see several different "Tickets", so please pay close attention to what you mark if you decide to use that option.  I hope that you enjoy it and visit it many times.  I will add a link below to make it easy for you to jump over there.
Well, my mailbag is empty now so I will sign off once again.  Ya'll keep those emails coming and contact brothers and sisters, moms and dads of our classmates to find out where they are. I emailed Ginny Skeffington looking for John (no response yet) and I emailed Dave Bresnyan's brother (at least I hope it was his brother), again no response yet.  Thanks to all who have written and to all who are going to write (see? I stay ever hopeful!  hee hee)  Sharon Martin, I have missed you this week.  Hope all is well down your way.
Magnolia's Forever!

Pirates Log 2006-4
September 3, 2006


Happy Labor Day!  I hope this PLog finds everyone enjoying a safe and relaxing holiday.  Things are quiet here in Columbus, Mississippi (as they usually are).  Not much news to impart, but wanted to get back into the swing of things.


I think the reunion was a smashing success.  Thanks entirely to those of you who attended.  Ya’ll brought with you your enthusiastic personalities and a willingness to reach out to those you may not have known well back in 70/71 and expand your circle of friends.  I, for one, found people that I am truly sorry I didn’t know better in high school.  I always seem to come away from one of our reunions with those thoughts.  I want to express my special thanks again to Gerry Gothrow Paris, Dale Perkins, Robin Whipple Burrow (and her husband, Bruce), Linda Greenwade (and her husband, Joseph), Cheryl Cornelius Ochs, Jean Garst Kelly, Ray Stanaland, Larry Collins (his wife, Crystal), Dave Pack (his wife, Noralee), John Broumas (his wife, Kathryn), and Mark Chaussee.  I’m sure I have forgotten someone, but these people contributed so much of their time and energy into making the reunion the special occasion that it was.  I would also like to thank those from other classes that visited with us Friday night, Gene & Cathy Reyes (70 & 73), Gene’s brother, Les (75) and Billy & Cheryl Rohm (70).  It was great to see you guys!  The gift baskets were wonderful and such a variety!  I am already working on the 40th and hope to have some volunteers.  I am still diligently working on locating any classmates that are on the “lost” list, so if you know of anyone, please ask them to contact me or ask them if you can give me their information.  Don’t forget to check the website often, as I update it almost daily.  Another thing, if you have any information on any of our teachers, please forward that info as well.  I have more on that later on.


Here are a few short notes about teachers.  Shortly before the reunion, I received a phone call one night about 9:30.  I answered the phone (caller ID said unknown”) and this man says “Is this Debbie Wilson?  Debbie Jennings Wilson?”  I said “Yes, it is”  and he said “This is your favorite Spanish teacher”.  Well, I was so excited as I had often thought of Charles Biederman through the years and had tried to find him a couple of times, with no success.  It was a pleasure to talk to him and I was so excited I forgot to get his phone number or email.  But I did locate him in Oregon so I will further our contact and add him to our PLog “subscriber” list.


Shortly after the reunion, my son called me one morning while I was at Weight Watchers (for those of you who don’t know, I have been trying to lose weight since the mini reunion in Atlanta and have lost 50 lbs).  Anyway he called to tell me that a lady called and said she was Mrs. Baker but I would know her as Miss Gross and left her phone number.  Well, I can’t tell you how many times “Miss Gross” has crossed my mind through the years.  I’m going to call her Lynne from here on (as we are not that far apart in age), with her permission.  I could hardly wait to get home to call her back.  We talked for a great while and she may be able to help us contact other teachers.  We found a mutual love for Italy as she and her daughter, Olivia, had recently visited there and of course I had lived there for 6 years.  So we talked about the various places she went and places I knew about.  Lynne, I will tell you, that with every thing I write, you are foremost in my mind.  I always think about you and if this or that is the correct way to say this or that.  So needless to say, you made a very large impact on my life.


A few days after talking with Lynne, I got an email from Marlene Robinson (more affectionately known as “Miss R”).  She currently lives in Redding, her birth place, and teaches seniors one day a week on computers in her home.  She seemed really glad to get the contact information and has already checked out our website.  You can reach her at  Miss R., it was wonderful hearing from you and hope to hear more soon.  Please send me your address and phone number so I can include you in the next issue of the Class of 71 Address Book.


I had an email from Sharon Martin, Ricky’s wife.   I think Ricky is like most of the male classmates, their wives do most of the emailing back to me. LOL  I look forward to meeting Sharon one day.  Anyway, she was thumbing through our yearbook and had some questions.  One, she wants to know why Ricky got the nickname “Lips”.  Now Rick tells her it was because he played the trumpet, but she’s not sure she buys that story.  So, if anybody out there has the real story, or at least a different story, please send it in.  Inquiring minds want to know……  Rick and Sharon celebrated their 31st anniversary on July 25th.


I have permission from another classmate to inform ya’ll that he is retiring.  Francisco Velez is taking an early retirement from the California Department of Transportation.  He’s not sure how long he will stay “retired”, at least until he gets bored.  Hey!  That‘s another use for the “Message Boards” on the website!  If anyone is looking for a new career or looking for someone to hire, place those notices on the “Networking” Board.


I also heard from Gail Burton.  She was not able to attend the reunion, but she and I will be meeting up in Memphis in the very near future, I hope.  Gail lives in Searcy, Arkansas, so Memphis is about half way for both of us. (2 hours or so).  Gail was my Maid of Honor and best friend through school and through the years we have stayed in sporadic contact.  Life …… it happens.  We get busy and time flies.


I sent out the September birthdays late last week, but incase you missed it, they are:


Ray Stanaland              9/3      (CA)     TODAY    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Gail Burton                   9/6      (AR)

Mike Georgulis             9/12     (NC)

Susan Muck Rowan       9/16     (CA)

Robert Richardson        9/30    (MA) unless he’s moved to OH already, which he was supposed to do in September


Send these people birthday wishes and make their day something special.  I will send out the October birthdays at the end of September.  If you have a birthday (well I KNOW you have a birthday), but what I mean to say is if your birthday is coming up, let me know.  You can check the “Birthdays” page on the website to see if I have your day listed.  

Speaking about the website, be sure to check out the new photo album entitled “Our Pride & Joy”.  This album is for our “next” generation.  That would be our kids and grandkids or maybe your favorite niece or nephew or favorite pet.   I have also started a “Recipe” page.  So if you have a favorite recipe you might like to share, send it in.  All are welcome.  I love recipes, even though I don’t cook much anymore except for functions at work or family get togethers, I love looking at recipes and dreaming of the days when I could eat anything and still weigh 110 lbs! Yeah, like that’s going to happen today!  LOL


I really enjoy working on the website and I have been in the process of kind of changing it from a total “reunion” site to a more general site for our class.  Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  If you visit the website, please sign the guestbook and let everyone know you were there.  Don’t forget about the message boards!  You can network your business there, look for jobs, volunteer to help with the 40th reunion, give us suggestions for the 40th reunion, let us know what you would do differently for the 40th.  I have also created a survey for the 40th reunion, so please fill that out as well.  I have enjoyed working on the website so much that I have also created one for my family , turned one of my friends on to it and now my daughter is working on her 15th reunion, so she and a friend are creating their website .  Lynne, she is a much better writer than I am.


Those of you who could not make the reunion, you were missed.  Rick Gracey, I have been trying to figure out how I can get some Lil Dooey BBQ to you.  I’m thinking on it.  Sandy Parker Lopez, I will be getting back to you with your reunion package and refund.  Mike Sandquist, we missed you and hope your trip to Atlanta was a success.  Thanks for the pictures you sent.


Oh!  Before I forget!  Gerry is fine tuning the reunion slideshow and that will be mailed out to all attendees.  Also, Larry Collins sent me a wonderful CD of the reunion photos set to music.  If anyone would like a copy, just let me know.  It is in power point so you would need to have that on your computer.  Larry has turned me onto power point and I am really getting into that.


Well ladies and gentlemen, it is that time again to say good night.  So, from the very first PLog……


Ya’ll come back!



Magnolia’s Forever


Pirates Log 2006-5

November 7, 2006


Well, it’s been 2 months since the last PLog and while I haven’t had much news, there has been some excitement amongst the class.  First and foremost, let me apologize to any classmate that I offended by forwarding the email about the Muslim stamp.  Such was not my intention and I am very sorry.  Please accept my apology.


This will be a short PLog as not many of you have been corresponding with me lately.  There are some new pictures on the website in the “35th Reunion – Saturday Night” Photo album.  These were just submitted by Sharon Okano Misumi.  Thank you very much, Sharon.  The pictures are great!


I would also like to let all of you know of a recent upgrade on the website.  You can now download your own pictures to the photo albums.  Simply go to the Photo Album page and you will see an area for that purpose.  It is easy to do and will save you time and effort rather than sending them to me.  BUT if you prefer to send them to me, that will be great, I will be happy to put them on the site for you.  If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to give me a holler via email or telephone.


Lynne (Gross Baker), thank you for all of the wonderful emails.  I love hearing from you and look forward to seeing you at the next reunion.  If you have any information that you can share concerning any classmates or teachers, please let me know.   If you feel more comfortable giving them my information, please do.


Gerry (Gothrow Paris), I hope your New York walk went well.  I haven’t heard from you in a coon’s age.  Thank you again for all of your hard work on the reunion and I hope you’re willing to help with the 40th.


Ya’ll be sure to check the website often as I do still make adjustments and additions.  I have located Roger Bennett’s brother, Rick, and he has given our information to Roger.  Hopefully, I will hear from him soon.  I got Rick through a classmate of his who happened to be looking for Mindy Bailey’s sister.  I often get emails from people who were in other classes at Wheatland and who have visited our website.  If any of you have any information on anyone on the “Lost” page, please let them know that we are looking for them.  I will be sending the PLog to members of other classes as well in case they have any information or wish to stay in contact with any of you.


Not much has been happening here in Columbus, Mississippi.  The weather is cooling off a little and the leaves are a beautiful array of colors from gold to orange to red.  Rick Gracey, I haven’t been to Lil’ Dooey’s in a while, but whenever I pass by, I always think of you.  For those that don’t know, Lil’ Dooey’s has the best BBQ in town and when Rick was down visiting his son at Columbus AFB, he had the privilege of eating there.  When are you coming back, Rick?


Francisco Velez, how is retirement treating you?  I’m not sure I’m cut out for that.  Always great to hear from you!


Lyle Williams, I am starting to think very hard on the mini reunion aka “Southern Connection 2”.  I’m leaning towards Ft. Walton if that meets with everyone’s approval.  Those in the southeast, please send me your two cents.  That would include, Lyle, Mark Underwood, Kim Ferguson Boyd, Minna Hancock Grafton, Jim McCanne, Jean Garst Kelly, Charlie Comberrel, Dee Starnes Horton, Rick Hall, Rick Martin, Darnelda Sloan Trower, Gail Burton, Arlene Endicott Fuller, Colleen Corrigan, Diane Kennon Piacentino, Art Bitterman, Ernie Brown, Cindy “Sunny” Hudson, Alice Craig Wagner, Mike Georgulis, Rachel Kelly Reno, Donald Waldron and anyone else who might be down this way after the New Year.  No date has been set yet, so we are still flexible at this point.  Ya’ll give me your ideas and opinions on place, date and activities.


Thank you to those of you who have let me know when your birthdays are.  I hope to eventually have everyone’s on file.  I hope, too, that you are getting birthday greetings on your special days.  

Well, ladies and gentlemen, tis time to call it a night.  Maybe next time there will be more news to share with you.  Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be back!


Deborah Jennings Wilson


Magnolia’s Forever



Pirates Log 2007-1
August 18, 2007 


WOW!  I can’t remember how long it’s been since I did one of these!  Hope this finds all healthy, wealthy and wise.  I have some exciting news concerning one in our midst and I have obtained their permission to share.  First, let me tell you that the website has had a facelift. If you haven’t visited lately, please do so at your earliest convenience.  Now on to our news!


I had started getting my emails back from Sharon Mahon Fiscus and was concerned that maybe we had lost her.  I found her still in so I emailed her through there and she responded.  She had moved and her email has changed.  She has moved to West Richland, WA and is back in banking now.  Her new email is

Marlene Robinson (“Miss R” to us girls) had a total knee replacement on August 1st.  I haven’t heard from her again, but hope all went well.  Write soon Miss R and let us know!  Also for those of you keeping up, her birthday is August 20th, Monday.  Her email address is

Debbie Hazleton Rausch wrote recently to let me know that she is a grandma again!  Congrats to you Debbie!  Her son, Jim, and his wife, Angel, had a boy, 8 lbs 5 oz and 20½ inches, long on July 17th.  His name is Michael Lee Rausch.

I received a new email for Charlie Comberrel also.  He requests that we use Thanks for letting me know, Charlie.  I’m still looking at another Mini Reunion in the southeast and will let you know when and where.


Rick Gracey emailed back in June that he is now flying part time for the Air Support Unit for the Redlands, CA Police Dept. Go to this website to check it out.  Rick’s email is Rick, my dad and I ate at Lil’ Dooey’s yesterday………….I thought about you! J


John Baudier and his wife, Theresa, are still in India and loving it.  He wrote with his new email back in February.  In case you’ve lost it, it is

Dale Perkins wrote back in April to let me know about Dan Imig’s daughter passing away.  I know we all send our condolences to Dan.  While we are remembering, give a special thought to Debbie Hazleton Rausch also.  It’s been a little over a year now that her husband has been gone.


Some of you may remember that my dealership closed down back in January and we were able to reopen under new ownership in mid-February.  It has been very stressful for me since then (well truth be told, it’s been stressful for several years, but that’s another story).  Anyway, I turned in my two week notice on Thursday!  I will be leaving the Kia dealership after 10 years and actually starting up the store back in 1998.  It will be very traumatic as I love the stupid place and have felt like it was MY dealership.  I have taken a position as Comptroller with Carlock Toyota in Tupelo (yes, the home of Elvis).  Tupelo is about 55 miles north of Columbus, so I will have a little bit of a drive, but the opportunity is great.  Carlock owns dealerships in Blytheville, AR, Jackson, TN and 3 in Tupelo, MS.  Toyota is building their newest plant just outside of Tupelo. They are building a new $6,000,000 Toyota dealership and Carlock owns the Nissan and Kia dealerships there as well.  When construction is complete, they will centralize their accounting for the 3 stores and I will then be comptroller for all 3.  I am very excited, and a little scared.  This is why I am up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning typing on this computer.  I couldn’t sleep!!! J


Let’s give KUDOS to Gerry Gothrow Paris.  She has completed another walk for womankind.  Thank you Gerry!  I appreciate all you do for the cause of breast cancer.

Well, just like dessert, I have saved the best news for last.  One among us has a new addition to their family!  His name is Conrad and he was born on May 28th, weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches long.  He is now over 12 lbs and 24 inches long!  They do grow fast!  I wish I had pictures of the family, but I’ve been promised they are on their way.  The proud parents?..........................................................

None other than our very own Robin (Whipple) and Bruce Burrow.  They are very excited and Conrad has stolen their hearts, I think.  They flew to Philadelphia on May 28th and got to see him when he was just 12 hours old.  22 days later they’re back home and Conrad is a Burrow.  Congratulations to you both, Robin!  Robin can be reached at

Well, it is now 6:30 and guess I will get ready for work.  One thing about the new job, I will have 3 people in the office so maybe I won’t have to work 70 hours a week and 6 days a week.  I’m getting too old for this! J

Just a quick note to let you know that the 40th reunion will be here before you know it, so get your ideas, comments, whatever in.  Keep your eyes and ears open for “lost” classmates and teachers.  It’s been suggested that instead of “combining” with other classes, we just “invite” them to our reunion.  What say you?  Those of you who stay busy ALL THE TIME, mark a time frame in the summer of 2011 to take a trip down memory lane and renew old friendships and make new ones.  I know that at the 35th I came away having “met” some wonderful people that I didn’t know back in ’71.  I’m sorry it took us 35 years to get to know one another.  Oh!  Another tidbit, one of our teachers, Charles Biederman (Spanish I & History, I think) is still counseling at a camp for kids in Arizona.  It's called Camp Orme, you can visit the site and see pics of him and his wife, Lori at  Just go to “Meet Our 2007 Staff”.


Well, the days are long and lazy here in the south and the magnolias seem to bloom forever.  Everyone take care, send in your tidbits and continue to check out the website.


Magnolias Forever

Girls Raised In The South)

                                   Pirates Log 2008-1
                                                     October 7, 2008

Note:  I decided to enter this email as a PLog since it seemed to go along those lines.  An update on Linda Cottrell, Robert Coty sent me undeniable verification the Linda passed away in 1988.  Thank you Robert.  We still have the mystery Linda Cottrell on, but "our" Linda is in a better place.

Well, folks, we've got another one back in the fold (so to speak).  Located John Nix, with the help of another classmate.  I have asked John for permission to put his bio on the website and am awaiting his reply.  I will say that he is enjoying his passion (sailing), and is currently in Africa helping to build telecommunication and energy projects.
It continually amazes me how far and wide we have all spread and I love and appreciate the fact that so many of you make the trek back in time every few years to renew old friendships and make and build new ones.  I sincerely hope that even more of you will try to make the 40th.  You never know what or who you might find there. 
We have reached 10,500 visits to our website!!!  That's wonderful, guys!  I am so excited that you find the time in this busy life we all lead to check it out and hopefully return many times.  Here lately I am updating about every other evening, so please continue to check back often.  I have thought of putting out another PLog, but it is easier to keep everyone up to date with the website.  Besides, it would be really hard to beat the first couple of ones I sent out (I was really on a roll back then!) and not all of us have email.  :)  I hope that you will continue to send me your news and if there is EVER anything that you wish to NOT be put on the website, please please just tell me. 
Have any of you noticed the names in blue on the "Lost Classmates" page?  Those are the classmates from our junior yearbook that DID NOT walk with us in '71.  If you have any information on any of them, please let me know.  I am in the process of adding them to our address book. I didn't realize there were so many until I started listing them.  Some I remember and some I don't.  Not sure if that is because I just didn't know them or because I'm just a itsy bitsy teeny weenie tiny bit older now and my memory has gone on vacation. :)
We still have the mystery Linda Cottrell that keeps popping up on  Most recently she visited Dale Perkins' profile page.  I have heard from several sources that Linda is deceased, but we can find no confirmation.  If anyone has any specific dates or names or places, please let me know. I will not list anyone as deceased without definitive proof or an eye witness report!
Remember too, to check out the "Calendar" page as I have all of the class birthdays on there.  Please remember to send them good wishes on their special day.
Minna Hancock's emails have started coming back to me, but Maggie McGowan promises to send me her new address, so hopefully I can get Minna back.  I will be getting out snail mail soon to those of us who don't have email in order to get their updates.  With the economy as it is, obviously my workload has slowed down considerably so I am not quite as tired when I get home, although I still put in 60 - 70 hours a week with the commute.  It is not so hectic during the day that it drains me.  While I am confident that my position is secure, we are laying off several employees.  I hope that each of you are in as secure a position as anyone can be in these times.  I know for a fact that it has affected some of you and I hope that the job hunting is going well.  I will keep you all in my prayers.  Anyway, all of that to say I am working more and more on the 40th reunion.  I know many of you say "That's 3 years off"  But let me tell you, time flies!  This I know because my son will be 35 years old this Christmas, and I am NOT possibly old enough to have a child THAT old!!! :)
I don't know if you know or not but you can update your bio profiles on the website if you need or wish to.  OR you can email me with the changes and I will do it for you.  Those of you who had profiles on there but no "NOW" picture, I added current pictures from the reunions or other sources if available.  So when you check out the website again, you never know where subtle changes may be.  Look at everything!  And I am ALWAYS open for suggestions or constructive criticism.  I am not perfect, as we know from past experiences!  Several of you are much more savvy in the computer world, building websites, etc than I am, so please speak up!
Well, I said I wasn't going to put out another PLog, but it looks like this turned into one without the name at the top!  Sorry about that!  I'll leave you with one of my sign offs from early on.........
Night, night,
Sleep tight,
Don't let the bedbugs bite!
GRITS - "Girls raised in the south"
Pirates Log 2008-2
October 12, 2008
Well, notwithstanding the posted PLog 2008-1, this will really be the first Pirates Log in over a year. I guess we have a lot of catching up to do. I have probably emailed most of this information out as it came in to me, but I will include it here anyway so that you may refer back to it if need be.
It’s been a year now since Miss “R” moved into her new home in McKinleyville, CA. She loves it from what I can tell in her emails and she has a new address, in case you haven’t noticed on my emails out, it is 
I hesitated to include this announcement but I feel we need to celebrate our loved ones lives as well as mourn their passing. The one year anniversary has just passed of the horrible accident that finally took the life of Rick and Tina Gracey’s grandson, Joseph Greene. Joseph was just 4 years old and left behind his mom and dad, a twin brother, Alexander and a sister, Grace and grandparents who will miss him for all their lives. Rick and Tina, I remember getting your message last year on my birthday and thought of you this year on that day. My most heartfelt condolences as well as those of the rest of the class go out to you as you deal with this most heart-rending time of year.
A year ago today, I received email from Beverly Sheridan that Mike had shaved his head after losing his ponytail in a raffle for the American Cancer Society. Bev, I got the picture and tried to save it for the website, but could not. If you could try sending it again as an attachment, maybe I can get it that way. Mike garnered $3,355 for the Society. Way to go Mike and remember, “hair today, gone tomorrow”. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Mike’s ponytail went to an organization that makes wigs for adults who are cancer patients. Mike, you have my utmost respect for what you’ve done.
I also received a new email from Katharyn Broumas. Kathy keeps John B. up to date on the class, as he hates the computer and would rather deal heartbeat to heartbeat. Thanks Kathy, the new address is
I’ve had many many emails from Dale Perkins, my faithful First Officer of this Star Date edition of the Pirates Log. Dale has found several “lost” classmates for us as well as a few teachers. He only fell down on the job once when Gary Muck walked into his place of business and Dale failed to get ANY information at all! Gee, thanks Dale!  But to give Dale his due, he did find Karen Wortham, Pam Kelly Cobble, Alan Willendrup, Robert Coty, Nancy Kearney Sykes, Clyde Quick, and he got me an updated email address on Brian Goforth (as we had lost him for a while). Did I forget anyone, Dale? Dale also let me know that Bobby Metcalf (he’s one of our classmates that left WUHS before graduation) died back in 1978. I have posted him to the “In Memoriam” photo album. Speaking of which, several of you have written in asking how our classmates have passed away, so I am trying to note their cause of death (COD) in the photo album. If anyone has any information in that regards, please let me know. We are not being morbid, but when you care about someone, you want to know and understand why they aren’t with you anymore. I really appreciate ALL you do!
After Dale found Pam Kelly Cobble, I received a nice email from her. She is living in Carroll, IA and adjusting quite well since she has her grandkids around. She has been there since 2005, which is about the time we “lost” her, I think. Carroll is northeast of Omaha and northwest of Des Moines and halfway in between, if you’re looking for her on the map. Pam, thanks for writing and stay in touch! Remember to update us when you move again.
I got the most beautiful Christmas letter from Lynne Gross Baker last year. She saw her daughter graduate and go off to college in MT, but Olivia has since transferred back to CA. Lynne finally took a look at the website and thought we had done a great job. Thank you, Lynne; it takes everyone contributing to make it what it is. Lynne gave me several leads on different teachers, which I am following up on. I appreciate that so much, Lynne. She also told me that Mr. Newman died several years ago and Mrs. Brumley had just died the week before of cancer (that would have been the week of July 7, 2008), and Mr. Brumley had died last year. Lynne also informed me of the retirement of Mrs. Allsman and Mrs. Jaudon. Thank you so much for ALL of that information, Lynne. It helped tremendously! She also gave me names of teachers that Miss “R” might be able to help with. I contacted Miss “R” and she put me in touch with Mrs. Withington (Typing/Shorthand). I have heard from Mrs. Withington a couple of times now and we have posted her bio on the website. Thanks again Lynne and Miss "R"!!!
As posted on the “Stories” page, Cheryl Cornelius Ochs has graduated from the University of Tulsa with a bachelor’s in business management, cum laude. She is now the Recruiting Coordinator in the Career Services department at the university. Congratulations again Cheryl! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help with the 35th reunion! You were a tremendous asset!
Debbie Hazelton emailed to give me a new address for Joanne Peters Tavarez. Thanks, Deb. My emails are not coming back to me so I assume it works! Hope all is well with you and your family.
As I wrote earlier, I heard from Carol Mellerio Withington through Miss “R”. You can find her bio on the “Classmates” page of the site. Mrs. Withington retired in 2002. Her email is
As you know, I also found John Nix, thanks to one of our classmates. John did respond and will be posting a bio shortly. He was in Ohio, but has sold his home there and is currently working in Africa. John is semi-retired and is having the time of his life enjoying his passion, sailing. John, don’t forget to get with me when you get back to land and send pics!
David Pack wrote with some leads on Sheron Lewis Hunt which I am following up on. Thanks Dave! Don’t forget to give Noralee a hug for me. I really enjoyed getting to know her better at the
Gerry Gothrow Paris emailed in with some leads on John Skeffington, Robert Basile, Margaret Bobb, Chris Kelso Diesslin, Candy Leon and Dawn Holding Everett. I followed up on John S. and got his correct email (he had been “lost” too for a while) and he responded. I also followed up on Margaret Bobb, but I have not heard anything yet. Contacted Dawn Holding Everett through and she responded quickly. I have more on that in a minute. I still have to follow up on Chris K., Candy L. and Robert B. Thank you, my fellow 3TO&DPO friend, for all of that and so much more! P.S. Hope your hip is better and you will make the Chicago walk. Gerry is missing the Charlotte walk. Sorry Michael Georgulis, maybe next time!
I had a couple of nice long emails from Dawn Holding Everett. She is in Tacoma, WA and has a copywriting & marketing creative development business. She left WUHS before graduation also, so has been out of contact with everyone for 37 years. Welcome back, Dawn. Hope to hear more from you soon!
I had a nice long chat with Gail Burton on my birthday. Thanks, Gail for remembering and calling. I really enjoyed catching up!
That’s the past year in a nutshell. As most of you should know by now, I am getting ready for the 40th reunion and updating the address book and email lists. If you know of anyone, please let me know. Any leads you have, I will follow up on. There are so many out there that I haven’t heard from in a coon’s age. Sally Nicholls Lambert, where are you? Debbie Martin, Mark Chaussee, Mark Underwood, Kim Ferguson Boyd, Lyle Williams, I haven’t heard from you in forever!! Chuck Vincent, are you planning on the 40th? Hope to see you there! Mindy Bailey, I haven’t heard from you either! Colleen Corrigan, where are you??? David Duguay, how are you doing? Sharon Mahon, Mike McNatt, Larry Miles??? There are so many of you.
Things are fairly quiet here in the south. The wisteria is gone now, as are the magnolias. The Pig Fest has come and gone. The leaves are turning yellow and gold and all the fireflies have gone into hiding. The weather is turning cooler now and I can almost smell my Granny’s scalabark cake cooking in the oven. That was to die for! I can see her out in the chicken yard feeding her chickens and the deer and tending the fire under the big black cauldron that held the crackling that was cooking. To be that young again and not worry about the price of gas or the stock market or if I’d have a job tomorrow. All I had to worry about was getting out of bed when she hollered “Breakfast!”, and being there at 12 noon (sharp) for “dinner”. I remember when my dad brought his new wife home from CA in ’73. She told Granny that she’d come pick her up for “dinner”, so Granny sits on the front porch waiting at noon. She waited and waited. “Dinner” to Granny was lunch to my dad’s new wife and “dinner” to my dad’s new wife was “supper” to Granny.
Well, it’s now Monday morning and I have to work tomorrow/today. Ya’ll take care and come back now, ya hear?

Signing off here in the south,

Debbie Wilson
Girls Raised In The South
Pirates Log 2008-3
November 13, 2008
Hey all! I hope this edition finds all of you happy, healthy and wise. I guess you are getting ready for a big Thanksgiving. It continually amazes me how time flies these days. I’m not sure if it’s because the older I get the more precious time is or that I’m just so busy these days that I don’t take the time to notice the passing of the days into weeks into months. It seems just like yesterday that Santa was making his rounds and here it is, time for him to come around again!
11,034 !!!!!! That’s the number of hits we have on our website! That is so exciting! I appreciate the fact that so many of you take the time to surf by and check it out and hopefully revisit from time to time. I wish more of you would send your bios, sign the guestbook and let everyone know that you were there. But alas, I have learned to settle for what I can get in this Life! J
Well, I finally took the time to meet with Eugene Hansberger face to face this week. I went into work early on Tuesday morning to catch him before he got off work. Like all of us, Gene is older, but if you look deep, you can still find the Eugene with the “pork chop” sideburns. I will say though that I think he is one of us who has changed the most. Not really changed so much as just lost a lot of his teenage look. I don’t know if that makes any sense whatsoever, but what I mean is most of you, I would know or at least feel like I knew you if I passed you on the street. You have kept some part of your identity from the 70’s. But if I had not known that they had paged Gene for me and he was coming to the front of the store, I would have literally passed him by and never recognized him. He is quieter than I remember him being in high school. And of course, he didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat! J But I told him that was okay since half of you probably don’t really remember me either except for these writings we share. J He is retired from the military; divorced and a night manager for Wal-Mart in Tupelo, Mississippi. We made no further contact plans, but I did get his phone number and address for the Class Address Book.
I want to thank Gerry Gothrow Paris (Elk Grove, CA), Charlie Comberrel (Anderson, SC) and Robert Richardson (Cincinnati, OH) for their help in locating some of the “lost” PLogs. There are still more out there I think, but maybe some of you will find them one day and forward them in to me. I now have all of them on the website for your enjoyment (very tongue-in-cheek). J You may still find some typos, but I am constantly going back through them to make corrections.
Thanks also to Gerry for the Wheatland Citizen article no Miss Kathy Daughenbaugh (Hoppin) and Mrs. Pat Summit (Jones). I didn’t know that Wheatland had newspaper, but I continually scan it for any news concerning classmates or teachers. But if I should miss something, please feel free to bring it to my attention.
I hope you all have checked out the calendar on the website and acknowledged our fellow classmates on their advancing years. The first half of November aged Lynne (Gross) Baker, Jean (Garst) Kelly, Mark Underwood, Dan Imig, Marilyn (Reynolds) Allen, and Joan (Danzero) Seifert. The second half of the month will catch Ricky Martin, Lee Rosser, Debbie Martin, Robin (Whipple) Burrow, and Carol (Withington) Mellerio. Happy Birthday to one and all. I hope you had/have a wonderful day!
I need to send thanks to Maggie (McGowan) Nava for sending in Minna (Hancock) Grafton’s new email address. So Minna is back “in the fold”. I really appreciate you doing that, Maggie. I hope all is well with you.
I heard from Kim Ferguson Boyd and she is still up for a second Southern Connection Mini Reunion. She “promises” to make this one, she says. J For those of you who don’t know the story, Kim wanted to get the last Southern Connection Mini Reunion together in 2006 and did…..…only she didn’t show up. J It was Mark Underwood (his wife, Sallie), Darnelda Sloan, Dee Starnes (her husband, Joe), Charlie Comberrel and me. A good time was had by all. Check out the photos on the website.
I emailed my buddy, Billy Rohm (class of 70) about RJ Hohman being married to Donna Holding and he responded pronto. Thanks for the info Billy! I did get a hold of RJ and he confirmed some things for me and I have added him to our email list in the ’70 group. I am steadily trying to locate the “lost”, so any help anyone can give me would be GREATLY appreciated.
I got an email from Ernie Brown recently. He let me know that he had been in Columbus to speak at a church for a Homecoming and had stayed in one of our Bed and Breakfasts, Shadow Lawn. I was disappointed that he didn’t call and let me know he was in town so we could have coffee and get acquainted, but maybe next time, okay Ernie?
Speaking of the Wheatland Citizen, I was recently browsing through the site and came across their photo album of the Wheatland Centennial. I didn’t see anyone from our class there but hopefully we were represented. I saw representatives of the Nicholls and the Nightingale families, so maybe at least two of us were there! J I will say though that I THINK I saw a picture of Susan Handschumacher. Since I haven’t seen her in 37 years I’m not sure, but there was definitely a resemblance. There was also a picture of Mary Ann Harrison (P. E. teacher), which I put on the website.
I have had several classmates ask me for any info on Frank “Tiki” Starnes, brother of Dee Starnes. I emailed Dee and asked her for info and she responded with his telephone number and the fact that he lives in Clarksville, TN. Thanks Dee! I also found his email address in one of the earlier PLogs and emailed him but have had no response as yet.
I got a nice long email and bio from Robert Richardson. You might remember that Robert lived in Boston during the 9-11 era and moved to Cincinnati about 2 years ago now, I guess. He is now employed with the IRS as a CSR. Sounds like the government, huh? All those initials. J He hopes to retire and move west one day. Thanks for the bio Robert. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back with you. Things got a little hectic at work and time got away from me. I enjoyed hearing about your life and how you got where you are. I can’t find any pictures of you, so can you please send one for address book? Stay in touch!
Heard from Dale Perkins, my faithful First Officer on this journey we are travelling. He sent me Dave Gookin’s email address. Mr. Gookin taught POD, if you remember. So I have added him to our Teacher list in the email address book and the Class Address Book. Thanks, Dale, I really appreciate all the help you have given me in trying to locate people.
Well, those of you who started your fruit jars for the “40th Reunion or Bust” campaign should have about $27.00 in there as of today. Mine sits on my kitchen counter so I can see it everyday and remember to “deposit” my dollar.
Folks, the time is getting ever closer and 2011 will be here before we know it. Please take the time to go to the website (well, I guess if you’re reading this, you’re already there.........duh!) and fill out the Reunion Survey Page. It is totally anonymous, I only get the answers not who submitted them. It’s very short and only takes a few seconds to do, but it will help tremendously in giving us some idea of what you would like to have for the 40th Reunion.
I don’t remember if I mentioned in the last PLog that I had heard from Robin (Whipple) Burrow and she has tentatively offered her place again for the Friday Night Mixer. I told her we would see how she felt in a couple of years. J If ya’ll remember, she and her husband, Bruce, adopted a newborn about 16 months ago or so. So she has her hands full right now, with more to come! Thanks for the offer, Robin, and personally I hope we can take you up on it. I think everyone had a terrific time there.
Well, it’s that time when I wind down and leave you with a few words from this sleepy little town of Columbus, Mississippi. I live in a townhouse duplex and have had no neighbors for about 4 months now. This past weekend a young couple moved in next door. They were very pleasant to talk to, but kept bringing up the fact that they had a dog. Andrew, the young man, went on about how he was going to build a fence for him and he was kind of an old dog, blah, blah, blah. Well then his wife, Marlena, comes out and we talk and she asks Andrew “did you tell her we had a dog?” So we go through the whole thing again. Well, I go out the back door later in the evening and step off my patio only to see the biggest, ugliest, meanest looking pit bull I’ve ever seen. I’m talking Cujo here. His name is Jake and he just looked at me and turned his head as if to say “Go away, you bother me”. I’m sure he’s just a big old teddy bear, but he still looks like Cujo to me! J
Ya’ll take care and keep those cards and letters coming!  Here’s a little chuckle to close out…….
"Stumpy Goes To The State Fair"
Stumpy and his wife Martha loved going to the State Fair. Every year Stumpy would dream of taking the airplane ride. But, Martha would always say, "It costs ten dollars to ride in that contraption, and ten dollars is ten dollars."
Yesterday, they went back to the fair again. "Martha," Stumpy said firmly, "I'm 71 years old. I might not have another chance to ride in that there airplane". Martha just snorted. "You foolish old man, ten dollars is ten dollars."
This time, the pilot overheard 'em. "How's about a deal?" he offered. "I'll take you both up, and if you can ride without saying a word, it's free. But, if you say one word it's ten dollars."
Everyone agreed and up they went. Well, that pilot stalled, and twisted, rolled, and dove, but not a sound was heard. Finally, he gave up and turned to Stumpy. "I tried hard to get y'all to yell out, sir, but I guess your ride's free."
"Thanks, son," Stumpy said, " You know I was gonna say something back there when Martha fell out but like that woman always said, ten dollars is ten dollars."
Debbie Jennings Wilson
Magnolias Forever
Pirates Log 2009-1
April 3, 2009
Hey everybody! Well, it looks like 2008 got away from me and 2009 is a quarter of the way gone already. My, how time flies. I guess the older I get, the shorter time gets. I didn’t intend for so much time to go by between our conversations, but it was recently brought to my attention that I had been remiss in getting a PLog out to ya’ll. So here goes….such as it is.
I’ve not had a lot of emails from ya’ll, but I will embellish with some hometown and personal news.
Since my last PLog, I have had a few emails from Chuck Biederman, my Spanish teacher my junior year. They have two sons, Joel (35), who is a teacher and tennis coach like dad and Kobe (31), who is the assistant at an environmental ed center. Chuck and his wife, Lori plan on visiting every state capitol and were making their way to Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah and Columbia back in January. I haven’t heard from them since then and I was unable to meet them in Atlanta when they were going to be there, so Chuck, if you are reading this, please let me know how your trip went.
I located Valerie Shaw (Butterworth) through and she responded to my inquiry. She is a retired Air Traffic Controller living in Indio, CA with her husband of 24 years, Bob. They have two mini schnauzers, Dash and Riley. She is currently working at Desert Lexus in Palm Springs. How’s the car business out your way Valerie? Ours is not too good here, but we are surviving. More on that later. Thanks for writing Valerie, and please stay in touch. As we get closer to the 40th reunion date, you will be hearing from me a lot more often!
Got an email from Marlene Robinson (Miss R), giving me her new email address. If anyone needs it, please write and let me know. Thanks Miss R for the info and write again soon.
Sharon Mahon Fiscus also has a new address, which I will be happy to share if anyone needs it. She spent some time with her kids in CA back before Christmas and got stranded with the weather and didn’t get home till Christmas Day. Glad you made it back, Sharon! Thanks for the info!
I got an email from Gerry Gothrow Paris, then one from Maggie McGowan Nava concerning the get together in Marysville/Yuba City (a mini reunion) sometime this month. I’m sorry to say I don’t have much info to impart on that as I have not heard from either of them in a while. My fault, because I have been out of whack for a while. But guys, if you have your plans finalized, let me know and I will get it posted on the website. Thanks, wish I could be there!
I located Andre Lewis on and he responded, so I have added him to our email list. Andre, thanks for writing and stay in touch! I now have his email address if anyone needs it.
Speaking of, I did create a page on there but have not had the time to really get familiar with it. My daughter tried to give me a crash course, but I have been so busy and it is just as easy to email you or post it on the website. I do hope that ya’ll are still checking the website frequently. I update as I obtain information and of course I always update the scroll marquee with the birthdays each month. And in that vein, today is Mike Sheridan’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Mike!
Of course, we also had some sad news, both for our class and the class of ’70. Debbie Boom passed away in January from something to do with a brain tumor possibly. Debbie was from the class of ’70 and I got several nice emails of remembrance. I posted them on the website.
I was also notified of the deaths of Art Bitterman and Carolyn Nichols. Art’s sister had Googled her brother and found our website, so she sent me an email with the particulars surrounding Art’s death. Art suffered a stroke in 2007 and then another one January 2009 and a final one in February. They had moved Art to Texas from Georgia in November 2008 to be nearer family. Art’s sister sent me a website address for the funeral home where they had a video commentary of Art’s life from birth to death. It was very moving and well put together.
Carolyn Nichols passed away sometime in late January or early February. She lived in Oregon. She went in for a cough and died 4 days later of cervical cancer. She had a daughter, 26 years old and her sister, Connie, was with her when she died. Both of these classmates will be greatly missed.
Ginny Skeffington saw John’s name on our lost list so she sent me info on him. John comes and goes, but I don’t think he is really ever "lost”. Anyway, the website Ginny sent is . There is a nice picture of John there if anyone would like to visit the site. Thanks Ginny for the info. I appreciate you keeping John with us! Another site with a nice article about John’s school is
Well folks, that’s it from the “mailbox”. I have been very busy at work just staying afloat. Of course the auto industry is not in its heyday right now, so every minute counts. We were in the middle of construction of a 55,000 sq ft; $7,000,000 new dealership when the proverbial poo-poo hit the fan with the economy. We were too far along to quit so now we move in in 10 days.
I had several close family deaths between Thanksgiving Day and the first week of Christmas. My ex-daughter-in-law’s (we are still close) brother got killed in a car wreck on Thanksgiving Day, then her grandmother passed away a week later, then my son-in-law’s nephew shot and killed himself a week after that. Then, in January one of my good friends (an elderly lady) had a seizure and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor so we have been dealing with that since the first week of January. Please keep all of these people and their families in your prayers and thoughts.
My daughter, Jaime, got a major promotion at the bank recently. She is now the Vice-President in charge of the retail side of the bank. The newspaper article of her promotion can be found at .   In the same paper there was also another article that will be of interest to Rick and Tina Gracey. Rick tells me that he and Tina are planning a trip south in June on their way to Atlanta for a wedding then on to TN and Charlotte, NC with a stopover in Columbus, MS. Rick, I already have us a table reserved at Lil’ Dooey’s. Here is the article on the history of Lil’ Dooey’s and “Mudbugs” (AKA crawfish….yuck! I used to play with those things!)   Enjoy!
Well, folks I guess it’s about that time to say “Goodnight Johnboy, goodnight Ellen and so forth and so on”. I have my grandson with me this weekend and I have left him alone too long. Although he is 15 and quite capable of taking care of himself, “DeeDee” has not seen him since Christmas. On top of that, he has been having seizures and is in the process of several MRI’s, EEG’s and various testing, so I want to spend some time with him.
Ya’ll keep those emails coming and be on the lookout for an increase of correspondence as time continues to speed by. Summer 2011 will be here before we know it. According to the website, Sacramento and Wheatland are leading the pack on venues for the next reunion, with Sacramento edging out Wheatland. Get your votes in! The poll is located on the “Welcome” page at the bottom.
I have not mentioned it, but I know there are some of you who have lost your jobs and at least one of you who is going through a separation/divorce. My thoughts are always with you all. I really appreciate hearing from all of you. Stay on the lookout for anyone on the “lost” list and if you have any information on anyone, please let me know.  I want to say thank you to Dale Perkins who I hear from every single day.  Thanks Dale, some days there would no smile on my face at all if not for you.
Night night
Sleep tight
Don’t let the bedbugs bite!
Magnolias Forever!
Pirates Log 2010-1
January 30, 2010

Hey Everybody! Well, I looked back and cannot believe I only wrote ONE Plog in 2009. I am sorry I dropped the ball on the newsletter, but hopefully, I will do better in 2010. We are at the beginning of a new decade and a year closer to our 40th reunion. Can ya’ll believe it has been almost 40 years since we had our last high school class together, walked those hallowed halls of Wheatland Union High School, closed those lockers for the last time and made that final walk to our seats at Commencement? Sometimes it seems so long ago and sometimes it seems like yesterday.
 I had coffee with a Weight Watcher buddy this morning and we talked of reunions, classmates, high school cliques and she made a very valid point. One I hope to remember come reunion time next year. She said that we were all like butterflies. In high school, we were still in our cocoons. We were wrapped warm in our little groups and comfortable with those people, but over the years, we have evolved into butterflies. Each of us has gone our own way, each of us different, each of us colorful and each of us beautiful in our own way. No matter how much hair we have or don’t have, no matter how much weight we have gained or lost, no matter how we treated people in high school and no matter how we were treated. What matters at this stage in our lives is how we treat people now. 
 On to the newsletter. As of the last Plog, we had lost 2 classmates in 2009, Carolyn Nichols and Art Bitterman. The class of 70 had lost one of their own, Debbie Boom. We lost two more in 2009, David Conrad on 3/5/09 and Otto Jaks on 10/5/09. I don’t have any particulars on David, but I did talk to Otto’s wife and posted those details on the website. We are slowly or maybe not so slowly, dwindling down. Every year it seems we are losing more and more of us. It always saddens me when I send out a notice of one of our classmates’ passing to you all. Otto’s death hit me especially hard as he and I had talked prior to the last reunion when he was thinking of trying to make it. I am so glad he did and his wife told me that he thoroughly enjoyed himself and was glad to reconnect with those that were there. On a more personal note, as Colleen Corrigan made note of in her memorial email concerning Otto, Otto sat on one side of me at Commencement and Jerry Joyner on the other. Now both of them are gone. They held my hands and didn’t laugh at me when my tears fell. Can you remember who sat next to you during that ceremony? Do you know where they are today? The class of 1970’s class mate, Lydia Chastain, lost her sister, Cynthia, in 2009 also.   I believe many of you knew her as well.
 Staying in that vein, Debbie Hazelton Rausch suffered two “transient ischemic attacks” (TIA’s) or “mini strokes” on December 14, 2009. She suffered some tingling in her extremities and could feel it in her right hand, but just couldn’t feel the hand. I asked Deb for an update on her condition and as of yesterday (1/16/10) she is still experiencing some tingling in her right hand similar to when your hand falls asleep and as it wakes up you get that tingle. She is back at work though and the doctor says the tingling may last several months. Deb, I’m sure we all wish you well and a complete and speedy recovery. Thank you for staying in touch and hope you can make the 40th reunion!
 As you may know, I use several outlets to search for our lost classmates. Some sites that I use are,, and most recently, Several classmates are on facebook and we have a grand time sharing our daily lives. I use frequently also, and have emailed several classmates on there who have not responded. Maybe some of you who are on classmates can try emailing and maybe have better luck. Some of those who have not responded are Alice Craig Wagner,  Millard Naylor, Linda Rowdon Gegg, and Brenda Stanigar Cardenas.
 I use in the same way and have the same result sometimes. Some of those that have not responded on are Roger Bennett, Adelle Hatanaka Wapple, Lee Rosser (his wife, Bonnie, is actually on, Cheryl Cornelius Ochs (she is on our email list, but has not responded on, Don Evans, Gail Burton, Gail Voelz Poquette, Jim McCanne, Sally Nichols Lambert (her husband, Paul is on, Debbie Martin, Mary Serros Gonzales and Sharon Mahon Fiscus. Several of these, of course, are on our email list and I have snail mail info on some, so they technically are not lost. There are 31 registered alumni on from the class of 71. I think a lot of times people register on these sites then never go back or don’t check back very often, so they miss our searches for them. Folks, this is an ongoing battle for me and I refuse to give up on even one classmate. I realize that several of our cohorts from the 70’s don’t wish to participate in the reunions. I will not browbeat those people, but I do want to give them the opportunity to join in the camaradie that so many of us have found in each other at the reunions. It seems to linger long after we all go back to our daily lives.
 When I use, it is a little harder because I am dealing with parents, siblings, some guesswork and a lot of luck. Sometimes I can figure out who the paternal parent is and follow the line down to hopefully our classmate. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way. I had a great deal of luck recently locating someone for the class of 72, but am having no luck at all locating someone for the class of 70 and I have much more to go on with that one than the first one. So it’s a gamble either way. So if you know anything at all about a classmate, let me know and it may help the location process. Maybe you remember someone’s birth date or their dad’s name or their siblings’ names. You never know what may be the trigger.
 As you are aware, I try to post any and all updates to the website on the “News” page as soon as I get it so that you don’t have to wait on these few and far between missives from me to know what is happening in the class. So please continue to check the website often. I not only post news updates, but birthdays, and various other informational tidbits. For example, for those of you who have not checked the website recently, I have downloaded a song by one of our own, Ron San Miguel. If you haven’t listened to it, do so. I don’t know if you listen to the music when you are on the website or not, as I don’t get any feedback, but if not, you should. Some of it will bring back memories. Pleasant ones, I hope.
 My search does not only include classmates, but I have added those people who went to WUHS with us most of the 4 years and maybe left right before graduation. It also includes teachers. Lynne Gross Baker has been phenomenal in helping with that aspect of my search and I thank her immensely. So check the “Lost” list on the website for those classmates that didn’t “walk” with us but are still are part of the class.
 Well, back to class news. Donald Waldron took a trip to Finland the end of November and should be back the end of January. He posted some beautiful pictures on Thank you Donald for all your updates and I look forward to seeing you again in 2011. Maybe we’ll have an opportunity to get to know one another a little better.
 Chuck Vincent was supposed to have undergone some knee surgery in January, but I have not heard from Chuck in quite a while so am not sure when or if he has had it done. When I get an update on his progress, I will pass it along.
 I know that Ron San Miguel is moving to a new home in San Leandro, CA. Congratulations Ron! Don’t forget to give me your new address so I can update the address book. That goes for the rest of you too. If any of your personal information has changed, please let me know so I can make the changes and the address book given out at the next reunion will be as accurate as we can make it.
 In June, Rick and Tina Gracey made a stopover in Columbus while on a recent trip. We had made arrangements to meet for dinner at Lil Dooey’s, a local BBQ restaurant here that Rick loves. We had a fantastic visit for two people who had never met before. Tina is an absolutely wonderful person. It has come to my mind that many of our classmates have hit the jackpot with their spouses. To name a few that I have met: Sallie (Mark) Underwood, Tina (Rick) Gracey, Joe (Delores) Starnes Horton, Crystal (Larry) Collins, and Kathryn (John) Broumas. These are just a few and I’m sure there are many many more I have not met yet. Rick, I look forward to seeing you and Tina in 2011, if not before. I will give you a call when I come out to Ridgecrest later this year. Maybe we can hook up then as well. I had just gotten back from Ft. Walton Beach, FL when Rick and Tina came through and had a touch of sun poisoning, so I didn’t look my best, hence not too many pictures. LOL
 I had been in Ft. Walton visiting with my brother, who was there on business with the Navy. He lives in Ridgecrest, CA. We had not seen each other in 29 years until he came home in May for the funeral of our dad. I’m kind of working backwards here I think. But my dad passed away very suddenly on May 7th, the day after his 77th birthday. So to say the least, like most of us probably, 2009 was not a good year for me, between the robbery in March and dad’s death in May.
 Other classmate news, John Nix posted on Facebook that he was in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic and had survived the earthquake and tsunami. I have posted back asking for an update, with no response as of this writing. If I get an update, I will pass it along.
 I just checked postings on Facebook and have learned that Arlene Endicott Fuller suffered a heart attack this past Wednesday night. I am trying to get the particulars as I write this and also an update on her progress and prognosis. I heard back from Arlene and this is her reply; I had a heart attack on Wednesday last week. This being my second one, I knew what was going on just this one was worse than the first. I coded in the ER and was brought back with paddles. This has been a wakeup call for me so things are going to change for the good. I am on the mend, looking forward to many more years to come.” Arlene, I’m sure I speak for everyone; we’re so glad you are on the mend and hope that continues to be the case. Be sure and keep us posted on your progress.
As some of you may know, Gerry Gothrow Paris is an avid supporter in the Quest for a Cure for Breast Cancer. She has another Avon Walk coming up in Santa Barbara on September 11-12, 2010. Please do what you can to help Gerry in her quest. Her website address is
 Another Avon walker is Beverly Sheridan, wife of Michael Sheridan. Beverly and her sisters will be walking the San Francisco walk on July 10-11, 2010. Please support both of these ladies in whatever way you can.
 Now about this reunion that is coming up, rather quickly I might add. I have redone the Reunion Poll page on the class website so everything is reset to zero and I’ve added some new questions. Every question is important to the planning and coordination of our reunion. Please take a few minutes after you finish reading this Plog and complete the poll so that we can take your opinions into consideration when making the final plans for our reunion. I have a tentative schedule in mind in the planning of the reunion and will need your help and opinions to stick to it.
             July 31, 2010                         Date Finalized
            December 31, 2010              Venue Finalized
                                                            Ticket Price Finalized
            May 31, 2010                         Final Date for Early Bird Tickets
 Of course these are tentative deadlines, but I’d like to stick as close as possible. I have also set up a Donations page on the website. It always comes back to money, doesn’t it? We do have a little bit left in the class checking account from the last reunion. It is about $15 less than it was in 2006, but I didn’t realize that there would be “dormant account” fees. My daughter works at the bank so she is suspending those for me and I make periodic deposits to keep it out of the “dormant” status. I want to keep the ticket price as low as I can, but there are always incidentals in addition to the actual cost of the venue and catering. If we want to have some type of outside entertainment (DJ, band, etc), reunion memorabilia packets, etc. those costs will have to go into the ticket price unless we have funds from somewhere other than ticket sales. So just keep the donation page in mind. Every little bit helps.

I almost forgot, another of our classmates, Gerry Gothrow Paris, is also moving.  She and her husband, Marc, have sold their home of 20 years in Elk Grove, CA and are moving to Santa Cruz.  She is probably packing as I write. 
Good luck Gerry on your move.  Don't forget to send me your new address!
 I guess I’ve bent your ear enough for one writing, so will go ahead and post this to the website. I hope that you will all check out the Poll Page and the Donation Page. If I get my emails back from my IT guy and there is anything interesting I will update this PLog.

Magnolias Forever